85+ Best special offer email subject line examples

Creating a compelling special offer email involves many moving parts: the message content, eye-catching images, and overall email design. But guess what? That hard work can quickly go unnoticed if your email subject line doesn't grab people's attention and make them want to click and read more. This applies even if you have a super-engaged email list.

So, if you pique someone's interest and explain why they should click, they'll do just that. On the flip side, if your subject line falls flat, your message might get deleted, or, in the worst-case scenario, people might unsubscribe or mark your emails as spam.

Here we'll share some of the best examples of effective special offer email subject lines to help you boost open rates to the moon:

Best special offer email subject lines for teaser

Excite your subscribers about the special offer in advance, make them eager, and watch the open rates soar on the day! 

Here’s how you do it with a subject line:

Exciting news coming your way!

Something big just around the corner

Get ready for a surprise treat

Special surprise for our loyal fans

Stay tuned for awesome savings

A little secret for you

Guess what's brewing?

Stay alert for a great deal

New delights on the horizon

An offer too good to miss

Countdown to something amazing

Something special in store

Stay in the loop for this!

Don't miss our next move

Stay tuned for big savings

Special offer email subject lines for announcement

The big day is here! Be loud and proud about it so the email doesn't get lost in anyone's crowded inbox.

Take one of our noisy special offer subject lines:

Your golden ticket: XX% off today!

Unlock savings: [Brand] exclusive inside

Ready, set, save: XX% discount!

BOGO bliss: Buy one, get one free!

Epic deal alert: Free shipping today!

[Brand]: A steal today

One-click savings: [Brand] special

Limited time alert: XX% off now!

[First Name], unleash your savings

Say yes to [Brand] savings!

Ready, set, save: [Brand] edition

XX% off - today's your lucky day!

[First Name], dive into XX% savings

[Brand] steals & deals await you

[Product Name] savings so sweet!

Good special offer email subject line for last chance

Did your subscribers don’t use the special offer immediately? Not all is lost! They might need just another slight nudge to go on board.

Remind them that it’s the last chance to use such an amazing offer with an attention-grabbing subject line:

Your exclusive offer is expiring!

Last call for fantastic savings

Your special deal is slipping away

Grab it before it's gone

Time's ticking on this deal

Don't wait any longer

Your special discount is ending

Final hours to save big

To save? Or not to save?

Your last chance to save

Grab it before it's gone!

Don't miss this red-hot offer!

Last opportunity for epic discounts!

Exclusive perks are yours to claim!

Better saved than sorry!

Promo email subject lines

Boost interest in your promotional offers with these engaging subject lines:

Don't miss out on our latest promo!

Get ready for a promo you can't resist

Exclusive promo inside just for you

Your special promo awaits!

Unlock your special promo now

Limited-time promo just for you

A promo too good to pass up

Get your hands on our latest promo

Today's promo: [Product/Service]

Special promo for our valued subscribers

Promo code email subject lines

Encourage your audience to use your promo codes with these subject lines:

Unlock your savings with this promo code!

Your exclusive promo code inside

Save big with this promo code

Don't miss your promo code!

Special offer: Use code [CODE] for XX% off

Apply this code for instant savings

Your promo code awaits!

Limited-time code: Save now

Use code [CODE] for an exclusive discount

Enter this code for special savings

Subject lines for new website launch

Announce your new website with excitement and anticipation:

We’ve launched something new for you!

Welcome to our new website!

Our new website is live – check it out!

Explore our revamped site today

Discover our new website now

Visit our new site for exclusive offers

Our new website is here!

Check out our brand-new website

New look, same great service

Our website just got a makeover!

Exclusive deal email subject lines

Highlight the exclusivity of your special deals to make your subscribers feel special:

Your exclusive deal awaits!

A special offer just for you

Enjoy this exclusive deal now

Don't miss your exclusive savings

Unlock your exclusive discount

Exclusive offer: Just for our subscribers

Your VIP deal inside

Only for you: Exclusive savings

An exclusive deal you can't miss

Special access: Exclusive deal just for you

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Open Sesame: Subject lines to get your emails read

Your perfect email won't matter if it won't be opened. Want some inspiration? Check these robust subject lines, designed for maximum opens of your promotional emails.
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