16 Best Lead Generation Software & Tools (2024)

Mar 8, 2024 - By Camilla Mackeviciute

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Leads are crucial for any sales process and overall growth strategy. Yet, most businesses struggle to generate quality leads at scale. 

80% of marketers and businesses generate more leads using lead generation or marketing automation software. Lead generation software saves time and streamlines your entire process. 
In this blog, we’ll look at different lead generation software and help you pick the best lead generation tool you can use to generate leads effectively and efficiently. So, let’s begin.

What is Lead Generation Software?

Lead generation software helps you add order to the chaotic process of generating, managing, and nurturing leads. It’s a tool that helps you turn visitors and lurkers into prospects. You can identify and capture potential leads, keep an eye on your digital interactions, and nurture and follow up based on their interests. 

Think of it as your digital scout, exploring the online world to identify and bring prospects to your sales funnel. Here’s what lead generation software promises: 

  • Automated lead capture. Finds and collects leads for you; 
  • Enhanced targeting. Lead scoring and forecasting help pinpoint and target the most interested customers efficiently; 
  • Time savings. Reduces manual effort in lead generation; 
  • Improved efficiency. Focus your marketing on the right audience.

There are two kinds of lead generation software – inbound and outbound software. While inbound lead generation solutions help attract the right audience, outbound solutions help you connect with ideal prospects through outreach campaigns across email, social media, and other mediums. 

Why is Lead Generation Important for Businesses

Lead generation is the heartbeat of business operations. 

Here are some of the benefits of having robust lead generation software take charge of filtering capable prospects for your business:

When done right, lead generation:

  • Identifies potential customers interested in your product or service;
  • Turns over better quality prospects who are more likely to end up becoming paying customers;
  • Encourages efficient use of limited business resources on the right leads, thereby optimizing customer acquisition costs;
  • Builds relationships with potential customers;
  • Helps fix any leakage from missed opportunities;
  • Increases revenue by providing a never-ending stream of new customers;
  • Helps your business reach new markets and expand its customer base.

16 Best Lead Generation Software

With so many solutions available in the market, finding the right lead generation that meets your business requirements and budget can be challenging. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best lead-generation software that delivers exceptional results. Here they are: 

  • Sender – Email Leads Generator Tool
  • Market Leader – Real Estate Lead Generation Software
  • Lusha – LinkedIn Lead Generator System
  • Cience – Online Business Sales Lead Generation System
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads for Lead Generation
  • Unbounce – Landing page builder for Lead Generation
  • HubSpot – B2B Lead Generation Tool with CRM
  • Leadfeeder – Social Media Lead Generation Platform
  • Totango – Free Lead Generation Program
  • Trustmary – Generate Leads with the Help of Customer Reviews
  • Overloop – Multichannel Outbound Campaign
  • OptinMonster – Great Lead Conversion Tools 
  • Hunter.io – Best Outbound Lead Generation Tool 
  • Reply.io – All-in-one Lead Engagement Software 
  • Leadpages – One of the Best Landing Page Builders 
  • AeroLeads – Best Software to Find Contact Information

Let’s look at each one in detail. 

Sender — Email Leads Generator Tool

Sender is an all-in-one marketing automation and lead generation solution for ecommerce and small businesses looking for affordable and high-performance marketing automation solutions.

  • High-converting popups and forms; 
  • Visual automation builder; 
  • Great customer support.

Sender is a full-service email & SMS automation solution you can use to capture, segment, and nurture leads on autopilot. 

Create automated campaigns to welcome new leads, follow up, and nurture them based on a particular activity or behavior with trigger email and SMS campaigns. Use activity or behavioral data to create custom triggers or targeted campaigns appealing to specific user segments and increasing conversion chances.

Create and set up a form for your lead generation strategy with the drag-and-drop form and popup builder. 


If you’re in a rush, Sender’s in-built library saves you a lot of hassle. Select an appropriate form or popup design, and it’s ready within minutes to push on your website. Configure popups to appear at custom times, by scroll percentage, or when a visitor tries to exit the page.

