7 Dreadful Content Attributes That Damage Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email campaigns are the single most consistent digital marketing mechanism. The technology may be decades old, but it still generates incredible results.

Apr 20, 2019 - By Mark

Email campaigns are the single most consistent digital marketing mechanism. The technology may be decades old, but it still generates incredible results.

According to the report, a typical company earns $37 for each dollar invested in email marketing.

This is an outstanding result, but does it mean email campaigns can guarantee a sky-high return on investments? The shortest answer is: No, they can’t.

A lot of marketers actually fail to capitalize on this powerful tactic because they make beginner-level mistakes. Such blunders are easy to avoid, but you need to be careful and focused 100% of the time. We will help you achieve this by presenting seven dreadful content attributes that damage your email marketing campaigns.

Not Sending Welcome Emails

Did you know that the average open rate for welcome emails was a whopping 50%, making them 86% more effective than standard newsletters? It’s one of the fundamental elements of digital marketing, but a surprisingly large portion of businesses don’t make use of it.

What makes welcome emails so important? The answer is simple: users receive welcome notes immediately upon subscribing, so they look forward to your message and don’t mind opening it. This gives you a great opportunity to step in and explain the basics of your brand. It is only a brief initial message, but extremely powerful retention-wise.

First of all, you need to express gratitude for earning a new subscriber. Secondly, you should discuss your business briefly and explain the benefits of consuming your content. And thirdly, you could tell people what to expect from you in the coming weeks and what kind of content you are about to deliver.

Using Clickbait subject lines

We’ve all seen tons of clickbait subject lines throughout our lives. Some of the worst examples include subject lines such as:

  • You won’t believe what we have in store for you!
  • This case study will change your life forever!!!
  • Would you like to earn $100 000 in a month?

What’s wrong with these titles? Well, they are awful clickbait examples that can drive subscribers crazy. They overpromise but never actually deliver. They make users feel betrayed and angry, which is the fastest way to lose subscribers. Clickbait is an effective way to grab someone’s attention, but not in your emails.

If a person decides to subscribe to your newsletter, you already have your lead and now need to nurture it. Creating clickbait subject lines won’t help you do it. On the contrary, it will only prove that your content strategy is so weak and inefficient that you have to rely on tricks.

You Don’t Fulfill Expectations

This email marketing issue goes hand in hand with the previous one. Namely, people subscribe to your newsletter because they have certain expectations. They want you to feed them with top-level content and give solutions to everyday problems.

If you really want to grow the number of subscribers (and we believe you do), you will have to fulfill a few preconditions:

  • Topics: Let’s say you are selling tennis gear. In that case, your content has to revolve around this sport. It can range from tennis racquets and other types of equipment to the latest results and injuries, but you should never go outside this topic circle because no one expects you to.
  • Content quality: You need to be careful about selecting topics, but it’s even more important to create high-quality content. The point is to send newsletters that inspire subscribers to keep coming back for more.
  • Consistency: If you promise to send newsletters once a week, make sure to keep your promise.

Low-Quality Design

Email campaigns cannot depend on content exclusively. Humans are visual beings who quickly react to design elements such as images, templates, and videos. As a matter of fact, using the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19% and clickthrough rates by 65%.

In such circumstances, it would be a huge mistake to neglect the overall appearance of your emails. Make sure to create an eye-pleasing email that looks great regardless of the device type. Avoid stock images and try to shoot your own photos and videos.

Besides that, don’t create huge bulks of text, but rather divide content into smaller paragraphs. And of course, you must always proofread content to avoid spelling or grammar mistakes.

Prolonging a Limited-Time Offer

Promoting special offers and discounts through emails is not a novelty in the digital marketing universe. Everybody is doing it because it’s a great way to boost sales or empty your stocks. But there is a catch here: marketers often prolong limited-time offers because they want to ride the sales wave even longer.

While many believe it is not a bad strategy, it’s not always optimal. Namely, the whole point of a limited-time offer is its exclusivity. If a subscriber buys your product in the first round, he/she will feel cheated when they see the offer is still on. Therefore, you are doing yourself a counter favor because loyal customers won’t trust your offers anymore.

Not Adding a CTA

No matter what you do or sell, the purpose of your email messages is to encourage users to engage after reading your newsletter. This means you absolutely have to add a Call to Action (CTA) to every email because it’s the only mechanism at your disposal.

Keep in mind that one newsletter should contain only one CTA. You don’t want to allow people multiple choices – it makes the decision-making process much more difficult, so some of them may give up the whole thing.

At the same time, CTA buttons need to stand out from the rest of the content. Use enough whitespace to divide it from other elements, while the color of the CTA button has to be bright and create a perfect contrast with the rest of the content while staying in tune with your overall design.

Not Optimizing for Mobile Experience

It looks silly to write about this issue in 2019, but it happens way too frequently. Most subscribers will open your emails on a mobile device, so you have to optimize campaigns for mobile devices. The process involves multiple actions, but five optimization principles are crucial:

  • Responsive templates: Such templates fit the dimensions of every screen.
  • Avoid adding too many images: Visual components are attractive, but too many images will jeopardize user-experience due to the load time.
  • Keep it short: Less is more in email marketing writing.
  • Write small paragraphs: Break up your content in a series of shorter paragraphs.
  • Use buttons: Create buttons instead of website links.


Creating and managing email campaigns may sound like a routine business for an average marketer, but a lot of them still make amateurish mistakes in the process. This marketing mechanism is full of traps you need to avoid, so it’s crucial to understand the most common obstacles.

We showed you here seven dreadful content attributes that can damage your email marketing campaigns. By avoiding these blunders, you will maximize the potential of your email campaigns and become a more successful marketer.

Onward & Upward,

Sender.net Team

Contributed by Scott Mathews who is a full-time marketer and a part-time blogger at Edugeeksclub.com, too. Scott is a father of two young boys and a passionate jogger.

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