10 Free Email Template Builders (HTML + Drag and Drop Editor)

Jan 11, 2023 - By Camilla Mackeviciute

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In this article, we have outlined several providers that have free or paid (or both!) versions of template builders with all of the most important features.

Building an email template for future use can make or break many campaigns. Customers nowadays are used to absolutely perfect emails.

Even a tiny mistake here or uneven alignment there can reduce the overall open or reply rates. However, only some have the knowledge, skill, or resources to create email templates from scratch. 

Many businesses now turn to service providers with a drag-and-drop editor for building email templates. These editors greatly ease the process and allow everyone to create beautiful emails regardless of tech-savviness.

We decided to review different email marketing service providers that have template builders. In this article, we have outlined several providers that have free or paid (or both!) versions of template builders with all of the most important features.

What Defines a Good Email Template Builder?

Good email template builders help you design good-looking email templates. This ensures that your message appears professional and you create a good impression.

With modern email builders, you can build a professional email template in less than 5 minutes using the drag-and-drop email editor. All you need to do is select a template and customize it using available blocks, and it’s good to use for your email campaigns. 

Here are some characteristics that define a good email template maker:

  • Easy to Use: Your template builder should have an intuitive user interface. You should be able to quickly drag and drop blocks to create an engaging email template. 
  • Supports Responsive Design: Email template creator should allow you to create responsive designs that look great on any device, including desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets. An in-built preview feature will be handy. 
  • Customizable: The email template maker should allow you to customize the emails based on your branding guidelines. You should be able to add logos and images in different sizes and positions.

Free Email Template Builders — Full Overview

While searching for a great email template builder, you will come across several ‘free’ builders that will promise the world. It’s good to try them, at least in the beginning, as it will help you set the right process to build your templates. Here are three great email template builders that you can use for free:

Sender – Best Drag & Drop + HTML Email Builder

Sender is a robust marketing automation solution with a powerful email template builder. It offers several useful tools and features to maximize your email campaign performance, including a drag-and-drop template editor.

Drag-and-Drop Email Template Builder

Sender’s responsive email template software is user-friendly – everyone can use it – from the complete beginner to an HTML expert. You can create beautiful emails using the drag-and-drop interface with fully customizable templates and flexible design elements. 

The editor helps you add different design blocks, including product blocks, timers, reviews, images, GIFs, or a customizable section. 


Sender’s user-friendly interface helps you create a responsive, mobile-friendly design without much fuss. You can further customize your email by even adding your HTML code.

Responsive Email Templates

Sender has a great library of pre-made responsive templates that you can use immediately. There are templates for businesses and use cases, including abandoned cart emails, holiday campaign emails, newsletter templates, and more. 


You can pick a template and use the drag-and-drop email editor to customize it according to your brand style and design guidelines. 

Sender’s Features

  • Drag & Drop Email WYSIWYG Editor: User-friendly drag-and-drop email builder and editor with powerful design blocks like a countdown timer, product blocks, and review to engage your subscribers. 
  • Omnichannel Support For Email & SMS:  Create and manage SMS and email marketing campaigns from a single dashboard. 
  • Powerful Marketing Automation Workflows: Nurture and delight your audience via targeted email & SMS campaigns using automated sequences and workflows. 
  • In-built Popup & Form Builder: Build intuitive signup forms and popups to generate leads from visitors to your website 
  • Email list & Customer Segmentation: Nurture your subscribers by delivering personalized content through powerful segmentation features. 
  • Reporting and Analytics: Capture critical metrics in real-time, like open rates, click rates, etc., to measure your marketing effectiveness. 
  • Integrations for All Popular Solutions: Powerful integrations with all major web platforms like WordPress, including popular eCommerce systems like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, etc. 

Sender’s Pricing

  • Free for up to 2500 subscribers and 15000 emails per month with no feature restrictions for free users.  
  • Paid plan starts at $8 per month. 

BEE – Online Email Template Builder 

BEE is termed the best email template builder & editor in many online communities and forums. The platform intends to be the ‘be-all-end-all’ solution in the email template builder category. 


BEE offers many pre-built templates which can be customized according to your desires. As with most email template maker, BEE features a drag-and-drop system to help you build faster. No coding experience is required to create beautiful emails using Bee. 

