10 Spring Newsletter Ideas + 30 Subject lines

Feb 26, 2021 - By Skirmantas Venckus

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Spring brings us a boost of fresh air, warmer weather and a better mood.

So do the newsletters which need a great update before you start to send them off, introducing your spring deals and offers. Your audience expects sunny designs, bright and colourful arrangements, innovation, inspiration and energy.

Why not give it all and let your subscribers enjoy the best spring newsletters by providing them with warm messages, inspiring articles, catchy spring newsletter titles and some free gifts to brighten the season even more!

Let’s dig into the secrets of newsletter development and check out some great tips and tricks on how to write top performing spring emails so none of your subscribers would leave it unopened.

How to Start Spring Newsletter

Every year, many businesses develop great and engaging spring newsletters, but it is not only about what is on the inside, you also have to have some thoughts on how to attract your audience to open your email.

In order to do that – a catchy, exciting subject line is what you need. Here is a list of potential subject lines which are worth trying out:

  1. Are you ready for spring?
  2. Get Ready for Warmer Weather
  3. Just for you…a first look at Spring
  4. Meet our 4 top trends for spring
  5. SPRING HAS ARRIVED. Shop it first!
  6. NEW! Our Spring pre-collection is now online…
  7. In With The New! Spring Styles On Sale!
  8. Time to change it up: Spring is on the way.
  9. What’s New for Spring?
  10. Your 5 must-have spring essentials
  11. Sick of Winter Storms? Think Spring!
  12. What’s Trending for Spring?
  14. SPRING ARRIVALS have burst into bloom.
  15. New Season, New Styles, New Colours

To give you even more inspiration, check out the subject lines for some of the biggest spring celebrations:

St Patrick’s Day:

  1. Are you feeling lucky? St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway!
  2. St. Patrick’s Day Fun for the Whole Family!
  3. St. Patrick’s Day Fun + Spring Inspiration
  4. 12 St. Patrick’s Day Ideas to DIY this Spring
  5. St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway and Sneak Peek


  1. We’ve got eggs-celent deals – just for you!
  2. Go down the savings rabbit hole
  3. Ears to you – an exclusive coupon just for you!
  4. Is your basket ready? Easter arrivals are here.
  5. Don’t miss out on our eggciting Easter deals!

Mother’s Day:

  1. Shower Mummy with ❤ this Mother’s Day
  2. Anyone thinking about Mother’s Day yet, or is it just me?
  3. 25 Mother’s Day “Sweet Things” That Will Impress the Queen, Herself! Hail the Mom!
  4. Last chance! Order today for Mother’s Day Delivery
  5. Gifts that will make it to Mom in time (Phew!)

What To Add To The Spring Newsletter?

If you are now wondering what to add to your newsletter to make it stand out – do not worry, we got you! Check out these ideas and create the content your audience would love!

Digital Holiday Card

Show that your customers matter by sending them a holiday card they will love. Whether it’s a ‘Happy Easter’ or ‘Sending Love on Mother’s Day’ card it will definitely make your audience feel valued.

Furthermore, you can create digital holiday cards by segmenting your audience to pay extra special attention.

For example, celebrate International Women’s Day by sending a card to all the women on your list. On top of that, you might also consider adding a button where your subscribers can purchase the digital cards for their loved ones – that would not only help your audience to feel loved and appreciated, but you can also get some sales going!

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Create A Promotion

Spring is a season of opportunities. Since there are plenty of festivities happening during this time, you can use it to create stunning promotions for each celebration individually or develop marketing campaigns based on months.

You might consider offering a special coupon for your newsletter readers or introducing a new product launch by giving your audience exclusive details about the options, dates and availability.

You could also offer a pre-order option to your subscribers – this will give them a sense of priority and will show that you worship your relationship with them.

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Build A Relationship

Spring newsletter might be an opportunity to develop a great and continuous relationship with your subscribers.

Do not be afraid to open your company’s doors and tell your clients about your business, give them a tour around the office and share the important changes by informing your customers about a new addition to the team, location changes or service amendments.

Let them follow your journey and form a bond with your organisation. You might be surprised how much it might involve your subscribers into your brand and increase the email opening rates.

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Spring Newsletter Ideas For Children and Parents

Keeping children and parents engaged during spring celebrations and spring break can bring numerous benefits. Multiple industries can target them with offers, products or services.

When creating a newsletter, you might want to add different articles and topics suitable for this audience.

Here are some suggestions which would get children and parents involved:

  • Suggest gardens and parks to go to during the school break.
  • Provide a list of holiday apartments and houses for spring break which are family-friendly.
  • Give tips on best spring cleaning practises.
  • Engage with your subscribers by asking them to participate in family competitions (sending pictures or questions might be a good idea).
  • Recommend places, products or services which are discounted or free of charge and can only be visited/used during specific dates.

After engaging and providing the guidance you might want to send a promotional email which will likely to be opened as you have built trust and relationship by giving some great advice and support which is a valued content for your subscribers.

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Focus to the Main Things in Your Spring Newsletter

We have now provided you with tips and advice on how to create an engaging and converting spring newsletter for your organisation.

By implementing the tips and ideas covered, you will be able to develop great strategies and content.

Let’s recap some of the most important parts of your successful spring newsletter:

  • To start with, attract your subscribers’ attention with a catchy subject line. We have given you great ideas on spring subject lines as well as some specified titles to cover some of the most significant spring celebrations.
  • To make your newsletter interesting you might consider adding the following: a digital holiday card, promotion or content which will help you develop a relationship. All of these ideas will engage your audience and will add value which is important when sending a newsletter.
  • To involve parents and children during the spring celebrations and holiday period, you might want to provide some suggestions of activities they can do together or recommendations for great places to visit and celebrate big days such as Easter or Mother’s Day.
  • Remember, besides the content spring newsletters also have to be colourful, attractive and inspiring, let your audience refresh and get into the spring mood together.

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Article contributor – Erika Klisonyte

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