255+ Best event email subject lines

Whether you’re looking at setting up an offline trade show or an online networking meetup, events offer you the perfect opportunity to create new relationships while fostering older ones.

Use the following event email subject lines to engage with your target audience for all of your event communication requirements.

General event email subject lines

From gathering valuable audience insights to staying up to date with the latest industry trends, events allow your business to stay connected with the latest and most relevant happenings.

Use the following general event email subject lines to fill up your events and gatherings with highly interested prospects and customers.

Join us for the [Event Name], [First Name]

This time [Event Name] is different

Wine tasting night! (You’re invited)

Our next workshop details

This is why [Event Name] stands out

Grab your free [Event Name] tickets here

You don’t wanna miss this [First Name]

[Event Name] Recordings Inside!

Our next session features [Expert Name]

Secure Your Spot: Register Now

Next [Meeting Name] meeting: Free waffles!

Access exclusive VIP content THIS way

Much requested [Event Name] with [Expert Name]

[Event Name]: It’ll be a night of fun...

Experience [Event Name] Live, [First Name]

Who else’s coming to [Event Name]?

Here’s why our [Event Name] kicks ass

Join us for the annual [Event Name]

Fancy a networking night [First Name]?

Adventurous much? Join [Event Name]

Join us: [Topic] demo with [Expert Name]

[Event Name]: Up for a fun night?

Top [Profession], only at [Event Name]

[Event Name] tickets (Secret SALE)

Don't miss this [Event Name] at [Location Name]

Event newsletter subject lines

Use event newsletters to build anticipation for upcoming gatherings, share key updates, and communicate crucial announcements.

Key Takeaways from [Event Name]

Highlights from recent [Event Name]

[Event Name[: Insights from our speakers

Memorable snaps from [Event Name]

Thank you for attending [Event Name]

[Event Name]: An attendees' confession

Behind the scenes of [Event Name]

What's next after [Event Name]?

Our lessons from [Event Name]

Exclusive offer for [Event Name] attendees

What you must know about [Event Name]

[Famous Name] will be there, will you?

Next event date announced!

Updates from [Event Name]

Our survey results for [Event Name]

Quick [Event Name] recap (3 min read)

Predictions for 2024 at [Event Name]

How [Name] felt about [Event Name]

Sharing [Event Name] resources

Why you should come to [Event Name]?

[Event Name] details inside

What makes [Event Name] exclusive?

Candid admission about [Event Name]

What happened last year at [Event Name]?

Unveiling this at [Event Name]

Virtual event subject lines

Use virtual events to interact and engage with a global audience at scale. Here are some event email subject lines to get them excited about your next webinar, workshop, or online networking event.

Exclusive access: Reserve your spot now

There are no front seats [First Name]

Your new life starts at [Event Name]

You must attend [Event Name]!

[Event Name] is around the corner, ready?

Let’s connect you with experts

Virtual event of the year – [Event Name]

Register now, join from anywhere

Don't miss out on [Event Name]! Register now

Virtual [Event Name] invite inside

Your [Event Name] registration link

Sign up for remote [Event Name]

Up for virtual adventures [First Name]?

Here’s your link to [Event Name]

Expert tips just a click away: [Event Name]

Virtual coffee at [Time]?

[Event Name] goes Live in 1 hour

About today's [Event Name]

Join our virtual event: [Topic]

[Event Name]: Registration open!

Announcing [Event Name] – Virtual Edition

[Event Name] – your gateway to success

Join online gathering at [Event Name]

Get insider tips, only at [Event Name]

[Event Name]: Virtual meeting with experts

Save the date email subject lines

Your email campaigns are powerful tools to help share reminders, drive attendance, and encourage post-event engagements.

Block your dates: [Event Name]!

You’re invited [First name], (Save this email)

Locked your date for [Event Name]?

One unforgettable evening [First Name]

You don't want to miss that at [Event Name]

Circle the date, no replays

Blocks your dates, [Event Name] is here

You’re invited to [Event Name]. RSVP now.

Confirming your attendance to [Event Name]

Want me to save your spot at [Event Name]?

Business date at [Event Name]?

Please secure your dates (RSVP only)

Our last Live webinar, you in yet?

Save an evening for [Event Name]

[Event Name] is happening, secure your spot

{Event Name] dates released

You’re invited to [Event Name] on [Event Date]

Mark it on the calendar, lest you forget

Secure your spot, discover the magic

Will you make it on [Event Date]?

1 hr of your evening for [Event Name]

Don't miss, be there on [Event Date]

Exclusively online. Registered yet?

Save your spot, it'll be a wild ride

Event follow up email subject line

Use automated follow-up email sequences to express your gratitude towards event attendees. Also, take this opportunity to extend the event experience by helping recap event highlights, sharing helpful resources, and requesting feedback & testimonials. Here are some event email subject lines to help you follow up with your event participants:

Got a couple of minutes [First Name]?

Thought these resources might help

Still interested in [Subject]?

Thank you for being a part of [Event Name]

Care to share your thoughts?

Our next program starts soon

Bonus for attendees (free training)

Share your thoughts and win coupons

5 min event recap (as promised)

[First Name], you showed interest in [Subject]?

Free consultation for ALL attendees

Get 50% off sitewide (attendees only)

Karen’s success story (2 min read)

Early bird registration (next webinar)

What could [Event Name] even better?

