Here’s why email marketing may not be delivering the right ROI for your business

It may seem as if the popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as marketing tools have undermined the role of email marketing.

2019 Roundup: Best SEO Tools for a successful E-Commerce business

There’s no E-Commerce shop in the world that doesn’t want organic traffic from Search Engines.

A few reasons why the GDPR is a good thing

There is so much information on the GDPR floating around these days. And no wonder, it’s a regulation that caused tons of commotion and fear. 

EU Regulation GDPR
What is the GDPR and how you should prepare for it? A broad overview of the GDPR

The very basic aim of GDPR is to allow people to control the data that is being collected about them. 

Email marketing trends in 2018
Email Marketing Trends to Pay Attention to In 2018

Email marketing isn’t dead. In fact, it is alive and thriving.

Email Marketing Campaigns: An Excellent Way to Pull in Customers

There is a statistic that for every $1 invested in email marketing you get $44 back.

personalisation in email marketing
How to Personalize Your Automated E-mail Marketing Campaigns

Automating your email campaigns is a time-saving and generally affordable marketing approach. comply GDPR
GDPR – What are the main things you should know?

If you’re in the email marketing industry, you should know about the new regulations that were passed by the European Parliament, called the GDPR. 

how to switch to
Quick Guide: How To Switch To 8 Easy Steps

Feeling ready to move on to but feeling anxious about the whole process?

Email Marketing tips for Email Marketing
Email Marketing for Ecommerce – Holiday Season Tips

$80.22 billion.

That is a surreal amount of money.

Email marketing roundup by Capterra
How To Choose The Email Marketing Software That Is Best For Your Needs? Infographic Here!

Here we give a round-up of the most popular, most affordable and most user-friendly email marketing softwares in a single infographic.

Email Marketing Automation setup and common mistakes
Common Mistakes You Could Be Making In Your Email Marketing Automation

First of all, we should take a second to acknowledge the fact that email marketing automation really does make life of a marketer easier.