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Leverage the power of bulk SMS service for your business success

Send bulk SMS to the right audience and get ready to see the results.
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Elevate your results with bulk SMS messaging

Leverage Sender’s bulk SMS marketing platform to increase customer engagement and amplify business revenue without adding to the costs.
Text Blast Service
Send Your First Business Text

Hassle-free. Texting in minutes.

Send Your First Business Text

Hassle-free. Texting in minutes.

High-performance bulk SMS service

SMS Communication

Communication with mass

Use bulk SMS service to communicate what needs to be said, easily and effectively.
Multichannel marketing

Rich multichannel

Grow an audience and nurture them using easy-to-build email and bulk SMS automation flows.
Higher ROI

Exceptional mass

More than 6 billion mobile phone users worldwide and over 90% open rates make bulk SMS a great choice!

What is bulk SMS messaging?

More popularly known as “mass texting” or “batch messaging”, Bulk SMS messages are a quick & easy system to share sales, marketing, or service-related info using simple text messaging.

SMS Open rate as compared to 20% of Emails.
(2015, Adobe)


of customers want offers to be sent via SMS.
(2016, Adobe)

96 times

daily, an average American checks their mobile phone.
(2019, Asurion)


Bulk SMS messaging that lets you do more while spending less

Sender’s bulk SMS messaging is easy to set up and get going with, and it also comes fully decked with advanced and powerful features that help you achieve the best results.
Sms automation

Use bulk SMS automation to
ease your work

Leverage the power of fully automated bulk SMS messages to run everything from simple welcome flows to complex cart abandonment sequences with ease.
  • Flexible email & SMS sequences
  • Premade workflows
  • Complete customization

Send bulk SMS messages at
the right time

Set up SMS sequences to go on a schedule or design event-triggered automated messaging for new signups and cart abandonments.
  • On-demand SMS broadcasts
  • Pre-schedule SMS
  • Triggered-based SMS messages

Don’t have a list to send
SMSes to? Don’t worry!

Stressed about how to start bulk SMS marketing? Use our customizable free popups & forms to start growing a list of fans.
  • Opt-in SMS consent forms
  • Advanced popup builder
  • Free popup templates library

Your powerful bulk SMS service

High-performance tool to take care of email and SMS marketing at affordable costs sounds nice? You’re at the right place!
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Get started quickly
You won’t grow old until you’re all set, it’ll take only a few minutes. See – we’re far from complicated.
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Ease of daily use
Our bulk SMS messaging platform is designed for busy schedules; hence you’ll have a zero-hassle experience.
Affordable pricing
Everything’s premium without paying a premium sounds impossible? Possible with Sender.
A+ deliverability
Well-tuned email and SMS marketing platform that chooses the best routes for maximum SMS deliverability.

Popular bulk SMS messaging use cases

Given how effective marketing can get for such a low price, it’s hardly surprising that organizations across sectors and niches are tripping over themselves to find some great uses for bulk SMS blasts before the competition catches up!
Marketing texts

Marketing texts

Take advantage of bulk texting to upgrade your marketing strategy with high-quality, catchy, and fast communication.

Event reminders

Event reminders

Ensure top attendance and minimize no-shows for online or offline events by enabling instant communication to all interested parties.

Emergency alerts

Emergency alerts

Whether government, private or nonprofit, reach out with emergency messages in seconds without the hassle.

Feedback request

Feedback request

Collect valuable insights from your customers. With our text blast service, you can request feedback in seconds — without a hassle.

Giveaway blasts

Giveaway blasts

Ignite excitement and boost engagement by sending giveaway notifications. Reach your audience instantly and effortlessly.

Anniversary messages

Anniversary messages

Build lasting connections and nurture your subscribers with personalized anniversary messages that evoke positive emotions.

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Bring the best SMS game to the marketing arena
Grow your business and revenue on complete automation while spending far less than you’d imagine with Sender’s simple yet powerful email & SMS marketing platform.
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Hassle-free integration with applications you already use, and love!

Equipped with a rich integration library, Sender works robustly with top content management systems, CRMs, and ecommerce platforms, including but not limited to Wordpress, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Zapier and Shopify.

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Frequently asked questions


What is bulk SMS messaging?

Bulk SMS texting is the ability to send a single text message from a computer to multiple recipients with the idea of sharing information or promoting a product or service.

While the single SMS goes out as a broadcast to the entire group, any recipient’s reply will only be seen by you.

Alongside the core ability to be able to schedule or trigger entire SMS sequences with ease, our application has the added benefit of being an all-in-one program that includes popups, embeddable forms, and email marketing too!


Why use bulk SMS service for your business?

SMS open rates are as high as 98%, compared to about 20-30% for emails. Moreover, a text message can be easily delivered to any type of mobile device anywhere in the world, even if they do not have access to the internet. That’s a potential 7.1 Billion audience right there, waiting to hear from you!

SMS marketing also beats most forms of social media advertising (even Facebook retargeting ads) and emails regarding open rates, engagements, and conversions.

So suffice it to say that while a mailing list is important, SMS marketing plays a massive role in tying the loose ends up in all things communication.

A bulk SMS blaster software such as Sender helps you communicate with a mass audience of thousands of interested buyers instantly and with a negligible pricing impact on your business.


Is bulk SMS texting even legal?

Bulk SMS texting is 100% legal when done with consent.

You ought to ensure that all of your prospects opt in (or subscribe) before you send them business texts. It is equally important to provide an opt-out link for disinterested subscribers in every SMS you send.

Sender complies with the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act). Subscribers can opt out by texting STOP or any other keyword you specify in your settings.


Why choose Sender’s SMS texter solution over other vendors?

Finding the right commercial SMS blasting program that adds value to your organization’s communication requirements is difficult.

Primarily because there are so many different systems to choose from and also because communication requirements sometimes vary across businesses. While some are looking for a freeware app or an all-you-can-eat dirt cheap, unlimited package, others are happy settling for a rock-solid reliable bulk SMS service that keeps them compliant while still being as communicative as they would like to be.

Any customer that chooses us over other SMS marketing tools, will do so because of our affordable pricing plans, highly effective feature set, our super-simple no-frills platform that works as advertised, and user-friendly support.


SMS vs MMS — Which one is better for marketing?

SMS and MMS differ significantly. While SMS is limited to text and links, MMS supports more multimedia (aka rich) content in the form of images, GIFs, and videos.

Also, SMS messages are typically short and limited to 160 characters (with Sender, you can still send up to 306 characters, though), whereas image messages can contain up to 500 KB (1,600 words) along with up to 30 secs of audio or video.

All said and done, an SMS is more trusted by recipients (which is obvious from the open rates), and a well-crafted SMS can drive more action than a fanciful MMS can. Keep it simple, stay with the SMS and use it alongside your email marketing stack!


Can I send SMS communication to my international prospects too?

Sender supports the ability to send both national as well as geo-targeted international SMS messages that support your business’s communication efforts. The cost of sending an SMS varies though from country to country.


Get started with a bulk SMS service

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