How to Win at Event Marketing (Step-by-step)

Marketing is one of the most difficult parts of managing an event.


Email Marketing ROI: The Definitive Guide

Old humble email, does it make sense to stir up the past? But did it really going into oblivion?


Email deliverability: The Definitive Guide

If you are constantly sending emails, there is a slight chance that you will run into issues with spam filters at some point, and that’s okay.


Email blast: The Definitive Guide for Best Results

An email broadcast is a process of sending an email message to a large number of readers in your mailing list.


Marketing to Gen Z: The Definitive Guide

Getting the attention of the younger audience can be challenging. As a generation that has been raised on the internet and social media, attracting the attention of Generation Z among numerous competitors isn’t easy.


How to Send Mass Emails with High Deliverability? (Step by Step)

Email marketing is a crucial component of any marketing strategy. It does not matter if you are a restaurant or you sell your products online.


How to Write a Follow-Up Email after No Response?

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Email survey: The Definitive Guide (with Examples)

Email marketing has long been the channel of choice for marketing professionals. It’s the best way to reach all segments of people and get your message heard by the right people.

best_email_subject_lines_to_increase _sales_with_examples

Best Email Subject Lines to Increase Sales (with Examples)

People get hundreds and hundreds of emails every day, many of them are not even opened.


Email marketing metrics and KPIs (with Benchmark)

Before you send your next, first email, stop for a while and think: “What is the goal of your email marketing?”


Hard bounce vs Soft bounce in Emails (with Expert tips)

Marketing professionals often take into consideration, such metrics as open rate and click-through rate, but there is another metric that should not be overlooked.


Best practices of Email Personalization (Definitive Guide)

Customers are nowadays requiring and expect valuable and personalized content and knowledge.