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Open Rate

Nearly all messages are opened and
read within
15 minutes of delivery.

Reply Rate

Close to half of all sent SMS messages get a reply
from highly engaged customers.

Click-Through Rate

SMS marketing has the highest
CTR out of
all channels.

Every Email & SMS Campaign From One Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Our service allows you effortlessly build, run, monitor, and optimize high converting Email & SMS sequences with 100% automation without needing to switch between apps consistently.

SMS message
Personalized Text Messages
Effortlessly manage customers data and send personalized text campaigns in bulk and connect with customers instantly.
Toll-free number
Toll-free Number
Each account gets a complimentary toll-free mobile number for texting messaging and completely painless setup.
Use omnichannel strategies to reach engagement rates never seen before.
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SMS Marketing on Autopilot

Engage users with combined email and SMS sequences for powerful results.
User-friendly List Building Tools
Gather customers information with our easy-to-use signup forms and pop-ups and grow your audience instantly.
List segmentation
Target messages with surgical precision through our extensive segmentation.
Send time-sensitive notifications that instantly capture the attention of your subscribers.
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SMS Marketing on Autopilot

Engage users with combined email and SMS sequences for powerful results.

Refined Marketing Platform for Complete Text Messaging

Supercharge your marketing campaign and reach more customers, faster. Engage clients with combined email and SMS sequences for powerful and effective results.

Every Business Can Use Text Messaging Marketing

Discover how our texting service benefits your business with a convenient SMS & Email marketing platform. Take advantage of the most effective advertisement and communication channel - text messaging.

Make flash sales announcements, send real-time notifications, like discounts or pick-up order status, and re-engage previous customers.


SMS marketing provides engaging instant communication for churches and for nonprofits in general.

Real Estate
Real Estate

Text message campaigns provide the opportunity to send the newest and hottest offers to prospects at any time.


SMS advertising employed by restaurants enables them to create an additional communication channel with customers.


Text messages can deliver updates and important changes in real-time, which is immensely useful for schools.


Any business with any model that has a sales department can take advantage of SMS marketing.

Text Messaging FAQs


What is SMS Message Marketing?

SMS message marketing by definition is the process of sending TXT messages to specific contacts through a carrier for promotional purposes. It is used to send notifications, alerts, discounts, follow-ups, and numerous other text messages.

SMS campaigns have the benefit of being incredibly cost-efficient both as a standalone channel and as one that supports others. Text marketing, as such, has numerous benefits. It can be implemented in various business models, doesn’t require a dedicated app, or customized software solutions.


How Much Does an SMS Marketing Service Cost?

The SMS marketing message marketing costs differ between countries, however, they are nearly always extremely low. You can expect to pay as little as $0.015 per text message in the US.

Additionally, SMS platforms usually have text marketing plans that include free messages. As such, the pricing of SMS marketing services might be even lower than the costs outlined above, making it accessible to anything from a small business to an enterprise.


How Effective is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is likely the most effective channel. According to research, it boasts a 98%+ open and read rate, nearly a 50% reply rate, and click-through rates up to 20%. Due to such a high engagement, the return-on-investment from SMS marketing is tremendous.


How to Collect Phone Numbers for Text Message Marketing?

Companies can build an SMS list through the use of sign up forms and pop-ups that can be added to websites. They are lead generation forms created specifically for acquiring new subscribers and allowing customers to give their consent through an opt-in.

SMS marketing platform providers add features that allow customers to create free signup and pop-up forms. These can generally be added to nearly any website in a few simple clicks.


Why is SMS Message Marketing Important?

SMS marketing is an underutilized channel that has proven itself to be incredibly effective. Text messages provide instant and engaging content that is delivered to customers in mere moments.

The importance of SMS message marketing cannot be understated as it outperforms other channels such as emails or ads. It’s even more effective when combined with other channels commonly used in business communication.


What Numbers Can I Use for Business Text Messaging?

A lot of different numbers can be used for business text messaging as it is completely up to the discretion of the company. They can use toll-free numbers, dedicated numbers, and even use the business name as a “number”.

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