5 Hacks for Writing Effective Email Copy

Email copy or in other words email copywriting is one of the digital marketing tools that is aimed at targeting prospective customers and ensuring a high level of persuasiveness, that would compel them to take action.

Jul 8, 2020 - By Skirmantas Venckus


Email copy or in other words email copywriting is one of the digital marketing tools that is aimed at targeting prospective customers and ensuring a high level of persuasiveness, that would compel them to take action.

To keep it very simple, the thing that catches your eye right when you open the message box is the work of email copywriters who want to open the message and read more.

The main goal of email copy is determining unique qualities of goods or services and converting these benefits in an offer, particularly by putting it in the subject lines and body of the text.  

How a well-designed email copy helps your business?

1. Less intrusive but more effective

In comparison with other types of marketing announcements that show up in social networks or telephone messages, email copy does not bother readers that much.

The email box is a place associated with commercial communication, so the audience will rarely feel pressure with a bundle of welcome letters.

2. Less energy-consuming but more cost-effective

Email marketing is actually one of the cheapest tools that does not demand many advertising fees or media space costs.

Unlike social media marketing, this one does not require many skills meaning that you can do it yourself without asking for help from any marketers.

So, there is no need to outsource it.

3. Less spam-focused but more conversion-oriented

If choosing the relevant content to the targeted customers is your strength, then there is a low chance an email copy will be considered as “spam”.

Depending on how you design everything will make the most of your marketing performance. When it is well-designed, be certain it will generate increasing leads and conversions more than you could have ever imagined.

How to write a marketing email?

Here’s example with short instruction:


1. Nothing works better than a catchy subject line

The greatest way how you can introduce a reader to your email is through email subject lines.

Usually, when we meet a person, a span of 5 seconds is enough to understand whether we want the communication to be going or not.

The same is here, right?

The receiver should immediately understand what he or she is dealing with. If it is not clear from the start, you are in a real outsider position.

3 tips for better subject line

  • Carefully choose the keywords outlining your value for a client and clarifying the objectives and expectations.
  • Try to be very consistent and sound logical. If there is much uncertainty complemented with vague statements, nobody will read the rest of the email.
  • Read our completed guide with best email subject line examples.

2. Splitting texts really matters

Typically, by creating more space in a text with delimiter or comma, people get more visual pleasure to enjoy what they see.

Consequently, when you split your content into various pieces and locate them properly, everyone feels captivated by it.

What can you do for better text copy readability?

  • Simply create a lot of white space between headlines and questions highlighting the most important things.
  • If you have much information to put out there use pictures and graphics that would grab more attention and reach.
  • Additionally, your email copy will be even more effective when you keep it short using brief sentences with bullet points that generate way more space.

3. Coming up with unique buzzwords is always a good idea

Every single day we feel more and more overwhelmed with various buzzwords and acronyms circulating on the web.

However, when used properly it can be a real bomb of sale. In order to encourage your readers to convert you should use certain action words to evoke the urge to click. And your task is to find out what are these magic words or verbs of action.

What can you do?

  • Use a simple friendly language that would be comprehensible for any reader and make your email more outstanding.
  • Add words that are associated with the customers’ benefits, for example, “free”, “sale”, “you’ve won” and etc. 

4. Personalization makes a good email copy

Nobody would intentionally admire being involved in some commercial talk, unless you are dealing with other businessmen.

Generally, it does not work like this with email copies that you send. Thus, you should connect with your readers in the way that will seem as if you talk to them face-to-face.

How to do that?

  • Respect their individuality and make sure you treat them as people, not particularly a client base.
  • Create the sense of personal communication by utilizing “you”, “me” and “us” in your content.
  • Break the ice by approaching them on a personal level like friends that have not seen each other for donkey’s years, and now they have a lot to share.
  • Use professional email signature with your photo and contact information in every email you send. It helps you build trust and make your email more personal.
  • Read our definitive guide about best practices of email personalization.

5. Never forget about your readers

In the pursuit of finding the best email copy strategy, we usually neglect our customer’s needs and wants.

We decide to overload them with a lot of information without really focusing on how they would benefit from this amount of content. In this respect, ask yourself a list of questions and try to find an unbiased answer from the reader’s perspective.

Here’s 3 key things:

  • Think in the way how a typical client does, when he or she opens their email box. Give the genuine answers to come to grips with what you want from them and what they mean to you.
  • You should know your customer like the back of your hand, determine their interests, show them the path how to make their objectives real.
  • Avoid promising many things and instead create the feeling of mystery.

How does a good email copy work?

  • It provides a reliable communication between you and your customer by building an inextricable link of trust and respect.
  • It stimulates you to improve and build out new email copy strategies that you wouldn’t have probably come to before.
  • It lets you magnify your value as an individual or a business entity. 
  • It teaches you how to be concise and express your good sides with a matter of a few words.
  • It motivates you to work for the benefit of both you and your readers.


Now you know the key email marketing tips to help you in a freelance project, private business strategy or whatever. To sum it up, you know that understanding and respecting your readers will make them more compelled to take action. Working out the writing strategy and style isn’t less important too.

However, knowing these 5 marketing hacks are not enough unless you use them in practice. Do not hesitate to give it a try and be ready that not everything will work one hundred percent at first. Later on, once you develop the engagement rate with your audience, you will know how to adjust each tip to your particular marketing case.  

You will see it is as easy as ABC right when you start sending first email copies. The success is just around the corner!

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