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The mass texting service that keeps you growing

More than just business texting, our mass texting service helps you build and grow relationships at scale.
Text Blast Service

Benefit from mass texting service with ease

Sender’s mass texting system is designed with you in mind. From initial setup to daily operation, every feature is intuitively designed to provide you with a step-by-step, user-friendly experience that saves you both time and effort and makes sending out SMS campaigns fun.
Send Your First Business Text

Hassle-free. Texting In Minutes.

Send Your First Business Text

Hassle-free. Texting In Minutes.

A mass texting platform that delivers convenience

SMS Communication

Text huge contact groups
in seconds

Use mass texting service to deliver your must-read message to a global audience in seconds.

One dashboard for email
and SMS messaging

Manage automated sequences of emails and SMS messaging. Start with mass text messaging easily.
Higher ROI

High engagement that
brings in the dollars

Focus on your business growth instead of competition with a high-converting mass texting service.

What is mass texting?

More commonly known as "bulk SMS messaging", mass texting is when an organization sends out a text message to its audience using SMS marketing software.
50 million

customers chose to opt-in to receive text messages from businesses in 2020.
(2022, G2)


of U.S. customers spend 5 hours or more daily with their smartphones.
(2021, Statista)


of consumers prefer text messages when it comes to direct communication.
(2021, Valuepenguin)


A mass texting service that will grow your business

Unleash the power of mass communication and skyrocket your sales with Sender's mass texting service. Perfect for both small and large businesses looking to take their marketing campaigns to the next level.
Save Time

Save time with
automated text blast

Design high-performance automation flows involving email & SMS steps using Sender’s drag-and-drop builder.
  • Email & SMS automation
  • Premade workflows
  • Complete customization

Send mass sms at the
right time

Strategize SMS campaigns for optimum performance by configuring them to fire by date or trigger for higher engagement.
  • On-demand SMS broadcasts
  • Triggered SMS blasts
  • Prescheduled mass texts
Highly Effective Tools

Track clicks,
do more

Segment contacts based on click data to send the most relevant offers to the most engaged, click-happy subscribers!
  • Powerful contacts segmentation
  • Ecommerce reports
  • Advance SMS activity reporting

Why choose Sender as your business texting platform?


Attract and grow

Get started or grow further using Sender’s ready-to-use, conversion-optimized popups and forms or design your own custom, branded ones!


Use names, locations, or any custom data you already know about your subscribers, and personalize your mass texting campaigns for better ROI.


Powerfully segment your contacts list based on shared commonalities, open and click behaviors.

Do less, get more with mass texting service

The true value of a tool lies in its ability to support the execution of your strategies while also being effortless to use daily.
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Get started in minutes
Getting started is simple as clicking the button on this page & buying SMS credits at a fair price.
Super simple to use
Sender is far from complicated, so your valuable time isn’t spent figuring stuff out!
Unbeatable pricing
Choose from affordable plans that come with Premium features & 24/7 chat support.
Exceptional deliverability
Reliable enterprise-grade software that puts performance first.

How can mass texting service help your business create profits?

Coca-Cola has dedicated 70% of its mobile marketing budget to SMS marketing (2012, Marketingdive). That says a lot! No matter what your business is, mass texting can transform the way you communicate with your prospects and customers.
Event reminders

Event reminders

Send group texts for RSVP management, sharing invitations, reminders, and more! See better turnout.

Marketing & sales

Marketing & sales

Drive traffic to your blog post or maximize sales from your sale campaign. Sender’s mass texting service is here to help.

Emergency alerts

Emergency alerts

Send urgent messages quickly without using the internet. Handle critical information with better communication.

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For when email alone can no longer do it for you…
Do what your competitors won’t, and leverage the potential of omnichannel communication. We provide you with the best of both worlds — Email & SMS within a single platform.
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Easy integration with the tools
you use for your business

Sender instantly integrates with leading content management systems, CRMs and ecommerce platforms, including Wordpress, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Shopify, and more.

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Frequently asked questions


What is the advantage of using mass texting for businesses?