That’s not it — you can categorize your leads into custom segments and set up personalized drip sequences or automated campaigns that move them through your sales/marketing funnel. What’s more, you can track the performance of email and SMS campaigns in real time with a central dashboard that tracks email opens, click-through rates (CTR), and more. 

Sender’s Key Features

  • Easy to use signup form and popup builder;
  • High-converting popup and form layouts;
  • Fully automated email & SMS flows;
  • Behavioral automation triggers; 
  • Integrations with leading ecommerce platforms and marketing solutions. 

Sender Pros & Cons

Affordable pricing plansNo landing page builder
Visual automation builder with behavioral triggersSender branding on free plans
24-hour LIVE Chat support (even for free plan users)

Sender Plans & Pricing

  • Forever-free plan for up to 2,500 contacts and 15,000 monthly emails; 
  • Paid plans start at $15 per month for up to 30,000 monthly emails. 

Market Leader — Real Estate Lead Generation Software

Market Leader is a powerful real estate lead generation software designed to help agents and brokers generate high-quality leads, convert them into clients, and close more deals. 

  • Feature-rich CRM functionality; 
  • Automated text and email alerts & reminders;
  • No code, drag-and-drop website builder.

Customizable lead capture forms and landing pages help real estate agents capture lead information and start nurturing them through targeted email campaigns. Additionally, Market Leader’s advanced lead scoring algorithm helps agents prioritize their leads based on their level of customer engagement and the likelihood of conversion, allowing them to focus their efforts on the prospective customers more likely to convert.

Market Leader’s Key Features

  • Drag-and-drop responsive website builder; 
  • Rich library of pre-designed marketing assets; 
  • Robust lead management & CRM features;
  • Auto-insert contacts from 40+ lead sources; 
  • Mobile app featuring automated text and email alerts; 

Market Leader’s Pros & Cons

Supports 40+ lead sourcesContact-based pricing plans;
Mobil app for on-the-go replies and lead nurturingQuality of leads can dwindle 
Predictive lead scoring algorithm No free tier

Market Leader Plans & Pricing

Market Leader works on an on-demand pricing model available on request. Contact their sales team for a custom quote based on your requirements.   

Lusha — Linkedin Lead Generator System

Lusha is a powerful LinkedIn lead generation software for businesses and sales teams looking to connect with high-quality prospects on the platform. 

  • Large B2B databases with 15M+ company profiles; 
  • Contact finder chrome extension; 
  • Sync with your existing customer relationship management tool. 

Search and collect contact information for starting a conversation with potential customers and driving sales. With just a few clicks, you can access email addresses, phone numbers, and other key metrics, making it easy to initiate personalized communication with potential clients.

Lusha’s email verification tool helps ensure that the email addresses you’re working with are accurate and up-to-date. In addition, Lusha offers a range of pre-built, customizable email campaign templates optimized for maximum engagement and conversion.

Lusha’s Key Features

  • Email verification tool;
  • Advanced search capabilities;
  • Email campaign templates;
  • Email list segmentation;
  • Real-time analytics and reporting. 

Lusha’s Pros & Cons

User-friendly navigation and UI Inaccurate phone number database
Vast database of B2B leadsLimited customization for email templates
Email verification tool Expensive

Lusha Plans & Pricing

  • Free plan that offers five credits per month to search for phone numbers and emails; 
  • Paid plans start at $29 per user monthly for up to 480 annual credits. 

Cience — Online Business Sales Lead Generation System

Cience is a powerful lead-generation platform that uses multiple touchpoints to gather verified leads for different industries. It uses AI to optimize your lead generation efforts by identifying high-quality leads and delivering them in real-time. 

  • AI-enabled research; 
  • Multichannel outreach;
  • Optimized for Account-based Marketing (ABM) B2B sales.

Cience provides various tools for outbound lead generation like appointment scheduling, email automation, and lead discovery. It identifies potential prospects and automates outreach to qualify and move them down the sales funnel as leads. The appointment-setting service helps businesses schedule meetings between prospective clients and their sales representatives. Finally, email marketing tools help create and deliver targeted email campaigns to segmented audiences. 

