70+ Best VIP customers email subject lines

Your VIP customers are the cornerstone of your brand's success, and their loyalty is remarkable. The special treatment you offer them is significant, as they are your most dedicated brand advocates. As an eCommerce brand, it's essential to ponder how you can enhance their experience and make them feel genuinely important.

Honoring your VIPs can take various forms; actions speak louder than words. Whatever VIP treatment you decide on, an email campaign might be the best way to announce the surprise to your customers.

However, not to risk it all going to waste, ie. unnoticed in a busy inbox, you should accompany your email with a powerful subject line. Choose one from our curated list of email subject lines for VIP customers get inspired:

Best VIP customers email subject lines for events

Nothing says VIP as a special event created for the most loyal customers, especially if it’s in person.

If you have a special event coming up, you can use a VIP customer email subject line from this list:

Join us for an exclusive evening

Your special invitation is here

Celebrate with us, VIP style

An evening of surprises awaits

Exclusive VIP event just for you

You're in for a treat!

An unforgettable night awaits

Your VIP pass is waiting

Be our VIP guest at [Event]

Your VIP seat is reserved

A VIP night with [Brand]

Your VIP invitation is here

Be our VIP guest

Special [Event] for specials like you

Reserve your seat: Exclusive VIP event

VIP customers email subject lines with early access

You know that you shouldn’t let your VIPs wait in line for their turn like any ordinary customer. No, you should carry them to the front line so they’ll get the first dibs. You should give them VIP early access.

Take a subject line to accompany your VIP early access email:

Your exclusive pass to early savings

Sneak peek: VIP access inside

Get ahead of the crowd today

Be first to shop the new arrivals

VIP treat: your early access starts now

The perks of being a VIP

Claim your VIP spot today

Ready for VIP-only deals?

Early access: VIPs only

VIP members get the first pick

VIP insider alert!

Early bird VIP specials

Unlock VIP-only treasures

VIP access starts today!

This is just one of the VIP perks

Good VIP customers email subject lines mentioning free shipping

If you want to keep your VIP customers, keep the pleasant surprises coming their way – one of the solutions – is surprise free shipping on any order of theirs.

Here’s how you communicate it in your subject line:

Hello, VIP! Enjoy free shipping today

VIP perk: free shipping for you

VIP members: shipping on the house

Your order ships free, VIP style!

Free shipping, just for you, [Brand] style

Free shipping, compliments of [Brand]

VIP Special: shipping's on us

Limited-time offer: free shipping, VIPs!

Get it delivered for free, VIP!

A special treat for you inside

For you, shipping costs zero!

Free VIP shipping!

[First Name], you deserve this one!

Fast and free delivery to our VIPs

FREE shipping on all orders, just for you

Limited time offer to VIP customers email subject lines

Create urgency with limited-time offers for your VIPs:

Limited-time VIP offer inside!

Act fast: VIP offer ends soon

Exclusive VIP offer: Limited time only

Hurry, VIPs! Limited-time deal

Limited-time savings for VIPs

Don't miss this limited-time VIP offer

VIP limited-time special inside

Time-sensitive offer for VIPs

Limited-time only: VIP discount

Act now: Limited-time VIP savings

VIP invitation email subject lines

Extend exclusive VIP invitations with these compelling subject lines:

You're invited: VIP event inside

Join us for an exclusive VIP experience

Your VIP invitation awaits!

Be our VIP guest – RSVP now!

Special invitation just for VIPs

VIP access: You're invited

Your exclusive VIP invitation

Invitation only: VIP event

VIP invite: Don't miss out

VIP customers first impression email subject lines

Make a lasting first impression with these attention-grabbing subject lines:

Your first look at our VIP perks

First-time VIP offer inside

VIP: Special first offer

Your VIP introduction awaits

Welcome to the VIP experience

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Open Sesame: Subject lines to get your emails read

Your perfect email won't matter if it won't be opened. Want some inspiration? Check these robust subject lines, designed for maximum opens of your promotional emails.
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