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Grow your audience

Sender.net includes a lot of features to help you grow a healthy and active subscriber list.
Subscription forms Create subscription forms
If you do not have a newsletter subscription form in your website yet, SENDER will allow you to create one in minutes. Furthermore, you can adjust the look of the form to suit your website design.
Custom fields Use custom
Collect and manage various data about your subscribers, including names, birthdates, locations and other information. If you need specific data, you can create new custom fields in the subscription forms.
Subscribers segmentation Segment your subscribers
You can easily group your subscibers into segments based on their profile information, reading patterns and other criteria. This makes setting up and sending a highly targeted campaign a breeze.
CMS plugins CMS plugins
We have created plugins for the most popular content management systems (CMS), such as Magento and Wordpress. The list is being expanded constantly.
API integrations API integrations
Easily connect SENDER with your website, webshop or any other system, and all subscriber data will be synchronised automatically.

Premium capabilities Feels enterprise,
minus the price

All the features your business needs to acquire high-quality leads, grow sales, and maximize revenue from campaigns
using one simple dashboard.

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