Cience’s Key Features

  • Extensive demographic, firmographic, and psychographic data points;
  • Buying intelligence for over 7500+ B2B topics;
  • Lead scoring by contact and account;
  • AI-enabled click-tracking;

Cience’s Pros & Cons

Comprehensive leads database of over 200M records;Expensive
User-friendly interface;Learning curve for beginners
Auto-verified email & phone number information.Limited customer support

Cience’s Plans & Pricing

Cience offers custom monthly and annual subscription quotes based on custom requirements on request. 

Facebook & Instagram Ads for Lead Generation

Facebook and Instagram are great platforms for lead generation primarily because of their large customer base and advanced targeting options. You can run lead ads on Meta to target users on these platforms and collect leads on autopilot. 

  • Over 4 billion monthly active users; 
  • Cost-effective lead gen alternative;
  • Retargeting options for high ROI outcomes.

You can run highly-targeted lead ad campaigns through its ad manager. Set up a custom audience based on general demography and interests, and even retarget your website users from the ad manager. 

You can also try other types of lead generation campaigns to drive traffic to your landing pages or promote your lead magnet – a free guide or e-book, in exchange for a potential customer’s contact information. This allows you to capture leads and nurture them over time, building relationships until they are ready to purchase.

Meta Ads Key Features

  • Create either higher-intent or easy-to-fill lead form ads;
  • Pre-populated forms for easier submission;
  • Custom questions for lead form ads;
  • Dynamic retargeting ads;
  • Multiple call-to-action opportunities. 

Meta Ads Pros & Cons

Over 4 billion active usersSusceptible to algorithm and policy changes
Advanced demographic & psychographic targetingGetting expensive, increasing competition on the platform 
Central ad manager dashboard to manage different campaignsMassive learning curve related to ad creation, targeting, and campaign setup

Plans & Pricing

Meta charges are based on per impression, click, lead, and action. The actual prices depend on your industry, offer, location, bidding strategy, and other metrics.

Unbounce — Landing Pages Builder for Lead Generation

Unbounce helps you build high-converting landing pages for webinars, physical products, high-ticket services, etc. You can use the landing pages to capture leads and convert visitors into customers. 

  • Optimized landing page templates; 
  • AI copy assistant;
  • A/B testing.

Its drag-and-drop landing page builder helps you build a conversion-optimized landing page from scratch. With over 100 landing page templates, you can get going almost instantly without worrying about visual appeal or responsiveness. So, you can really focus on your product/offer and leave everything else to Unbounce. 

You can also set up popups and sticky bars to grab your visitors’ attention or add lead-generation forms with custom form fields to capture their interest. 

Unbounce’s Key Features

  • AI-powered landing page builder; 
  • Smart copy generator powered by AI; 
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO) suggestions;
  • Customizable popups, landing pages, and sticky bar templates; 
  • Smart builder style guide & design assistant.

Unbounce’s Pros & Cons

No-code landing page builder No free plan
Vast template library with designs for every industry Some learning curve for beginners
AI tool for copywriting, CRO & A/B testingSlightly expensive

Unbounce Plans & Pricing

  • 14-day free trial is available; 
  • Paid plans start at $74 per month for up to 20,000 visitors and unlimited popups, sticky bars, and landing pages. 

HubSpot — B2B Lead Generation Tool with CRM

HubSpot is designed for enterprise clients who want to streamline and manage their marketing, sales, customer communications, and business operations from a single dashboard. It provides businesses with several useful tools to create effective inbound marketing campaigns that attract, engage, and delight prospects.

  • B2B lead generation platform; 
  • Email marketing automation; 
  • Free CRM. 

With features such as custom lead capture forms, landing pages, and popups, businesses can create engaging and extremely personalized experiences for visitors and prospects. Additionally, HubSpot’s lead scoring and segmentation tools allow businesses to prioritize leads based on their level of engagement and tailor their messaging accordingly.

In addition to lead generation and nurturing, HubSpot offers comprehensive capabilities related to social media management and SEO, not to mention advanced analytics and reporting.