BEE Features 

  • Extensive template library consisting of templates for all industries and use cases, including eCommerce, non-profit, wellness, and real estate; 
  • Smart integrations with all major email marketing solutions like MailChimp, Constant Contact, ActiveCampaign, SalesForce, Amazon SES, etc. 
  • Responsive landing page designer with complete design flexibility; 
  • Design once, use forever functionality to reuse design assets across different email templates. 


  • Free plan available with limits on the number of email templates created and feature restrictions;
  • Pro plan available for $30 per month that offers unlimited email designs and all features. 

Campaign Monitor – Straightforward Email Template Creator  

Campaign Monitor is a popular email marketing tool with a nifty email template creator that you can use to create responsive email campaigns. 


The email template builder has all the standard features you seek, with a neat integration with Unsplash to help you find stock images for your email campaigns. You can customize the email according to your brand style, logo, and website theme in one click, too.

Campaign Monitor Features

  • Drag and drop & HTML email template generator that supports no-code and custom email creation;
  • Automated customization based on the logo, brand colors, or website URL; 
  • Free image gallery powered by Unsplash right within the email builder; 
  • Extensive email template library. 


  • Paid plan starts at $9 per month, supports 500 subscribers, and allows sending 2500 emails a month; 
  • Free plan with a restriction of sending email campaigns to just 5 subscribers. 

Postcards – Simple Email Template Software

Postcards is built by Designmodo to help business owners create emails with ease and efficiency. The online email template softwarte offers an extensive library of templates and is compatible with all major email marketing tools. 


The great thing about using Postcards is its support for all major email tools. So, you can directly export your email template to Sender or other tools in the market. 

Unfortunately, the huge block libraries used in this WYSIWG editor are behind a paywall. The free plan has a limited array of template blocks (one for each email element). That will severely limit the email creation possibilities. However, you do get unlimited exports in the free version. 

Postcards Features

  • Drag-and-drop email builder that allows you to customize emails quickly without coding; 
  • One-click export system to email tools using plain HTML generation for each email template; 
  • Version history feature to ensure quick collaboration and faster tracking; 
  • Cloud image hosting and retina-ready support for ensuring high-quality images within your emails. 


  • Free trial plan with limited features and projects; 
  • Paid plan starts at $17 per month with full features and functionality for one brand/business. 

Stripo – Mighty Email HTML Editor

Stripo is a popular email builder that even supports dynamic AMP email features for creating interactive emailers for your audience. The application has a powerful drag-and-drop editor and hundreds of email templates. 


Stripo’s free email template maker has most of the useful features you need as a small business. However, some features, like testing on email clients and premium templates, are locked for paid users. You can even request a custom email template from professionals on the platform. 

Stripo Features

  • Use drag and drop editor & custom HTML simultaneously without switching screens (or adding modules); 
  • Extensive template library with 1100+ free email templates; 
  • Create interactive emails powered by AMP technology that engages users, just like a website across any email client like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.; 
  • Powerful brand kit generator to standardize your email template designs. 


  • Free plan that supports 4 email exports and 5 test emails per day; 
  • $15 per month for up to 50 email exports, sharing email previews, and all other premium features. 

Unlayer – Free Email Template Builder 

Unlayer is another powerful drag-and-drop email template builder with several advanced features for eCommerce store owners and small businesses.


The drag-and-drop + HTML email builder offers several beautiful templates for emails and landing pages that you can use without paying a penny. However, advanced features like reusable custom blocks, dynamic exports to email providers, and essential functions like saving your work are only available on a paid plan. 

Unlayer Features

  • Custom file storage, unique design blocks, and undo-redo functionality within the drag-and-drop editor; 
  • Collaboration and sharing of templates among teammates; 
  • Merge tag features to capture/pull dynamic info for personalizing emails; 
  • Drag and drop your online store products within your emails; 


  • Free plan available with limited functionality and feature restrictions on standard features; 
  • Paid plan starts at $15 per month for unlimited email template generations. 

Topol.io – Adaptable Free Newsletter Builder

Topol is yet another free newsletter builder designed to help you save time as an email newsletter templates creator, marketer or design professional.


The drag-and-drop email generator can be used as a standalone system or be integrated into your existing tool/SaaS platform as a plugin. 

You get all the features and functionalities you’d find in any other visual email builder on this list. Its interface is as intuitive as any other and supports different design blocks, making it suitable for beginners and newsletter creators. 

Topol’s Features

  • Drag and drop builder with pre-made blocks and design template library; 
  • Custom HTML code builder for full flexibility and control over design; 
  • Add product information directly to email with XML imports/exports; 
  • Personalize design blocks and emails using merge tags. 


