18 Easter Email Marketing Examples, Templates & Subject Lines

We recommend you use the following examples as guidelines to add a little Easter sunshine to your client’s and employees’ inboxes.

May 10, 2022 - By Luka Pipiraite


Easter is around the corner, and many goodwill messages are flying around.

Staff and employees are getting acknowledged by their bosses for their tremendous contributions thus far, and consumers are effortlessly getting a bang for their bucks with the countless discounts emails flooding their inbox

Indeed, now is a good time for eCommerce businesses to send promotional text messages, flash sales emails, free delivery banners, warm hugs, and hearty smiles.

If you value the Easter season and would like to send signature Easter emails to clients and employees, kindly explore this piece for examples, guidelines, and tips for an effective and efficient Easter email campaign.

18 Easter Email Template Examples

It’s easy to sit on your cushion with legs crossed, fantasizing about how amazing it would be to send warm Easter wishes and chocolate candies to clients and employees. But getting up and doing the work is hard.

We recommend you use the following examples as guidelines to add a little Easter sunshine to your client’s and employees’ inboxes.

Easter Sale Email to Clients

When it comes to Easter emails, there are folks you can easily connect with via plain text messages {employees, family, friends, and co-workers} and there are those you need to go the extra mile for {clients}.

Long before the holidays, Door Dash already knew what it wanted to say to its clients come Easter. And yes, their effort paid off.

When designing an Easter email banner for clients, start with heart-warming and engaging messages addressing the reason for the season. Work with a template that allows you to customize and personalize your message and include incentives to keep clients glued.

Eager to find a way and send a similar newsletter to your clients? Your business deserves an efficient and powerful email marketing tool that does the job. Sender is the one to choose. 

Sender’s in-built email design tool makes it a breeze to build emails quickly and efficiently using simple drag and drop editing. Also included are responsive and high-converting pre-designed email newsletter templates that make it extremely easy for you to send emails. ( Including Easter-themed templates )

Here’s a great example of easter themed newsletters and what to expect from the email builder:


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Happy Easter Email to Employees

Employees love holidays. It’s the only time they get to pause and rethink their everyday choices. Don’t let your employees celebrate Easter without sending warm, heartfelt wishes. Here are a few short and engaging happy Easter emails you can use to express sincere wishes to employees. 

Hi Mathew,

Whatever lifts your spirits, brings you hope, and fills you with the miracle of Easter—that’s what I’m wishing you. Thanks for being a part of Sender.”

All the best,

Hi Jay,

You’re a ray of sunshine, at Easter and always! Thanks for your constant effort, commitment and dedication. Happy Holidays.

Warmest wishes,

Hey Cyprian,

Happy Easter from the guy across the desk! Thinking of you at Easter and hoping these warmer days put an extra smile on your cheek. I hope our bunny trails connect soon.

With love,

Easter Holiday Announcement Email to Employees

Almost every brand or business offers at least 3 to 4 days break to employees come Easter. However, brands providing services in high demand during the holidays hardly make such announcements during Easter—the holiday is rescheduled for later. Here’re a few samples of Easter holiday announcement emails.

Hi John,

“As the flowers pop up and the trees bud out, I hope you find something to smile about as we take a three-day break in celebration of the risen Christ. Happy Easter in advance.”

Your’s truly,

Hi Mary,

Easter is a time to be merry and thankful. I want to thank you for your constant effort and commitment. But hey! It’s Easter; let’s take a four-day break to commemorate the risen Christ. Enjoy the holidays. Happy Easter!

Heartly Wishes,

Hi Judy,

Happy Easter to you, my favorite buddy. Take a three days break and enjoy the holidays. If you’re not too busy, here’re some tickets to our Easter party, family and friends are invited. Happy Easter once again!

Warm hugs,

Easter Newsletter

You run weekly or monthly newsletters, right?!

If you don’t have the budget for a new campaign or don’t feel the need, you can turn your newsletter into a professional email to put a smile on the faces of customers and brighten the season.


Tattly did a great job with their Easter newsletter. Easter wasn’t about discounts or extra sales; they just wanted to help out the easiest way they could, and yes, teaching clients an Easter-friendly DIY activity made their newsletter worth a share.

You could do the same or be a bit promotional with incentives and discounts.

Easter Bunny Email

The Easter bunny is known to bring decorated eggs to well-behaved children. It might not be the best of mails to send to a busy client or overworked employees. Anyways, since most employees got kids they’d like to see smile during the holidays, you can send Easter bunny emails on a more personal level. Some examples include;

Hi Rose,

This time of the year compels us to count our blessings, and among them is having a loyal customer like you. Have an egg-cellent Easter celebration, and May the joy of this holiday stay with you throughout the year.


Hi Luke,

It was a pleasure doing business with you this past month. We hope to continue providing the best services to you in the future. Here are some of the enormous eggs we handpicked from the Easter bunny’s tray. A blessed Easter holiday to you and your loved ones.

With gratitude,

Hi Ray,

Easter is a symbol of brand new beginnings. As our valued client, we wish you an Easter holiday full of Easter bunnies, eggs, and laughter. Have a wonderful Easter.

God Bless,

Easter Wishes Email

Yes! It’s a season of love, joy, and endless shopping. But not every message needs to reflect all three intentions.

Easter is a time when clients’ inbox is packed with tons of salesy and promotional messages with smiley bunnies and lots of eggs in the background. You can easily flow with the crowd and replicate such messages or do things differently.


In the above example, Upler didn’t go for the sale. Their primary intention was to send warm wishes and celebrate the season with their clients, and that’s precisely what they did.

No promotion. No sales. Just plain old heartfelt Easter wishes and a virtual basket to match.

