55+ Best welcome email subject lines

Welcome emails are among the most frequently opened, and for a good reason! When newly subscribed prospects join your mailing list, they expect a warm welcome from you and perhaps even a special discount for their first purchase.

This presents a fantastic opportunity for marketers to increase conversions and boost sales. Additionally, the welcome email series is the perfect starting point in a buyer's journey toward becoming a loyal customer. It all begins with the subject lines.

To provide a solid foundation for your series, we're sharing welcome email subject lines to kickstart a delightful conversation with your prospects.

Best welcome email subject lines for ecommerce

Your visitors left their email addresses at your eCommerce site, so now what? Of course, show them they didn’t just do right; they’re in for a treat! Send a welcome email demonstrating a preview of your fantastic content.

Here are some subject lines to get you started:

Welcome to the [Brand Name] community!

[First Name], you're officially in!

Joining hands with [Brand Name]

Get ready for something amazing!

You're here! Let's get started

[Brand Name] says, "Hello!"

[First Name], a warm welcome to you

Ready to dive into [Brand Name]?

[First Name], welcome aboard!

[First Name], it's all about you

[First Name], you're part of something special

Discover what [Brand Name] has to offer

Welcome, [Brand Name] friend!

Get ready for [Brand Name] goodness

[First Name], you're in for a treat!

Welcome email subject lines for SaaS

Getting visitors to sign up for a free trial or even a paid subscription is only the beginning. Next, you must get them excited enough to log in and use it. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a useless prospect contact.

So, that’s precisely what you want to do in your SaaS welcome emails – engage and interest the visitor so that they immediately hop into your product, already knowing how to use it a bit.

Take some subject lines to help you craft such an email:

Get ready to boost productivity

Unleash your potential with us

Join us for a brighter future

Empower your workflow today

Elevate your experience with us

Let's get started, [First Name]!

Efficiency starts here

Your success, our mission

Welcome to smarter solutions

Innovation awaits you

[First Name], we're thrilled you're here

[First Name], let's innovate together!

[Brand Name] - Your trusted partner

Let’s get you started, [First Name]!

Get the most of our [Product Name]

Good welcome email subject lines with a discount

Chances are, you offer your visitors some incentive (discount, eBook, free shipping, etc.) for their email addresses. Don’t wait to deliver what you promise; send a welcome email containing the incentive immediately after they submit their addresses.

Here’s how to open such an email with a compelling subject line:

Unlock 20% off – welcome aboard!

Your [Brand Name] discount awaits

[First Name], 15% off just for you

Your welcome gift: 25% off

Get started with 12% savings

[First Name], your 22% discount is here

Welcome to [Brand Name] – 16% off inside

New beginnings, 28% saving

[First Name], enjoy 19% off on us

Kickstart your journey with 23% off

Discover [Brand Name] with 27% off

[First Name], 9% off your first order

New member special: 24% off

Your 29% discount – it's here!

[First Name], enjoy 5% off your first purchase

Welcome series subject lines

If you have a more complicated product than, let’s say, clothing, you might want to send a welcome email sequence. Here’s what to include:

Product-focused email should highlight a product or service's key features and benefits, showcasing its value to new subscribers.  

Educational email (with the best-performing blog post or onboarding). Share valuable information or resources related to your industry or niche, helping new subscribers learn more about your brand.

Special offer email. Provide an exclusive discount or promotion to motivate new subscribers to purchase repeatedly.  

Product demo offer (mainly for B2B). Offer a product demonstration or trial to introduce your solution and its benefits. 

And here are the subject lines to go along with it:

Get ready for a warm [Brand Name] welcome

[First Name]'s journey begins with us

A friendly greeting from [Brand Name]

Discover [Brand Name]'s world

Step into [Brand Name]'s community

Unveiling the [Brand Name] experience

Get set for an adventure with us

[First Name], Get started with ease

Try this with [Brand Name]

Explore our handy tips

[First Name], discover our product demo

Ready to explore? Join our product demo

[Brand Name] welcomes your curiosity

Discover, learn, and grow

[Brand Name] Academy: Your educational partner

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Open Sesame: Subject lines to get your emails read

Your perfect email won't matter if it won't be opened. Want some inspiration? Check these robust subject lines, designed for maximum opens of your promotional emails.
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