  • Free plan with limited features, exports, and access; 
  • Paid plan starts at $10 per month for generating unlimited templates. 

Mailchimp – Compelling Email Template Creator

You would already have tried or known MailChimp before. It’s a beginner-friendly email marketing solution with a great template builder with all the essential features you need. 


MailChimp’s email newsletter builder is a drag-and-drop style system that helps you create visually appealing email newsletters for your campaigns. You can add different design blocks, customize the style, or choose from a library of templates based on your requirement. 

MailChimp Features 

  • Drag and drop email builder with support for pre-made templates and design blocks; 
  • Preview and test your email design template; 
  • Customize the email template based on your email subscriber information (or list tags); 
  • Auto-optimize options to improve your email templates based on email best practices. 


  • Free plan that can be used to manage 500 subscribers and send 2500 emails per month; 
  • Paid plans starting at $9.36 per month for up to 500 subscribers and sending 5000 emails per month. 

Litmus — Powerful Email Template Software 

Litmus is a professional email template software that allows you the convenience of drag and drop editor and the sophistication of a complex marketing automation tool. It has powerful features to design, test, optimize, personalize and improve all your email templates. 


Litmus supports an HTML code editor and a visual drag-and-drop editor, so you can create any way you like. The template library helps you get started quickly, and you can use the in-built design library to add brand guidelines and create reusable blocks and templates quickly. The in-built email preview feature that supports 100+ email clients is also an excellent add-on for marketers and entrepreneurs who love perfection and responsiveness. 

Litmus Features

  • Drag and drop + HTML email template builder with modular design blocks; 
  • Compatibility testing and preview feature across multiple email clients and devices;  
  • Email personalization at scale using in-built blocks, live email content, AI capabilities, and custom targeting. 


  • Free 7-day trial plan available for new users; 
  • Paid plans start at $79 per month for one user and 1000 email previews per month.

Dyspatch — Easy-to-use Email Template Creator

Dyspatch is a popular no-code email creator that allows users to speed up the email template-building process. 

You can use its free email template designs that it offers as HTML files to be used anywhere. You can use the drag-and-drop builder within Dyspatch or export the templates to your existing ESP to make the most out of these templates. 

The drag-and-drop builder by Dyspatch is an advanced template builder that offers the ability to add interactive content blocks like surveys, lie product data, and more. 

Mosaico — Free Open Source Email Template Builder 

Mosaico is free to use under General Public License and has several unique email template designs to help you get started. The drag-and-drop email editor within Mosaico allows you completely customize an email design. The best thing about this free email editor is that it automatically resizes all your images to promise responsive email designs. 

You can try it for free and even download its code to self-host it on your server to get complete control of your data. 

Salesforce – Email WYSIWYG Editor

Enterprise clients primarily use Salesforce for managing and automating several tasks. One of its modules features a fully-functional WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor for emails. 


Salesforce email template editor has all the essential features you need for email templates. Plus, as it’s on the Salesforce platform, it has integrations with almost all leading marketing suites, platforms, and CMS solutions, making it a powerhouse if you’re a marketing automation practitioner. 

Salesforce Features 

  • Drag-and-drop email editor with an email template library to suit every business need; 
  • Customizable components to change the look and feel of an email template; 
  • Native integrations with email clients like Gmail to use the templates right from compose window; 
  • Cross-channel content management to access/use content assets from other sources within the email builder. 


  • Paid plan starts at $400 per month for email, mobile, and web marketing features. 
  • No free plan or trial is available. 

Best Free HTML Email Builders

An HTML template builder likes the one above can help you save a lot of time in everyday operations. Also, you will not be at the mercy of designers as a marketer. All modern template builders support HTML, and you can import/export HTML-based templates into a drag-and-drop creator. If you have an existing HTML email template design but don’t know how to code, don’t worry, you can use one of the following HTML template builders and editors for your next email campaign: 

  • Sender 
  • Stripo 
  • BeeFree 

You can use any of the above email template builders to help you take your email marketing strategy forward, even when all you know is drag-and-drop. These support both HTML and visual email templates so you can edit, improve, and rethink the design as your email marketing ambitions grow. 

Start Using the Best Email Template Builder In The Market

  • Take advantage of pre-made template designs and customizable design blocks while designing email templates; 
  • Pick a solution that offers both — design + marketing automation capabilities on a single platform; 
  • Always test and try an email template builder by signing up for a free plan before committing to a paid plan.
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