5+ Apology Email To Customer Template Examples

As we all know, the validity of the telegram and letter, among the communication tools, has long since disappeared.

Nov 17, 2020 - By Zeeshan Hussain Bhatti


As we all know, the validity of the telegram and letter, among the communication tools, has long since disappeared.

Now we start the day by checking our emails. The fact that smart phones provide instant access to our emails has significantly accelerated communication.

We send dozens of emails, both for our business and for communication with our friends and colleagues.

Today we will show you apology email examples for most situations.

Let’s begin.


  • Apology letter to unsatisfied customer
  • Business apology letter for inconvenience
  • Apology email for not attending the meeting
  • OLX – Apology letter to customer for poor service
  • Apology email to client for sending wrong information and order
  • Algolia – Respond to an apology email
  • Apology email to client for sending wrong information and order
  • Olarck – Professionally apologize email about system outage
  • Slack – Apologize email for compromised system

Also we will talk about:

  • How to write an apology email
  • How to start this type of email
  • And how to end

Apology letter to unsatisfied customer

Dear Steve,

Your remarks regarding the service you received at our store are very important to us. We want customers to have an incredible shopping experience at Alex’s Store. You reported a non-considerable and a disturbing experience with one of our salesman, and that for us, is quite a serious concern.

One the very first note, let us express our sincere apologies for all that happened. You deserve way more than that and only the best service, especially when you visit Alex’ Store. On the other hand, we are inquiring and questioning our staff and will take actions to provide non-disturbing and convenient shopping experience to our customers.

The next time you visit store, you won’t be facing any trouble regarding services. And we will try our level best to serve you what you expect. Thank you for reporting this incident.

Alex’ Store.

On the above example, you can see that how it clearly refers to a specific person and how a store’s owner wrote an apology letter to one of his customers by mentioning his name specifically.

So the person receiving the email can easily understand the sender of the email.

Business apology letter for inconvenience

Subject line: Inconvenience in the purchase process

Dear Albert,

We regret after being part of this great family, you had an inconvenience in the purchase process. We would like to express our sincere apologies through this email.

We know how important you are to the growth of our business and that is why, we are sending a small gift along with this email. Consider it as our apologies. We assure that the next shopping experience will be more rewarding and ever-convenient for you.

Without further ado, we hope that our gift can cover the disturbance in the previous purchase.

Electro Store.

Apology email for not attending the meeting

Hello Fatih Bey,

I’m really very sorry for not attending the meeting we scheduled earlier. I had some personal issues to catch up and resolve. I got your email address from Mr. Necati.

Is it possible to come over to our company and make a presentation about your corporate real estate packages tomorrow at 11-12-2020 at 11 A.M?

We kindly ask you to give positive response on this subject.

Senior Sales Manager at David’s Cars.

OLX – Apology letter to customer for poor service

Dear Julia,

The comments you have added in our online store are very important to use and for us, it is a very serious concern as they allow us to optimize the different purchasing departments that make the user experience more pleasant.

We are embarrassed for the inconvenience and offer our sincere apologies.

We have reported the issue and are taking action on what happened. We hope you accept our apologies and can continue to experience our service.

OLX Team.

Apology email to client for sending wrong information and order

Dear Sarah,

We, at Shop in here understand that an error has occurred in your order and the compete ordered package has not been delivered to you. In this case, we want to apologize and also take full responsibility of such inconvenience. Therefore, we will send the rest of the requested order without increasing its cost.

Our clients are important to use and that is why we want you to have your entire order along with our sincere apology.

Shop in here

Algolia – Respond to an apology email

Subject line: Today’s 8 minutes indexing downtime

Dear Ashley,

You may have noticed, we experienced a downtime of our indexing API today. For about 8 minutes starting at 9:30pm UTC (Jan 29), some write operations were refused by the API with a 503 error code. Search was not impacted, every queries were served as usual.

While it’s the first time that an outage happens since we launched the service last September, we are deeply sorry for the inconvenience. We published a full explanation of the problem and its resolution on our blog: http://blog.algolia.com/postmortem-todays-8min-indexing-downtime/

Should you want any details, feel free to contact us anytime.


Olarck – Professionally apologize email about system outage

Subject line: Tuesday morning outage

Hi there,

Today at 7:15 AM Pacific Time, some Olark operators began reporting issues with using chat.olark.com to communicate with their customers. Our engineering team was able to resolve the majority of these issues approximately 45 minutes after the initial report.

Some operators continued experiencing intermittent problems with chat.olark.com until around 1PM Pacific Time. During this time, we were able to communicate some updates via email and twitter, and chat when we weren’t at capacity.

We know that you rely on Olark to communicate with your customers. This type of outage is not acceptable. We strive to provide you with reliable service, but today we failed some of you. Our engineering team is putting systems in place to prevent problems like this from happening again.

If your account was affected, please let us know so that we can appropriately credit your account.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help.
Ben Congleton
CEO, and Cofounder

PS: You can follow @OlarkSupport on twitter for service availability and status updates.

