90+ Best free trial subject lines

Last-call emails are your final push to urge action from your subscribers, prompting them to seize limited-time offers or opportunities before they're gone for good.

These subject lines are crafted to instill urgency and ensure your messages stand out in crowded inboxes, driving engagement and conversions:

Best free trial subject lines for promotion

Let’s start straight from the most important thing – promoting your free trial to the prospects. Simply highlighting that it’s free won’t be enough. After all, the people still need to enter their personal and possibly also card details. So how do you convince them to at least open an email about a free trial?

These subject lines might give you a hint:

Try it free today!

Your free trial is waiting

Experience the best on us

Dive into [Product] for free

Free trial: [Product] awaits

Join us for free

Try before you buy

[First Name], get started free

[Product] - try it free

[First Name], it's free for you

Dive into [Product]—no cost attached!

Unleash your potential with a free trial

[First Name], your free [Brand] experience

Experience [Product] brilliance, no charge

Your free [Product] access awaits!

Good free trial subject lines for confirmation

If you’ve got a new customer signed up for your free trial, congratulations! Don’t forget to inform them that their free account is all setup and guide them through the trial process in an email.

Here are the subject lines to accompany your confirmation email:

Welcome to your new experience!

Your free access begins now

It's all yours - start exploring

Let's get started, shall we?

Begin your trial today

Your free trial is active!

Ready, set, trial!

Your [Brand] trial is live

[First Name], trial unlocked

Dive into your trial now

[First Name], your trial is live

Get started with your trial

You guide to a free trial

First steps of your free trial

Yay! Your free trial is here

Catchy free trial subject lines for expiration

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Luckily, the expiration of a free trial isn’t the complete end. It’s an opportunity to gain reviews about your product and offer a paid trial! 

Take a look at these expiration subject lines and pick yours:

Your [Product] trial: time's running out!

[Brand] free trial ending soon

Try premium with [First Name]'s offer

Exclusive [Product] access expires soon

Act now: [Brand] paid trial available

Your [Product] trial ends this week

Last chance: [Brand] premium trial

Extend your free trial today!

[First Name], upgrade your trial now

Time to go pro with [Product]!

Upgrade to premium [Brand] access

[Product] free trial ends in days

[Brand] VIP offer for you

Your [Product] offer: go pro!

[First Name], unlock premium access

Enticing free trial subject lines for upgrade offers

Ready to take your experience to the next level? These compelling subject lines will guide you to premium features and exclusive benefits:

Upgrade Your Trial: Go Premium Now!

Enhance Your Experience: Upgrade Today!

Exclusive Offer: Upgrade to Pro!

Maximize Your Trial: Upgrade Today!

Access Premium Features: Upgrade Your Plan

Upgrade Path Unlocked: Go Premium

Access All Areas: Upgrade Today

Upgrade Now for More Benefits!

Don't Miss Out: Upgrade Today

Persuasive free trial subject lines for limited-time offers

Ready to make the most of your free trial? These compelling subject lines will ensure you don't miss out on extending your benefits before time runs out:

Time's Running Out: Extend Now!

Last Chance: Extend Today!

Act Now: Extend Before It Ends!

Don't Miss Out: Extend Today!

Limited-Time Offer: Extend Now!

Deadline Approaching: Extend Today!

Extend Now for Extra Benefits!

Exclusive Opportunity: Extend Now!

Hurry: Extend Before It Expires!

Extend for More Time, More Benefits!

Compelling free trial subject lines for follow-up engagement

Looking to continue your journey and maximize your experience? These engaging subject lines will guide you towards the next steps and valuable insights:

Share Your Trial Experience

Schedule a Demo Post-Trial

Next Steps: Make the Most of It

What's Next? Share Your Thoughts!

Continue Your Journey: Discover More!

Feedback Wanted: Share Your Thoughts!

Take the Next Step: Explore More!

Unlock More Value: Explore Options

Ready to Commit? Discuss Next Steps

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Open Sesame: Subject lines to get your emails read

Your perfect email won't matter if it won't be opened. Want some inspiration? Check these robust subject lines, designed for maximum opens of your promotional emails.
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