Email After Easter Holiday

Very few brands send emails to clients or employees after the holidays, and for good reasons. But since the world thrives on different, we recommend you cultivate the habit of sending emails after Easter or any other notable holidays. It helps reengage unsatisfied employees and can win you lost of recurring clients; need a sample?

Hi Maureen,

Easter Sunday is now behind us. We hope the celebration brought you joy, peace, and countless blessings. In the spirit of the holidays, here’s an after-party special for you.

With love,

Hi Jonny,

It’s Easter Wednesday! It’s okay if you wonder why I am in your inbox. Well, it’s better late than never. This is to express my heartfelt wishes to you and your family this Easter holiday. Happy, hoppy Easter.

Yours truly

Hi Anthony,

Easter Sunday made me smile a lot, and now, I feel guilty for not extending my goodwill and gratitude to you during the holidays. Anyways, I’m here now, right!  This season, my wishes for you are a full belly, money that never runs out, good health, and a basket full of blessings. Great Easter.

Love and prayers,

Formal Easter Greetings Email Messages

Easter is about sharing love, warm wishes, and heartfelt hugs. Why get formal with your message?! Well, not every client would value an informal, friendly letter. Before drafting your Easter campaign, it’s best you consider your client base, highlighting what excites them and what doesn’t. Explore these formal Easter greetings:

Dear Ruth,

Easter symbolizes the renewal of life. May this Easter be the hope of new beginnings for you and your family. Happy Easter holiday.

With Love,

Dear Tom,

This Easter, my wishes for you are simple: joy, love, peace, happiness, and warm hugs. Happy Easter, and enjoy.

Fond Regards,

Dear Sandra,

Easter reminds us of the sacrifice that Christ did for us. Thank you for being a part of Sender throughout the past year. Have a wonderful celebration.

Best Wishes,

Tips for Effective Easter Email Campaigns

As much as we’ve listed as many examples as possible to help you scale your Easter marketing efforts, you need to keep in mind these essential tips if you want your Easter campaign to bypass the timeline noise and yield wonderful results.

What’s your goal?

Yeah! The liturgical celebrations and Easter’s fat bunnies can make you jumpy and try to do something different. It’s nice if you can come up with cute ideas and heart-warming writeups. 

But just like every other email campaign, you must begin your Easter marketing activities by setting a tangible goal.

What do you intend to achieve with your eater emails? Do you want to exceed quarterly revenue goals? Increase website traffic? Reconnect with inactive subscribers? Or like to send goodwill messages, sharing the love and joy of Easter with clients?

It doesn’t matter how big or small your goal is; the most important thing is that you jot it down.

Work With Incentives

After jotting your goals, you can use incentives to spice your offer.

It’s the holidays; it’s only fair that regular customers get a discount or promotional offers for half the price.

Whether you run a non-profit organization or a Fortune 500 company, incentive and promotional offers are the easiest way to get your subscribers or employees to read your Easter message.

But hey! Don’t make incentives the critical focus of your campaign—make sure your Easter marketing efforts revolve around your set goals.

Keep it Simple

It’s Easter, don’t bore customers with jargon and clichés. Be original. Provide heartfelt messages using a simple and intuitive tone.

It’s easy to craft your Easter emails yourself—you need to know what you want to say and how you want to say it. You can use a personalized Easter GIF or Easter Emoji to make your goodwill thoughts count.

If you haven’t created an Easter message before and feel skeptical about the process, hire a team of skilled email marketers.

Send More Than Once

Don’t mistake thinking an Easter campaign is meant for ‘Sunday shoppers.’

Design a series of emails, depending on your goal. Automate the sending process and provide options for inactive subscribers to opt out.

Send reminders about your Easter promotion a few days or weeks before the holiday, and don’t forget to set if/then triggers. Running your campaigns with triggers will ensure you don’t annoy subscribers who acted on your first email.

Keep an eye on the metrics

Easter is all about the love, joy, and bliss of the resurrected Christ. Not the best of times to try to sell or market your product, so you might be thinking of running your Easter campaign without checking the metrics.

That’s a costly mistake.

Indeed, some of your customers or employees wouldn’t care about your campaign, and a handful might find it irritating, but overall, Easter holiday messages are conversion bombs.

When well-planned, Easter messages can ignite and create room for lasting relationships. Keeping an eye on the metrics makes it easy to differentiate what is working from what is not.

11 Easter Email Subject Lines

You can help clients and employees feel and experience the glitz and glamour of your emails by using attractive subject lines. Here are some examples to draw inspiration from. 

  • Don’t Let This Easter Egg Go Bad!
  • Easter Spectacular with Up To 70% Off
  • Celebrate Easter 🐇 with extra savings!
  • You won’t find these goodies in an Easter egg.
  • Oh, Hoppy Day!
  • Easter Sale: Free Shipping over $29
  • Going, Going… The Easter Event Ends Midnight Tonight
  • The Easter Bunny left—but not the savings.
  • Too many Easter treats? We got you, girl!
  • Too Early? No! It’s Time to Get Ready for Easter
  • Don’t Miss Our Popular Easter Egg Hunt

Uphold the Traditions That your Customers Love

Easter is a Christian celebration revolving around the death and resurrection of Christ. It’s a tradition most folks, Christian, Muslims, Buddhists, and a good deal of other religions appreciate—if not for anything, the holiday and freedom that comes with it.

Don’t sit on your laurels believing you already have an effective sales email campaign in play and need not invest a penny on holiday messages. If you must know, for every heartfelt Easter message you send, you effortlessly connect with consumers who are already in an Easter frame of mind. Happy Holidays!

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