Slack – Apologize email for compromised system

Subject line: Important Security Notice from Slack

Dear Ashley,

We are writing to inform you that we were recently able to confirm that there was unauthorized access to a Slack database containing user profile information. We have since blocked this unauthorized access and made additional changes to our technical infrastructure to prevent future incidents. We have made all relevant details available on our blog. No specific action is required of you.

However, we have also just released Two Factor Authentication (“2FA”; also known as “two step verification”) and we strongly recommend that all users enable this feature, which provides an additional layer of security for their account. Additional details are available in our help center and you can enable 2FA directly on your account settings page.

Since the compromised system was first discovered, we have been working 24 hours a day to methodically examine, rebuild and test each component of our system to ensure it is safe. We are very aware that our service is essential to many teams. Earning your trust through the operation of a secure service will always be our highest priority. We deeply regret this incident and apologize to you and to everyone who relies on Slack for the inconvenience.

For more on our security practices and policies, see https://slack.com/security. Again, for additional information, we encourage you to read the blog post for more details.

The team at Slack

How to write an apology email

There are some rules for writing apology emails, just like writing letters.

These rules increase the legibility and clarity of your transmission.

Therefore, correct email writing provides the opportunity to explain our idea to our target addressee more effectively. If you want to write some legible and effective mails, pay attention to the following post.

Be clear by whom the mail is sent

As far as I can see, the other party sees the name of the sender as sloppy, since many Outlook users do not fill in the name and surname section properly when defining their mail to Outlook.

This situation also occurs in the other company and personal emails. Since the recipient of the email cannot fully understand who sent the email, he or she deletes the email right away without even opening it.

Indicate the subject of the email you wrote

The first part that the other party will see in the mails sent is the part you wrote in the subject section of your email. Organize the subject of the mail to summarize the content. For example, when sending an email about the order to a customer who orders a shirt via online store, sending an email writing “About your order of Nike Black-Shirt” in subject section will definitely increase the customers’ interest.

Keep your mail short and straight to the point

Do not try to smash literature in the email you send. Immediately explain what you want to say, starting with the first sentence you write. For example, “Greeting, how are you? The offer you have requested based on our telephone conversation on Thursday is attached in this mail.”

Do not write your mail in capital letters

Do not use capital letters when writing emails. The general convention in the internet world is that email written in all capital letters mean to yell, shout, insult or being rude.

Do not let go of courtesy

When sending mails, it is necessary to keep courtesy in the words we use as in our daily life. Address your interlocutor as if addressing the second person.

Always use a signature

Always try to use a signature. First of all, your interlocutor will learn directly who you are, form which company you are writing, and in which position you work.

This is transparency for you and your company. In addition, information such as your phone, fax, address, email, web address and that you will put in your signature will provide you with different means other than email.

Moreover, do not forget that a signed email is the most effective promotional tools to be sent today. Email signature should be standardized in companies.

The joint signature shows that the company has standard values and acts disciplined. If a common signature is defined, polyphony will prevail in company mails.

One point to be aware of in signatures to be used in emails is a concise statement that will drag the attention – thought of the other party to other parties, practices are avoided. Company slogan can be used in signatures.

Take charge of your responsibilities

The motto that “the customer is right” is something that still prevails. So it’s okay to apologize, but just take responsibly for what really happened. Otherwise, you will lose authority and your client can use it against it later.

As mentioned above, writing an apology letter requires good grammar and customer analysis. Many people who own online stores are not able to write such emails to their customers.

They turn to Wikipedia consultant for an apology email because they want to know that how to register and enroll in wikipedia for an apology email, as such writing experts know how to communicate to audience.

Moreover, do not forget to end your apology letter with a warm goodbye.

Most often the following forms are used in letters:

  • With gratitude and best regards.
  • Best wishes regards.
  • Your sincerely.

If you want your apology letter to work, make sure it is perfect in both content and form. Design and print quality are details that will help you make a good impression of your letter and your activities.

Therefore, you should only use high quality designs and signatures of your company. Furthermore, Business apology letters should not be too long. You must clearly state your thoughts.

An important condition for the success of the letter is the consistency of the presentation. The logical presentation sequence is obtained by dividing the text into paragraphs.

When expressing an idea, appropriate language standards must be chosen. We must make sure everything in the letter is appropriate.

As a result, a serious level of business communication cannot be achieved without mastering the etiquette of this field.

Remember that the golden rule of business writing are kindness and righteousness.

Mini plan

A formal apology letter should consist of several paragraphs with tightly organized content. The first paragraph of the letter should include the apology itself (one apology for the whole letter will suffice).

The second paragraph fully explains the reasons and problems in which the current situation emerged and required a written apology. In this case, one should not deliberately underestimate the scale of the event, this is called a minor misstep or misunderstanding.

Even if your organization does not consider itself guilty, this article should not be paid attention to. Otherwise, the whole point of the apology will disappear and the guilt will not be broken.

The last paragraph should be devoted to disappointment and regret about the situation.

You can also indicate the actions taken to prevent such situations from occurring. An apology letter to the customer may also contain information about the bonus awarded as an apology.

As a result, hope can be expressed that such situations will not occur. It can also be said that your company hopes it will not affect future relationships and cooperation in any way.

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