According to a report from MobileSquared, almost 90% of SMS marketing messages are opened within three minutes. Overall, 99% of SMSes are opened within 20 minutes of sending them.

For many niches, no other channel, including email, Facebook advertising, Instagram ads, etc, comes close to the level of engagement that SMS marketing can get for you.

Furthermore, your mobile device has become nearly universal. As a matter of fact, mobile devices account for 52.2% of worldwide online traffic (Statista).

Therefore, all said and done, all types of organizations and institutions, such as schools, universities, churches, private businesses, public utilities (government), and nonprofits, all can enjoy massive benefits by using bulk SMS messaging (sometimes called ‘batch texting’) to broadcast important information to their subscribers in a highly efficient manner.

One of the biggest yet underrated advantages of a mass texting service is that while the message is sent to a group, recipients receive it individually and can reply only to you.


Can I legally text message my customer or prospect?

Yes, and No.

Governed by the FCC, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is the major anti-telemarketing law that regulates SMS marketing in the United States.

It clearly prohibits businesses from sending messages, even to their own customers, without their consent. This holds true even if an individual has long-standing relationships with the company.

Businesses need to obtain explicit consent to add subscribers to their subscription list.

Therefore with consent, you can. But without consent, you can’t even text your own customers who might have bought from you in the past!


Is it illegal to send mass text messages?

Mass texting is perfectly legal for use by both private and public institutions. Schools, universities, and even state and national governments use mass texting to communicate important information to interested parties.

However, be it cold calls or cold SMSes, consumer privacy always comes first.

Therefore every subscriber on your list must subscribe or opt-in using an online or offline form that informs them what they consent to.

Sender is 100% TCPA compliant, so you never have to worry about ever doing SMS marketing incorrectly.


Is mass texting the same as bulk messaging?

Yes, a mass texting service is the same as bulk SMS messaging.


How much does it cost to send bulk SMS?

SMS marketing costs differ from country to country. After all, a text blast still remains one of the most cost-effective ways to communicate with prospects instantly, given the work it performs. The cost of a text message in the US can be as low as $0.015 per message.

Additionally, if you have subscribed to any of Sender’s higher plans, we have already bundled in FREE SMS credits, so depending on the number of SMSes you want to send out, your overall cost overheads will still remain pretty low.

From small businesses to enterprises, Sender aims to make Omnichannel marketing (email + SMS) accessible to everyone.


Is SMS marketing illegal? Is Cold SMS illegal?

SMS marketing is perfectly legal when done with the right mindset and the correct strategy. It is such a high ROI channel that costs next to nothing that it is surprising how very few businesses know and understand its true potential.

The full force of the law will apply to sanctions, penalties, or disruptions for any form of telemarketing that is performed without consent, such as cold emails or cold SMS.


Do customers have to opt-in for text messages?

It's illegal to text customers without their permission, as per the TCPA.

Businesses must have consent from the recipient before sending a text. The permission comes in the form of an opt-in.

Opt-in consent can be taken digitally with a simple online form that must explicitly state that they are subscribing to receive text messages from the company once they provide their phone number.

The companies must save this consent for documentation and reference purposes.


What are some of the general SMS compliance requirements if I run SMS marketing for my business?

Listed below are some high-level requirements for SMS compliance:

  • SMS marketing must be a separate opt-in, which is different from email marketing (your standard mailing list).
  • You need to explain to your customers what types of messages they will receive and how to opt-out.
  • You must honor opt-out requests.
  • SMS marketing is prohibited between 9 p.m. and 8 a.m. in the recipient's time zone -- these are considered "quiet hours."

TCPA violations can result in private lawsuits and fines of up to $1,500 per message. Your messaging campaigns may also be audited or shut down by telecom companies.

But rest assured, when you do it with a TCPA-compliant service such as Sender’s, and you do it the right way.


SMS vs MMS—Which one should I choose and why?

The difference is fundamental. While SMS messages support just text and links, MMS messages are richer in features, often including images, GIFs, and videos.

A well-crafted SMS can earn more trust and hence is more likely to be clicked than a beautifully designed MMS.

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