HubSpot’s Key Features

  • Drag-and-drop builder for landing pages, forms & emails;
  • Lead tracking, scoring, and segmentation;
  • Content hosting & management;
  • No-code builder for website portals;
  • SEO management;
  • LIVE chat feature.

HubSpot Pros & Cons

An all-in-one platform covering every aspect of sales, marketing, and customer support.Charges based on per contact (which can get expensive) 
Rich training & resource librarySteep learning curve
Responsive customer supportLack of advanced automation on lower-tier plans

HubSpot Plans & Pricing

  • 14-day free trial is available; 
  • Paid plans for marketing start at $18 per month for up to 1,000 contacts.

Leadfeeder — Social Media Lead Generation Platform

Leadfeeder is a social media lead generation software for businesses with massive incoming traffic to their website. It offers several features aimed at lead generation and nurturing, including lead tracking, lead scoring, and follow-ups. 

  • Website visitor data enrichment;
  • Automatic lead scoring;
  • Instant lead generation.

Leadfeeder identifies potential customers by monitoring website visitors and provides you with detailed info, including their company name, industry, website, and contact information. The lead scoring feature assigns a score to each lead based on factors such as their behavior on the website and company information. This helps businesses prioritize and tailor their outbound efforts to the leads most likely to convert, improving the chances of conversion.

Leadfeeder’s Key Features

  • Search terms tracking;
  • Browsing behavior tracking;
  • Lead filtering;
  • Lead revisit notifications;
  • Reporting & analytics;
  • Automated syncing of leads with CRM;

Leadfeeder Pros & Cons

Quick and easy setup Limited scope for businesses with a small audience
Predictive lead scoring based on behaviorCustomizations can be challenging
Responsive customer support IP-based tracking makes things harder in a privacy-first online ecosystem

Leadfeeder Plans & Pricing

  • Free plan that supports up to 100 identified leads/companies and data fetching up to 7 days; 
  • Paid plans start at $99 per month for unlimited leads and unlimited visits.  

Totango — Free Lead Generation Program

Totango is a powerful lead generation and customer success platform to increase revenue and drive adoption. It monitors prospect/customer health signals and proactively engages at scale, resulting in higher customer success metrics, increased productivity, and reduced churn.

  • Customer health score;
  • In-app experiences; 
  • Readymade customer journey templates.

Whether your goal is to convert more freemium users into paying customers, seek to upsell opportunities to existing customers, or nurture your leads at scale, Totango helps you do it all from one easy-to-use dashboard. Track your leads at each stage of their journey, get predictive scores based on usage, and build engagement plans. Optimize your prospect’s buying journey using ready-to-use templates and workflows to boost customer satisfaction and drive business growth.

Totango’s Key Features

  • Customer health scores and usage metrics; 
  • Ready to use engagement workflows and templates; 
  • Automated user engagement and follow-ups;  
  • 360-degree customer data view; 
  • Customer segmentation;
  • GDPR-compliance. 

Totango Pros & Cons

Intuitive user interface; Expensive
Customer success templates built on industry best practices Overwhelming customer reports
Responsive customer supportLimited integrations 

Totango Plans & Pricing

  • No free plan or trial; 
  • Paid plans start at $2,998 per year for up to 500 customer accounts and 2,000 emails per month. 

Trustmary — Generate Leads with the Help of Customer Reviews

Trustmary helps you collect and manage customer reviews across various touchpoints to help you influence buying decisions. It is a comprehensive online reputation and review management solution designed to help you build a positive image of your brand or business.

  • Review management platform; 
  • Integrations with social media and website platforms; 
  • Lead generation popups and forms. 

Trustmary is a tool that boosts your website’s lead generation power and conversion rates with the help of reviews that matter. It helps you collect reviews and bring all third-party reviews across Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc., on a single platform. You can use these reviews on your landing pages, website, emails, etc., to influence buyer decisions, answer apprehensions, and create social proof. 

Trustmary’s Key Features:

  • Automatic review collection and display;
  • AI sentiment analysis and review scoring;
  • Automatic conversion tracking;
  • SEO with review schema markup;
  • Review management and sorting;
  • Integrate with CRM and other marketing suites. 

