75+ Condolences email subject line examples

Losing someone can be a difficult experience. So, finding the right words to express sympathy and compassion in a condolence email can be challenging.

You've come to the right place if you're searching for appropriate subject lines for your email campaigns during such sensitive times.

Here, we've curated genuine condolences email subject line examples. These can help you convey empathy, understanding, and support to grieving people.
Let's explore them together.

Condolences email subject line examples

Your condolence emails must achieve a fine blend of sensitivity and sincerity while communicating your regret message. Here are some condolences email subject line examples to get us started on how to do the same:

Heartfelt sympathies [First Name]

We feel for your loss [First Name]

Thinking of you in these times

Words fail, but we’re here

Your pain is acknowledged

You’re in our thoughts [First Name]

Sharing your sorrow [First Name]

Our sincerest condolences

With you during this darkness

Standing by you always

Grief knows no distance [First Name]

Wishing you strength and peace

Reflecting on your pain

Your loss touches us deeply

Here for you, no matter what

Always here for a shoulder [First Name]

Holding you close in thought

Your grief matters [First Name]

We mourn with you, [First Name]

You’re in our thoughts and prayers

May peace find you soon

Sharing the load of your grief

Sending comforting thoughts

In dark times, sending light

Embracing you with compassion

Holding on to memories

Sympathy email subject line

Start your email by expressing your sincere condolences for the loss. Use empathetic language to convey your support and understanding.

This is how it would look in a subject line:

Wish we had the right words

With you in silent support

Sending warm thoughts

These are feelings beyond words

There for you, always

Wishing you solace and healing!

You’re not alone in this [First Name]

A whisper of consolation

Seeking light for you

Accept our deepest condolences

Hope amidst the sorrow

Holding space for your grief

Lean on us during this time

Standing by your side

Reflecting on your profound loss

Remember we are just a message away

There for you with open hearts…

Embracing your heavy heart

Unseen hugs for your heart

We feel your pain [First Name]

Here for you in all ways

Through the highs and lows

Sending love & healing vibes

Silence speaks our shared pain

Special moments of reflection

Condolences email to coworker subject line

It might be a good idea to avoid cliches and platitudes as they’re likely to be perceived the wrong way. Acknowledge the recipient’s loss and express your feelings warmly but directly.

Some more email subject lines for condolence emails:

Sorry to hear about what happened

Keeping you in my thoughts

Embracing you from afar

Wishing you moments of peace

Stay strong [First Name]

Always ready to listen

Beside you, in work and sorrow

A gentle reminder of care

There with you, always

Hold on to hope [First Name]

Thinking of you today!

When there’s nothing, there’s hope

Sorry for your loss [First Name]

Grieving alongside you [First Name]

Wishing you moments of solace

Strength during trying times

Prayers with you, [First Name]

Keeping you in our team's thoughts

Heartfelt thoughts sent your way

Your work family is with you [First Name]

We’re in this together [First Name]

Office walls can't contain our support

Holding space for you at work and beyond

You’re never alone [First Name]

Your grief resonates with us

Thoughts with you every workday

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