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Try These 2 Sneaky ‘Hacks’ To Keeping Your Audience Engaged

Want to know exactly how to keep your audience engaged? Are you afraid to send too many emails and drive them away?

But what if you aren’t sending them enough emails and thus losing your momentum?

Don’t you worry…We at the have got you covered, and the truth is, there really isn’t all that much to be worried about.

See keeping your audience isn’t an exact science…But it is an easy pattern to follow.

Through months of trial and error, we found that two things above all keeps your audience engaged at an almost fanatical level if you do this just right.

The First hack to Keep Your Audience Engaged:

This one is a simple one, but we see so many marketers neglect this… Not realizing just how much pain and suffering this could save them!


Tell your audience exactly what to expect from you!


Have you ever heard of a man called Ben Settle?

He’s a world-famous email marketer (and an all-around great guy) who is making millions off his email list.

And do you know how frequently he emails his audience?

Every. Single. Day.

You read that correctly… He emails his audience every day and yet they, people rave about him.



Because the moment you opt-in, he tells you exactly how often he will email you. It says so right at the very start!

Here’s what it says right above his sign-up form:

Use the form below to open his daily email tips […]”

Plain and simple.

The point we’re making is that if you want to keep your audience engaged, as long as your material is on topic and relevant to your audience’s interests, you don’t need to worry about frequency so much as you need to establish consistency!

So tell them how often you’ll write to them. If you’re going to send them promo offers, tell them.

Don’t treat them like a cash cow – treat them like real people who have problems you can solve by serving them to the best of your abilities and they will turn from indifferent prospects to raving fans!


The Second Hack To Keep Your Audience Engaged:

This is a fun one we at the Sender HQ like to call a ‘Continuity Cycle’.

It’s a bit more subtle than our first hack, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes a ton of fun!

Basically, try to establish continuity in your emails by creating intrigue and excitement while hinting at the next piece to keep your audience eager and excited to read the next email you send.

A quick ‘PS: if you liked today’s email, you’ll love what I’ve got in store for you in next week’s email… But it’s a little embarrassing. I hope you aren’t squeamish!”

Try to vary your emails from the super practical, to the more personal. Share your story with them, show some vulnerability, include them in your successes, and dispel myths they held true about your niche and keep hinting at more in every piece.

It’s the same principle behind the success of the show ‘Friends’…

Yes, everyone wants to laugh for half an hour a week, but every time you thought the episode would end on a high note, Ross would walk into the cafe right at the very end, setting the stage for the next fight with Rachel and on and on and on…


You get the point.


Onward & Upward,

Sender Team

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