How To Craft A Kickass Email Call To Action That Attracts Clicks

Don’t you just love reading something inspiring that makes you feel alive… Challenged… Elated and hungry… 

Only to end with a meek, poor Call to Action that makes you want to close the page in disgust? Yeah, neither do we… And after much deliberation in our Sender HQ, we’ve decided to reveal the secrets to crafting a kickass call to action that prompts clicks like crazy!

Too good to be true?

Don’t roll your eyes just yet…

Because once you try these tips and experience the exhilaration caused by the jump in your click-through rate… You’re going to wanna kiss us! (but… Please don’t.)

Okay, here’s the rule of thumb you have to remember when writing an email with a call to action in it…

The only purpose of the email is to get the click…

And the only purpose of the Call to Action is to usher your prospects through to the next phase.

call to action button analytics

That’s it! Always make sure of this: your email should have one purpose and one purpose only.

You can use multiple CTAs spread throughout your email, but make sure it all pertains to the same outcome you want, not sending them off in multiple and different directions.

We keep seeing clients putting so much pressure on themselves and by extension their readers – which drives them to unsubscribe – because they are piling in too much on the plate.

Remember, slow and steady wins the race, and if you want to craft a kickass call to action that gets the click-through, you need to keep it simple!

You aren’t trying to sell them, you are simply trying to prompt them to take the next step.

So the general rule of thumb to crafting a kickass call to action that prompts massive action is to use the following formula:

Relevance + Opportunity + Urgency + Command = Click through

Remember that if you want your Call to action to convert.

The copy of your email will handle the relevance by sharing some valuable information on your niche as you normally would in your other emails…

Then, you reveal a unique opportunity that didn’t previously exist, for them to find out more about this topic they’re already interested in (since they’ve spent 2 minutes reading the first half of your email).

email marketing relevance content

Finally, you throw in urgency followed by a specific command.

Say for example, you want them to get to the landing page of an affiliate offer, you can use something like:

“[Relevant information]… If you find want to double your sales, you need to check out my friend Dan’s new sales technique! But make sure you do it right away – he’s taking it down in 48 hours.

>>Check it out now!<<”

See how simple that was?

A kickass call to action that gets clicks is one that urges them to take action now on something they are interested in. Not to sell them on it – that’s what your sales page is for – but just to get them interested enough to click and see what’s on the other side.

If you can understand that, it takes a lot of pressure of your shoulders and you can craft more targeted and powerful call to actions that drive traffic like crazy!

Try this formula out and see the insane results for yourself.

call to action mistakes to avoid

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Onward and Upward, Team