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Analyze and boost your email campaign results

SENDER provides you with advanced email analytics features which allow you to accurately measure and improve your email campaigns
Open and click tracking Open and click tracking
See who and when opened your emails, clicked on the links inside, and more - all in real time.
Date and time analysis Date and time analysis
Learn the hours when your emails are opened most actively and schedule your next campaign accordingly for the best results.
Click map Click map
Which links and buttons get the most attention from your subscribers? You will see that in visual report which will help you improve your future campaigns.
Subscriber profiles Subscriber
All subscriber actions (opens, clicks, time, most frequently clicked links and so on) are saved, so you will have increasingly accurate potential buyer profiles – and create irresistible offers.
Google Analytics Google Analytics integration
If you are using Google Analytics on your site, SENDER can automatically tag your newsletter's links - so you can see what impact your newsletters are making for your traffic.

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With our Free Forever plan you can send emails to up to 2,500 of your subscribers.

  • Access to all features, including automation
  • Up to 15 000 emails per month to 2 500 subscribers
  • No credit card required
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