75 Best NPS email subject lines

Ready to boost your Net Promoter Score (NPS) response rates and gather invaluable feedback from your customers? It all starts with a compelling subject line. Your NPS email subject line is the first impression you make, and it can make or break whether customers engage with your NPS question and crucial follow-up question. While crafting the perfect subject line takes strategy, we're here to provide inspiration.   

Best NPS email subject lines

Crafting effective NPS subject lines is crucial for boosting response rates and gaining valuable customer insights. These creative templates will help cut through inbox clutter and emphasize the importance of customer feedback.

How are we doing? Share your feedback

Your opinion matters! Tell us what you think

Quick question: How satisfied are you?

Help us improve! Take our short survey

We value your feedback. Share your thoughts

Your feedback makes a difference. Let's chat

Tell us what you love (or hate)

Your honest feedback is appreciated

Share your experience. It helps us grow

Got a minute? We'd love your feedback

How was your recent [service/product]?

Did we nail your [event/order]? Tell us

Your feedback on [feature/update] matters

What did you think of our [campaign/launch]?

How can we make [product/service] better?

NPS survey email subject line examples

You might have created the most enticing NPS survey in the world. Yet, without a compelling NPS survey subject line it won’t mean much. Luckily, you have many to choose from:

Your thoughts on our new [feature/product]?

Help us improve your [experience/journey]

Tell us about your [positive/negative] experience

Rate your [interaction/support] experience

Share your thoughts on [specific team/person]

Your feedback is a gift

Let's make things even better

We're listening. What's on your mind?

Your feedback helps us grow

Share your story. We're listening

Help us reach new heights

Your opinion matters. We're all ears

We're always striving to improve

Tell us what you think. We're curious

Let's make your experience amazing

Personalized NPS email subject lines

Personalizing the subject line for NPS survey is a sure way to grab your recipients’ attention and compel them to open your email. Here’s how you do it:

[Name], your feedback on [product/service] matters!

[Company Name] wants to hear from you!

Did [product/service] help you achieve [goal]?

How was your recent [event/interaction] with [team/person]?

Share your thoughts about [specific feature/update] - we're listening!

[Name], your experience with [product/service] is valuable

Your opinion about [campaign/launch] is important to us!

Help us improve your [experience/journey] with [product/service]

What did you think of our [recent initiative/change]?

We're always looking for ways to improve. Tell us what you think!

[Name], you're our VIP! Share your thoughts on [product/service]

We're on a mission to make your [experience/journey] amazing!

Tell us the truth about [product/service] - we can handle it!

[Name], your feedback is the key to unlocking a better [product/service]

Let's chat! What did you love (or hate) about [product/service]?

Good NPS email subject lines

Were you about to send your NPS email just to realize that a subject line is missing? We’ve all been where. That’s why we have plenty of them to choose from:

Don't be shy! Share your thoughts

Tell us the truth... we can take it

Give us the good, the bad, and the ugly

We're not afraid of feedback

Share your honest opinion. It's a secret

We're all ears! What do you think

Let's chat! Tell us your experience

Your feedback is our fuel

Help us rock your world

We're on a mission to please you

Feedback needed! Share your thoughts now

Your feedback earns you a reward

Limited time to share your thoughts

Help us win! Share your feedback

Last chance to share your feedback

Effective NPS email surveys subject lines

What does an effective NPS email survey subject line look like? These examples might hold the answer:

Your feedback helps us improve ASAP

Tell us your story, win big

Your feedback is worth a reward

Limited time: Share your experience now

We need your feedback to get better

Your feedback matters: share your thoughts!

Rate your experience: we value your opinion!

Help us improve: take our quick survey!

Your voice heard: share your thoughts on [Brand Name]

Get rewarded for your feedback: [Incentive]

Take our 2-minute survey: share your thoughts!

Your feedback helps us grow: take our NPS survey

Share your thoughts: we're listening!

Your opinion matters: take our quick poll!

Help us create a better experience: share your feedback

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Your perfect email won't matter if it won't be opened. Want some inspiration? Check these robust subject lines, designed for maximum opens of your promotional emails.
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