10 Best Email Marketing Blogs to Follow in 2021

Email marketing is constantly changing and evolving, as do all modern marketing practices. 

Apr 8, 2019 - By Skirmantas Venckus


Email marketing is constantly changing and evolving, as do all modern marketing practices. 

No wonder it’s changing – nowadays people aren’t just as easily thrilled as before, so to make your subscribers feel that dopamine surge at the sight of your emails is getting harder and harder.

It’s actually common sense that marketers must keep up with the latest trends in order to do email marketing properly.

Don’t get scared just yet, we have good news too. The very market for email marketing is growing each year and is expected to reach 4.147 billion email users by 2021, according to Radicati:worldwide_email_user_forecast

That’s actually more than half the number of people living in the entire world.

Recommended email marketing blogs to get more value

To help you keep up with the latest industry standards, we compiled a list of the very best email marketing blogs you should follow.


Sender.net blog is composed of the latest information on email marketing and related topics. We are continually updating it with new insights, study cases, and fresh information. If you’re looking for a way to get ahead and create winning email campaigns – look no further. The necessary information is here.

Link to blog.



EmailMonks specialize in design and newsletter idea tips, but asides from regularly publishing informative and useful blog posts, EmailMonks can also design you templates that you can then import into an Email Marketing provider of your choice (hopefully, Sender.net).


If a new template is what you need, you can use our WYSIWYG editor to compose beautiful emails yourself – we’ve just created a new Design editor that we’re really proud of!

Or you could just contact us at support@sender.net so our team could design you a custom template that is tailored to your needs.


Mailfloss is an email verification service that regularly writes awesome content about email marketing with an emphasis on the importance of email deliverability and list hygiene over on their blog. They are one of our top email verification tool picks and their email marketing content also includes interviews with top email marketers in the industry that offer unique insights you won’t find anywhere else.



Litmus as a tool allows you to put your current email marketing software to the test and track your emails with detailed analytics, so it has everything to do with email marketing.


The insights on email marketing they share in their blog will definitely provide you with new ideas and thoughts that will help you take your email marketing to a new level.

If you are looking for a blog that will help you get knowledge in email design and responsiveness, you will find that Litmus is a pretty solid place to start.

  • Webinars;
  • Q&A;
  • Alot of video content.
  • Infographs category.
  • Ebooks with market researches.


The Hubspot blog is one of the most useful resources on email marketing out there.

Hubspot has a range of tools – from CRM’s to blogging software.


The blog has a wide array of useful content that will teach you how to implement the newest industry methods and strategies to bolster your email marketing results.

Added bonus: they constantly offer new Ebooks, case studies, extended guides and other free stuff to their subscribers, definitely check it out!

Email Monday

Email Monday is a site that is basically a platform for the owner, Jordie van Rijs to share his experience as an email marketer.


The blog certainly has a personal touch to it and there isn’t anything quite like it. For example, here’s one of his articles that we personally found very entertaining to read – The very embarrassing #fail I made with MY OWN newsletter. So what makes it stand out? It’s personal, it’s entertaining, it’s down-to-earth.


G2 is a business software review site. The G2 blog is one of the hottest marketing blogs out there currently. It’s not strictly all about email marketing, but they cover tips on marketing in general, so they frequently address email marketing and its potential.


In essence, it’s a great blog, make sure you keep tabs on what’s new there, and make sure you subscribe to their newsletter.


Pabbly Blog is one of the most beneficial resources available on the web which covers almost every topic about email marketing. They have blogs about email marketing services, SMTP providers, email list cleaning tools, best deliverability tools, and much more. Besides this, they also have lots of technical blogs that help customers to set up various email marketing things according to their needs. 

Along with blogs, Pabbly also has a vast set of tools – Email Marketing Software, Form Builder, Subscription Management Tool, Email Verification Service, Data Integration & Automation Tool. All the tools come with unlimited access to their features at the cheapest rates.

Pabbly has separate categories for a different set of blogs like Email Marketing, Subscription Management, Payment Analytics, Form Builder, Product Reviews, Alternative Softwares, Technical, and How-to Blogs.

They covered almost every topic that comes under the email marketing concept in their blogs. These blogs contain reviews of best & affordable tools along with the comparison of them, detailed description, features & pricing that helps customers to decide which tool is good for them.


In their blog, Pure360 usually talks about the practical side of marketing. Most of their content is centered around real-life examples, for example, they recently talked about creating the most effective welcome emails, tweaking your email marketing automation and how to exploit customer retention strategies.


What we like the most is their ability to explain complex strategies and ideas in a simple manner, for everyone to understand.


Experian isn’t specifically focused on email marketing, since it focuses in digital marketing in general, but since email marketing is vital to a hollistic digital marketing approach, you’ll often find posts relevant to email marketing.


You’ll also find posts that will help you think outside the box, and focus on things that are most effecctive. The main thing that differentiates Experian blog from the rest – Experian does excellent studies.

This article clearly shows that: Win back-to-school season by understanding how parents engage with social media. Though we find that the articles are somewhat short and new ones rarely appear.

The contemporary world requires you to never stop learning, thus keeping up with the latest industry news will definitely pay off.

Onward & Upward,

Sender.net Team

It’s Not the Blog That Counts, It’s How You Write It Is What Matters

The major flaw in bloggers is the lack of direction. You think by posting as many as blogs as possible you can secure a leading position in the search engine. Nevertheless, the only way to gain a recognition is to offer something valuable to your readers.

You must compose your content for your readers not for rankings. Stay sincere to what you are doing do not fret upon the current results. If you are truly passionate with your work, nobody can stop you from becoming successful.

You must focus on building a relationship with your readers. Connect with them, capture their emotions and entice them, making a reader stay on your blog till the end. Now, when planning about building a relationship, one of the best marketing techniques – email marketing can be a real game changer for you.

Also you can use animated marketing techinques and apply to email marketing.

In The Nutshell: Smart Email Marketing Steps Can Take You to Another Level

To be a great blogger you must keep up your hunt to explore the best ways to promote your content. Through email marketing you get on a more personalized terms. You get to think for the readers and like the readers. It’s a healthy and progress approach. You need to be more consistent and interactive in your responses. The more involved you will be the better progress your blog will make. So, make it a goal to respond at least three readers per week, send emails to more than 20 prospective readers and
be creative.

Content contributor

Gerry Wilson is a creative content expert who loves to compose well-versed content with rich information. Having an eye for creativity and a passion to explore new avenues, he produces content that connects and guides her readers. He is currently associated with Retrocube one of the leading mobile app development company around.

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