65+ Best abandoned cart subject lines

Abandoned carts are a major challenge, leading to significant revenue loss. But don’t fret—an abandoned cart email sequence can recover that revenue. A well-crafted sequence boosts sales and improves customer retention.

Let’s start your automated sequence with the best abandoned cart subject lines you can copy right now!

Best abandoned cart email subject lines for ecommerce stores

Ecommerce stores suffer the most from abandoned carts, often due to reasons like high shipping costs or a complicated checkout process. Addressing these issues is crucial, but you can also rely on abandoned cart recovery emails to win back customers.

Here are some subject line examples to give you a lift-off:

Hey there! Your cart misses you

Oops! You left something behind

Did something catch your eye?

Finish your shopping with us!

Your items are waiting for you

We saved your cart for you

Time to make it yours!

One step away from happiness

Missed something special?

Don't forget your favorites

Almost there, [First Name]!

Your cart is still waiting, [First Name]

[Brand Name], don't miss out

Your cart is calling, [First Name]

[First Name], your cart is waiting!

Abandoned cart subject lines with discount codes

Do you know what works better than an abandoned cart recovery email? Yes! An abandoned cart recovery email with a discount code.

These subject lines are sure to get noticed and communicate that there’s an irresistible offer inside of the email:

Time's ticking – snag your deals!

[Brand Name] wants to treat you!

Last chance for cart savings

Deals inside – come back soon!

Unfinished shopping? We got you

Your cart = your savings!

[Brand Name] cart delights!

Hurry back for special offers

Missed something in your cart?

Return for cart surprises!

Last chance: 20% off in your cart!

[Brand Name] cart goodies – 15% off!

Special offer: 17% off your cart items

[First Name], come back for 21% off!

Unlock 26% off in your cart!

Good abandoned cart email subject lines for last chance emails

Don’t give up if the abandoned cart recovery email with a discount doesn’t work. Remind subscribers about the discount and use urgency to entice them to return to the checkout.

These subject lines focus on the last chance to buy cart items with a discount:

Your cart awaits something special

[Brand Name] deal alert - Don't miss it!

[First Name], don't let this slip away

Final opportunity: unlock your savings

Your items won't stay in your cart forever

[First Name], your cart's final call

Last call to grab your favorites

[Brand Name] treasures in your cart

Don't say goodbye to your cart yet

Exclusive [Brand Name] cart deals

Your cart holds a pleasant surprise

[First Name], unlock your cart deals

Last call for limited-time offers

Hurry, your cart's got hot deals!

[First Name], come back for deals!

Abandoned checkout subject lines

Your prospects put items into a cart, created an account, went to pay and then… nothing! They’ve left your site. What do you do now? Since you have their email, you have the means to bring them back – abandoned checkout email!

Here are some subject lines to accompany your email:

Cart left behind: let's reunite!

Unfinished business with your cart

Claim your cart's hidden gems

We saved your cart from loneliness

Cart curiosity: what's inside?

Last call: cart edition

Unlock cart treasures

Last chance to claim your cart

Rediscover cart delights

We're holding your favorites!

Don't leave empty-handed!

Bag the bargains!

Return for your cart treats

Your cart deserves a happy ending!

One step closer to cart delights

Funny abandoned cart subject lines

Humor works almost magically when getting your abandoned cart emails noticed. Don’t believe us?

Look at these subject lines and tell us you wouldn’t like to click on them. Then, copy the one you want the most for your email!

Cart abandonment blues

Your cart: Deserted Island Edition

Cart, don't ghost us!

Cart says, "Come back!"

Where'd your cart go?

Abandoned Cart Rescue Team!


Cart-tastic deals await!

Cart whisperer needed

Cart reunion time!

Cart, it's not you, it's us!

[First Name]’s cart revival party

Cart, we can't quit you!

Cart, meet your destiny!

Cart: Take two!

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