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Here’s What You Need To Know About Your Sender Reputation

Are you a marketer? Here’s what you need to know about your sender reputation

If I asked you what is the key to a successful email marketing campaign, you would probably agree that many little thing counts. BUT, here is starting point – what if you spend hours and hours on polishing text, but all your receivers get only one more junky piece straight in SPAM folder? So, let’s start with DELIVERABILITY. This is a magic keyword, ah?

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5 Big Email Marketing Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Campaign

According to The Radicati Group, Inc, more than 294 billion of emails are sent every day. That sounds like infinity ! Just think about it, how many emails did you get today? There is no need to check your inbox or count the emails – you’ve probably got plenty… How do we know that? Easily – it’s email marketing era we live in!

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Keep your email marketing list engaged with your brand

Try These 2 Sneaky ‘Hacks’ To Keeping Your Audience Engaged

Want to know exactly how to keep your audience engaged? Are you afraid to send too many emails and drive them away?

But what if you aren’t sending them enough emails and thus losing your momentum?

Don’t you worry…We at the have got you covered, and the truth is, there really isn’t all that much to be worried about.

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HOW-TO Improve Your Email Delivery? 5 Ways To Make It To The Subscriber’s Inbox

I’ve heard your emails aren’t making it to the subscriber’s inbox… Well, it’s nothing to be proud of. If your emails are not delivered, it’s no doubt that your time and money spent on email marketing – a total waste for sure. Let me cruelly state that your email campaigns are useless unless they reach an inbox of the subscribers. You don’t need to be a genius to know that, right?

Delivery rates are important, but if you fail sometimes, it’s not the end of the world. There is actually no need to panic – breathe normally and get acquainted with a tiny 5-tip email marketing strategy we have prepared for your peace of mind. Remember – your mission: 1. To improve your email delivery and 2. Stop suffering from truly high bounce rates as well as spam complaints!

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How To Craft A Kickass Email Call To Action That Attracts Clicks

Don’t you just love reading something inspiring that makes you feel alive… Challenged… Elated and hungry… Only to end with a meek, poor Call to Action that makes you want to close the page in disgust? Yeah, neither do we… And after much deliberation in our Sender HQ, we’ve decided to reveal the secrets to crafting a kickass call to action that prompts clicks like crazy!

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How To Quickly And Easily Grow Your Mailing List

We’re sure you’ve heard that your mailing list is the lifeblood of your online business… But it may not be entirely clear how you can grow your mailing list quickly and start seeing some profit. Don’t worry, we’re here to help… That’s why we’ve crafted together this nifty guide for you to put to good use!

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click through boost

Why People Don’t Click Through (And How To Fix It)

In this special segment, we at Sender decided to reveal the real reason you aren’t getting the click-through rate you wanted… As well as what to do about it.

First, we need to take a moment to bring to attention the single biggest mistake we noticed our clients make that is absolutely killing conversions and is almost single-handedly responsible for why people don’t click through.

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Open rate

The Foolproof Way To Increase Your Email Open-Rate


Don’t you just hate it when you send out an awesome email blast, only to find that barely a fraction of a fraction of your audience opened it? To help mitigate this problem, we’ve taken the liberty of sharing our very own foolproof way to help you increase your email open-rate.

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improve email marketing ROI

What Can You Do To Improve Your Email Marketing ROI?

As you may have already known, email marketing has actually one of the highest ROI  (Return On Investment) of all the online marketing channels. It is necessary to calculate your email marketing ROI, especially if you are willing to find out how are your email marketing campaigns are doing, as well as improving the results. Every marketer has to calculate ROI as often as possible. The question is how do you actually do it? You are more than lucky because there is this marketing ROI calculator created. You can find it here.

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Is Timing Everything When It Comes To Email Marketing?    

Every marketer is strongly interested in what is actually the best time to send their email marketing campaigns. In fact, there is no one specific and best time acknowledged. It varies and depends on the industry, your subscriber list, etc. Are we saying you shouldn’t trust anyone but test test test and find out by yourself? It might be that this is the best answer. But if you have just started your email marketing career, and you need some data to count on – we will be happy to assist you!

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