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Leave email delivery to us

We have created advanced email delivery infrastructure to make sure that your newsletters will reach their subscribers.
IP reputation High
High IP and domain reputation is key to getting your emails delivered to recipients' inboxes. That is why we meticulously maintain high reputation of our IP addresses and employ SPF and DKIM authentication to ensure the deliverability of your emails.
Email delivery Rapid email
Sending speed is crucial for a timely delivery, especially for businesses with massive subscriber lists. We operate powerful hardware to make sure that your newsletters are delivered in the shortest time possible.
Feedback Loop Feedback Loop integrations
SENDER integrates feedback loop system with major email service providers, such as Outlook/Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL and others. This allows us to get instant notifications when someone marks your email as spam and take corrective actions.
Bounced emails Bounced emails tracking
When you send a campaign, our platform analyzes all rejected and returned emails. We will automatically disable non-existing email addresses to keep your list clean and up to date.
Dedicated IP addresses Dedicated IP addresses
Dedicated IP addresses provide you with total control of your email reputation. We recommend them if you send over 500 000 emails per month.
Deliverability consulting Deliverability consulting
If you are having email delivery issues, our experts will work with you to find the cause and recommend effective solutions.

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