Trustmary’s Pros & Cons

Easy-to-use widgets and integrations Limited use cases beyond a showcase for lead generation 
Real-time conversion trackingNo 24×7 live chat or customer support
Social proof builder for social mediaPlans based on the number of views

Trustmary Plans & Pricing

  • Free plan for up to 200 monthly views; 
  • Paid plans start at $16 per month for up to 5,000 monthly views and three platforms. 

Overloop — Boost Your Outbound Campaigns

Overloop helps you manage outbound campaigns across different platforms. You can automate sending messages and personalize them to fit each lead, making your outreach more effective. It’s great for businesses looking to improve how they find and talk to potential customers. 

  • CRM and email integration
  • Campaign automation
  • Message personalization

Overloop makes running outreach campaigns simpler. Set up a personalized automated campaign that feels contextual to the receiver and generates a response. With multichannel integration, email automation, and lead scoring metrics, you can quickly start reaching out to cold leads and build a lead pipeline. 

Overloop’s Key Features

  • CRM integration; 
  • Email automation; 
  • Multichannel outreach; 
  • Lead scoring;
  • Lead nurturing analytics and reports. 

Overloop Pros & Cons

Automatic email finder Expensive for small teams
LinkedIn outreach automation wizardUI is not mobile-friendly 
Phone call & email analytics Data export functionality is laggy 

Overloop Plans & Pricing

  • No free plan or trial; 
  • Paid plan starts at $49/user monthly for up to 3 campaigns and 100 email finder credits. 

OptinMonster — Simplify Lead Conversion

OptinMonster is all about making the most of your site traffic by turning visitors into prospects. With a drag-and-drop form builder and email automation, you can build, grow, and nurture your email list for conversions. 

  • Drag-and-drop email builder;
  • Readymade automation templates;
  • Exit-intent technology.

Create offers that catch visitors’ attention before they leave your site. Grab attention with the help of popups and increase conversions from websites without needing coding skills. You can also segment leads and schedule automated newsletter campaigns to keep your subscribers and prospects hooked. 

OptinMonster’s Key Features

  • A/B testing; 
  • Floating bars, lightbox popups, and more; 
  • Page-level targeting; 
  • Lead segmentation; 
  • Automation builder. 

OptinMonster Pros & Cons

A/B testing for popupsSlightly expensive 
Non-interruptive engagement optionsRequires higher plans for maximum benefit
Great customer supportNo comprehensive dashboard to see analytics of all campaigns collectively

OptinMonster Plans & Pricing

  • No free plan or trial account; 
  • Paid plans start at $9 per month for up to 2,500 page views on one website. 

Hunter.io — Streamline Your Email Outreach

Hunter.io is an ideal outreach tool that ensures you’re always contacting the right people with your pitch. It helps you find and verify the email addresses of prospects, making it an essential tool for anyone who wants to start outbound lead generation campaigns. 

  • Email verification; 
  • Domain search; 
  • Email finder. 

Hunter.io allows you to quickly find email addresses related to any domain, helping you connect with key decision-makers. Its verification tool ensures you’re sending emails to valid addresses, improving your overall campaign effectiveness. A user-friendly interface ensures you spend maximum time on actual outreach and not figuring out what to do. 

Hunter.io’s Key Features

  • Email search and verification; 
  • Cold campaign tool; 
  • Domain search; 
  • Analyze email patterns; 

Hunter.io Pros & Cons

Accurate & reliable lead dataLimited free searches
Single click verification with bulk upload featureNo social media research tool 
Chrome extension for searches & verification Slightly expensive for small companies

Hunter.io Plans & Pricing

  • Free plan for up to 25 monthly searches and 50 verifications; 
  • Paid plans start at $34 per month for up to 500 searches and 1000 verifications monthly. 

Reply.io — Enhance Your Lead Engagement

Reply.io is an all-in-one platform for managing your lead engagement process. It combines  AI capabilities with multichannel outreach features to help you automate lead engagement. 

