45+ Best winner announcement email subject lines

Announcing contest winners is a big moment for any organization. A well-crafted email with an attention-grabbing subject line is key to ensuring recipients open and engage with the announcement.

Here are some great subject line examples to help you do just that!

Best winner announcement email subject lines for contests

Contests usually ask for more effort from the participants, so winning is particularly exciting. Communicate this feeling in your email and subject lines to make the winner's day!

Start by choosing a subject line for a contest winner email:

And the winner is... [Name]

[Brand] contest: Meet our champion!

Congrats, [Name] – you're the winner!

[Product] contest winner revealed

[Name] wins big!

[Brand]'s grand prize winner

The wait is over, [Name]!

[Name] triumphs in our contest

We have the contest winner!

A shining star: [Name]

Victory for [Name]!

[Brand] contest champ: [Name]

The winner takes it all: [Name]

[Name] seizes the prize!

[Product] contest grand winner

Winner announcement email subject lines for giveaways

Make the lucky winner smile wide by sending them a surprising email – they won the giveaway contest!

Don’t know what your first message should say? Here are some subject line ideas:

[Name]'s victory lap

[Brand] contest results are in!

[Name] emerges victorious

Cheers to [Name], our winner!

[Product] contest: [Name] wins!

[Brand]'s best: [Name]

A round of applause for [Name]!

[Name] claims victory!

[Product] contest champion: [Name]

[Brand] announces [Name] as winner

And the award goes to [Name]!

Celebrating [Name]'s win

[Name] triumphs in [Brand]'s contest

[Brand]'s prize winner: [Name]

Good winner announcement email subject lines for quiz and trivia

Who doesn’t like a good quiz? If you’ve had one recently, the chances are the engagement rates soared through the roof! While the excitement is still live, it’s the best time to announce the clever trivia winner. 

Start by choosing a ‘congratulations!’ subject line:

[Name] takes the top spot!

[Brand]'s quiz star: [Name]

[Name] scores big in our trivia

[Product] quiz: [Name] dominates

[Brand] winner alert: [Name]

[Name] - our quiz champion!

[Name] claims the crown!

[Product] trivia victory: [Name]

[Brand]'s ultimate winner: [Name]

[Name] tops the quiz!

[Name] takes home the prize!

[Brand] celebrates [Name]'s win

[Name] reigns supreme!

[Name] earns the victory!

[Brand]'s [Name] claims the title!

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Open Sesame: Subject lines to get your emails read

Your perfect email won't matter if it won't be opened. Want some inspiration? Check these robust subject lines, designed for maximum opens of your promotional emails.
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