45+ Best email subject for sharing information

Sharing information is more than just communication—it's empowerment. Whether it's about discovering more about your offerings, securing the best deals, or forging a deeper connection with your brand, the power lies in email marketing, a steadfast and effective method.

Here, we provide examples of email subject lines that empower you to effectively convey your message whenever the need arises:

Best email subject for sharing information about sales

Those days of simply shouting "SALE SALE SALE" to inform customers are long gone! Nowadays, creativity goes a long way to capturing attention and standing out from the crowd.

Let these subject lines be your source of friendly inspiration:

[First Name], it's a steal! XX% off

Unleash your savings at [Brand]

Seize the day with XX% off!

Score big: XX% off inside

Ready, set, save with XX% off

Don't wait! XX% off ends soon

Say hello to savings at [Brand]

[Brand]'s secret stash of deals

[First Name], your discount awaits

[First Name], catch the sale wave

The ultimate shopping spree: XX% off

Steal the show with XX% off

XX% off + free shipping!

Treat yourself: XX% off inside

Today's forecast: XX% off!

Email subject for sharing information about updates

Your customers deserve to know about the updates if they somehow change their experience with your brand. So, if you have any significant changes coming up, roll up your sleeves and create an update email.

Take a subject line to go along with it:

Exciting news from [Brand]

[Product] enhancements revealed

[First Name], stay in the loop!

Discover what's new, [Product]

[Product] news: Be informed

Keeping you updated, [Brand]

Fresh from [Brand] HQ

[Product] upgrades unveiled

[Brand]'s big announcement

[First Name], here's the scoop!

Get the latest on [Product]

Breaking news from [Brand]

[First Name], it's update time!

[Brand]'s improvements revealed

[Product] newsflash!

Email subject for sharing information about working hours

Whatever it is, an emergency, vacation time, or the holidays, your customers might think you’re working. Don’t deceive them, and especially don’t keep them waiting without an answer at the door! Instead, send them an email informing them about your irregular working hours.

Here are the subject lines to inform them at the first glance:

New [Brand] hours - check them out!

[First Name], our updated hours

[First Name], [Brand] hours update

Discover [Brand]'s new schedule

[Brand] hours - what's new?

[Brand] updates working hours

[Brand] hours - fresh info

[Brand] - new working hours

Working hours change on [Date]

[Brand] hours: We're here for you

[First Name], important [Brand] hours update

[Brand] availability: Plan your visit

Holiday hours at [Product]

[First Name], [Brand]’s holiday schedule

[Product] service hours inside

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Open Sesame: Subject lines to get your emails read

Your perfect email won't matter if it won't be opened. Want some inspiration? Check these robust subject lines, designed for maximum opens of your promotional emails.
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