  • AI-driven sequences
  • Multichannel outreach
  • Email and phone validation

Reply.io is designed to automate your sales sequence, from email to social media, making it easier to connect with leads at scale. You can set and forget personalized outreach campaigns and automate follow-ups for engagement at every point of the sales and outreach cycle. 

Reply.io’s Key Features

  • Automated sequences; 
  • Mailbox warmup feature; 
  • AI-powered sequences and replies; 
  • CRM integration.  

Reply.io Pros & Cons

Quick & easy to set up Lack of communication log for each prospect
In-built tools for warmup, email health, and following email best practicesChrome extension needs to be refreshed again and again
Email deliverability analytics Slow customer support

Reply.io Plans & Pricing

  • Free plan for up to 200 data search credits and basic features; 
  • Paid plans start at $49 per user monthly for one mailbox per user and 5,000 data search credits. 

Leadpages — Elevate Your Landing Page Game

Leadpages help you build conversion-optimized landing pages that work really well for building your email list, increasing sales, and promoting events. Its drag-and-drop builder and vast template library make it perfect for anyone looking to create high-performing landing pages for lead generation. 

  • Drag-and-drop landing page builder; 
  • Conversion optimization tools; 
  • Lead capture forms and popups.

With inbuilt AI technology for creating landing page copy, images, and headlines, your work is half done from the beginning. Top it up with Leadpages proven template library and you’re ready for success. You can even connect with your existing marketing stack to make sure you don’t miss out on a single conversion opportunity. 

Leadpages’ Key Features

  • Large template library;
  • In-built tools to boost conversions; 
  • A/B testing; 
  • Lead generation and management features. 

Leadpages Pros & Cons

User-friendly interfaceLimited customization options
250+ Conversion-optimized templates No A/B testing in lower plans
AI generator for landing page headline, images & copy Slight learning curve 

Leadpages Plans & Pricing

  • 14-day free trial available; 
  • Paid plans start at $37 per month for one domain and 10,000 AI credits monthly. 

AeroLeads — Find Contact Info with Ease

AeroLeads is a powerful software that helps you find email addresses and phone numbers of businesses and professionals. With its vast database and tools like LinkedIn Email Finder and a Chrome extension, it’s an ideal solution to build an email list for cold outreach quickly.

  • LinkedIn integration
  • Chrome extension
  • Email verification

You can find and verify emails as well as phone numbers. The solution provides an email verifier and also integrates with major CRM platforms to help you nurture a lead pipeline at scale. 

AeroLeads’ Key Features

  • Bulk search; 
  • Email campaigning tool; 
  • Plugin for automated prospecting; 
  • CRM integration. 

AeroLeads Pros & Cons

Generous credit limitsInitial learning curve 
Real-time verificationNo free plan (just a trial)
CRM integrationsInaccurate lead information (with phone numbers) 

AeroLeads Plans & Pricing

  • A limited-period free trial is available with feature restrictions
  • Paid plans start at $19 per month for up to 24,000 credits monthly 

How to Choose the Best Lead Generation Software?

Choosing the best lead generation software is a tough task when every tool promises a massive number of leads. Here are some points to evaluate such tools:  

  • Feature alignment. Ensure the software aligns with your lead generation strategy and offers the features you need, like CRM integration (if you’re already using one) or automation capabilities (if you want to employ automation);
  • Ease of use. Look for user-friendly interfaces that don’t require extensive training;
  • Scalability. The tool should grow with your business, offering a tier-based pricing plan that adjusts as you scale;
  • Integration. It should easily integrate with other tools you use to ensure all data is effectively managed and nurtured; 
  • Customer support. Good support can make a big difference in utilizing the tool effectively. So, pick one with responsive live chat support.   

Key Takeaways: Lead Generation Software

Streamlining your lead generation process is essential to compete in a crowded market. You need solutions that reduce recurring tasks and help you become more efficient. When picking a solution, make sure to: 

  • Set clear goals, targets, and expectations for your sales team; 
  • Align your sales and marketing teams to work together on lead generation plans; 
  • Try the solution using a free plan and see if it aligns with your goals; 
  • Leverage automation capabilities of lead generation platforms to manage recurring tasks. 

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