45+ Best correction email subject lines

When you're sending out your marketing emails to your audience, a little hiccup can occur every now and then. It might be a tiny typo in a product name or a sneaky mistake in a call-to-action link. No worries, though – we all make mistakes!

Now, the important part is how to get your customers to open that correction email. Well, you're in luck because we've got some catchy error correction email subject lines that will pique their curiosity! Keep reading to find out more.

Best correction email subject line for correcting yourself

As they say, it’s not a mistake if it’s fixed. So, if you’ve made one, don’t panic and send an error correction email. It can be all that’s needed.

Don’t know where to start? These subject lines are at your disposal:

[Brand] bloop! Our apologies

Oopsie daisy! [Brand] to the rescue

[Brand] oops party! Join the fun

[Brand] scoop: buzzworthy [Product] update

[Name], time for a [Product] makeover!

[Brand] oopsie-doodle: [Product] edition

[Brand] alert: [Product] upgrade unveiled!

[Brand] fix-it team: [Product] edition

[Name], [Brand] update

[Brand] apology & [Product] fix

[Brand] news: revised [Product]

[Name], [Product] clarification

[Brand] improvement: [Product]

We’ve made a mistake!

Thanks for noticing our error!

Good correction email subject line for correcting someone else

Did you notice a mistake someone made? Let them know it! Your efforts will be appreciated. After all, a mistake noticed too late is the worst kind of mistake.

Take a subject line to accompany it:

Oops! [Brand] needs a quick fix

[Brand] slip-up alert

[Brand] error detected

[Brand] blunder: correcting the record

A friendly [Brand] reminder

[Brand] oops moment

[Name], spotting [Brand]'s oops

[Name], correcting [Brand]'s mistake

Alert: [Brand] slip-up detected

[Name], [Product] update from [Brand]

[Name], let's fix [Brand]'s slip

Helping [Brand] get it right

[Brand]'s mistake: [Name]'s insight

[Name], [Product] update for [Brand]

[Brand] error: [Name]'s observation

Official correction email subject line examples

Sometimes, you have to go more official than just a simple oopsie. In that case, time plays a crucial role. As well as how you speak about the mistake.

If you’re having trouble sending correction email subject line, these subject lines might help you:

[Name], important [Product] update

[Brand] correction: [Product]

Oops! [Brand] fixed it

[Brand] update: we made a change

[Name], important correction

[Brand] news: a quick update

[Brand] fixing [Product]

[Name], [Product] correction

[Brand] update: we heard you

[Brand] adjusts [Product]

[Name], our apologies

[Product] update from [Brand]

[Brand] apology & correction

[Brand] fix: [Product]

[Name], [Brand] apologizes

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