Your feedback makes a difference

Access your [Event Name] report

[Event Name] highlights (exclusive content inside)

Additional training (limited spots)

Here is the promised research

Quick survey (+ 20% off)

Didn't attend? Here's a quick recap

Event invitation subject lines

In a busy inbox, you need your email to stand out. Here are some compelling event invitation subject line examples to get your audience's attention and make them open your invitations like crazy.

Join Us: Unveiling [Event Name]

Exclusive Invite for [Event Name]

Be among the first to discover [Event Name]

We’d love for you to come! Act fast

We are awesome hosts, [First Name]

You're invited to [Event Name]

Experience [Event Name] magic

Surprise gifts for first 100!

Announcing [Event Name]: Register Now!

[Event Name] is here, jump in.

Time stops at [Event Name]

You attending [Event Name], [First Name]?

First 500 registrations only

Registration links for [Event Name]

Claim your free spot at [Event Name]

Main reason to attend [Event Name]

Exclusive interviews. Only at [Event Name]

3 reasons you must attend [Event Name]

Could [Event Name] be the event of the year?

Don't miss out: Join us at [Event Name]

Everyone you know is coming, [First Name]

Showcasing these experts at [Event Name]

[Event Name] welcomes trendsetters

Event reminder subject lines

There's a good chance that some of your prospects missed reading your invitation email or forgot to take action. Use the below event invitation subject lines to remind them to act fast.

Final call: Don't miss [Event Name]

Last chance to secure your spot (RSVP)

Join us at [Event Name] - Act fast

Reminder to register for [Event Name]

Your registration is pending, [First Name]

Time‘s almost out: Secure your spot now

Exclusive [Event Name] - Attending?

[First Name], you forgot to register

You forgot, but we remembered

You’ve still got time [First Name]

An event no [Profession] must miss

Almost no spots left. Are you in?

Secure your spot, RSVP today.

Going live with [Expert Name], there's still time!

Reminder: Complete registration for [Event Name]

Get in before its too late, [First Name]

Final reminder: Doors shut at [Time]

Last chance. Act now!

[X] people registered, why haven't you?

This may never happen again, [First Name]

Secure your seat before it gets taken!

Event confirmation subject lines

You can use confirmation emails to let the registrant know their registration is confirmed. Thank them for their interest, share key details you’d like them to know, and give them at least one irresistible reason to make it for your online or offline event.

Here are some event confirmation subject lines you can use to set the right tone for such emails.

Confirmation: Your registration for [Event Name]

Thank you for registering. Read this!

You’re in! See you at [Event Name]

Congrats, your spot is reserved

[Event Name]: Attendance confirmation

[First Name], your seat is reserved

All set for the D-Day. Let's do this!

Confirmation for [Event Name] on [Event Date]

Your registration is confirmed, [First Name]

It's confirmed. Can’t wait to see you at [Event Name]

Confirming your spot: [Event Name]

You're all set. Confirmation for [Event Name]

[Event Name] Confirmation & Important Details

We're thrilled to have you for [Event Name]

Countdown to [Event Name]: You’re in!

Sit back and relax, you're in for [Event Name]

We look forward to seeing you at [Event Name]

You're registered for [Event Name], thank you!

Your registration details inside, [First Name]

That’s it. Join us on [Event Date] for [Event Name]

See you at [Event Name], [First Name]

We're glad you'll attend [Event Name]!

[Event Name]: Registration confirmed!

You’re officially in (next steps inside)

Post-event thank you email subject lines

Send post-event emails to thank your audience for their participation, highlight key event happenings, and include a specific call to action to set the tone for the future.

Our way of saying thanks (gift inside)

You made our [Event Name] special

Celebrating [Event Name] with a special gift

Thanks for inspiring [Event Name]

Now thats one blockbuster event, [First Name]

Thanks for making [Event Name] extraordinary

[Event Name] was a huge success, here’s why

Celebrate the success of [Event Name] with us!

Heartfelt thanks for making it, [First Name]

Your presence made all the difference

Grateful you attended [Event Name]

You were a vital part of [Event Name]

Loved [Event Name]? You'll love this email, too!

[Event Name] was a roaring success, thank you!

Your energy was infectious, [First Name]

Cheers, you made [Event Name] SHINE

Thanks for making [Event Name] special

Celebrating the success of [Event Name]

Appreciate your support at [Event Name]!

Thanks for being there, here's a little gift

Reflecting on [Event Name]

You helped us create a blast, [First Name]

Reliving [Event Name] highlights...

Conference email subject lines

Use email campaigns to capture your audience’s attention and get them excited about your upcoming conferences and summits. Here are some subject lines that'll encourage greater attendance and better participation at your conferences.

Join the best conversations: [Conference Name]

Early bird discount ends soon for [Conference Name]

Speakers revealed for [Conference Name]

Last chance to get inside [Conference Name]!

Elevate your biz at [Conference Name]

Limited seats: [Conference Name] registration open

Exclusive VIP access to [Conference Name]

[Conference Name]: Registration now open

Thanks for registering, [First Name]

Future of [Industry] revealed: [Conference Name]

[Conference Name] Spotlight: Keynote announcement

Agenda released: [Conference Name]

Skill up at [Conference Name]. Register now.

Claim your spot at [Conference Name]

Fancy a fireside chat with experts?

We're having [Expert Name], join us!

Ready to level up, [First Name]?

Here’s why you must attend [Conference Name]

Something holding you back, [First Name]?

[Conference Name]: Be there to meet the best of [Industry]

Upcoming Workshops at [Conference Name]

Come to [Conference Name] for this ONE reason

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