5 Proposal Email Templates For Website Development

You are contemplating sending email proposals for web development but don’t know where to start. 

Mar 25, 2021 - By Maksym Babych


You are contemplating sending email proposals for web development but don’t know where to start. 

We understand you have tons of work besides sending emails. However, gaining more business tops the list. A pre-written email template can simplify your business goals, and we are here to help you. 

We have curated 5 high-end templates to help you touch base with companies/organizations. Offer your expertise, help bricks-and-mortar businesses move to the digital space or redesign websites to gain more traction, or help them during the discovery phase.

Let’s get started.

Why Should You Use Template Proposals for Website Development?

Proposals are nothing but sales documents that help pitch a potential client for your website development service. Since you are required to pitch several people to gain more business, using email proposals for a web development business is a better idea.

Yes, each client is different. But you can use most of the content as it contains more or less the same elements and information as your core sales idea. 

Once the template is ready, 90% of the work is over. Add the client’s specifics, one or two case studies of another client with similar history and unique solutions you can bring to the table. And you are good to go.

The Structure of Proposal Email in General

What should a proposal email contain? What should be the key ingredients? In general, tell them their problems and offer them a unique solution. 

An ideal proposal email mainly includes the following:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Problem and the implication (add stats or relevant facts).
  3. Propose a solution.
  4. Propose a quote.
  5. Benefit.
  6. CTA.
  7. Your contact details with professional email signature.

You can send the proposal within the email or send an email with proposal attached as you deem right. Similarly, you can either include a quotation in the email or send a letter of quotation proposal later when the client accepts your proposal.

Proposal Email Template with Offer to Conduct a Discovery Phase

A discovery phase aims to develop a project’s ‘Scope of Work’. It helps web designers, developers, and content strategists estimate the time and cost to build a website from scratch.

This understanding helps in creating new solutions with higher chances of success.

Check out the example email for proposal.

Subject line: We want you to have a successful business

Hi [Client’s name],

9 out of 10 startups fail as their services are unfit for the market. Generally, businesses do not pay ample attention to developing a Scope of work for a specific project. We wouldn’t want you to do that. 

Our team has helped [case study] with their discovery phase. We feel pride in sharing that the business gained massive attention in the first year [ ]. We’d be happy to replicate similar results for you. 

Our discovery will include the following:

– The Goal of the project
– Competitor analysis
– Target audience
– Research for position
– Website design
– Content strategy (basic)
– Content audit (high-level)
– More content strategy requirements 

Should you decide to go with our proposal, please answer the questions attached. 

Share your concerns. I’d be happy to talk through it all.

Warm regards,
[Your name]
[Contact details]

One tip. Ask your prospects about the goals and expectations clearly. Get to the root of annoying issues, if any. This makes your user and market research much easier and hassle-free.

Offer to Design a Website or Web App in Business Proposal Email

More than 80% of people like to search online for a product or service. This signifies the need for a website. However, it should be attractive. Often a website design decides the success or failure of a business. It is like an asset; you won’t regret investing in. 

If you are a designer, offer your designing services using the sample email.

See the template.

Subject line: Your design is driving your prospects away. Get a new one!

Hi [Client’s name],
A well-designed website can drive traffic and henceforth sales.

We saw your site lacking in:

We can help you with

By the end, you will own a unique and attractive looking website.

If you can spare a minute or two, kindly visit our website and the success stories here.

Should you decide to accept our proposal, please inform us!

[Your name]
[Contact details]

Apprise your prospect clients. Share your experience in designing a web app or a website. Do not forget to add the tools you use. Please make sure they are the latest ones. Add industry metrics.

You can even add some examples of good looking websites and their traffic stats to back your point. But remember not to play with the format for your email proposals for web development.

3. Commercial Proposal Email Offer Website Development to Target Client

Website creation doesn’t end with designing. Once the wireframes and prototypes are ready, they need to be converted into a robust website. 

Suppose you are a website developer adept at coding and well-versed in various languages or a web developing company, touch base with your potential customers using the template below. Offer your services.

Check proposal email to client.

Subject line: I would love to develop your website. Here’s why!

Hi [Client’s name],

I came across your [business name] on a social media platform and wanted to reach out. My name is [your name], and I created a website recently [business name/case study]. The website has gained [ ] traffic in less than 3 months. It had similar issues as yours:

Keeping your business objective within sight, my team intends to work on

I am quite certain of replicating the results [business name/case study] on your website, a digital product with an intuitive design and great user experience.

Do let us know you feel about it./ Does that interest you? Kindly let us know.

Thank you, and look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,
[Your name]
[Contact details]

Mention the business name you are reaching out to with an apt case study that showcases your skills and credibility. Don’t forget adding your contact information in email proposals for web development.

4. Services Proposal Email with Offer to Re-design and Redevelop

Websites need redesigning and redeveloping every two to three years to stay fresh and new. If a website isn’t performing well and doesn’t attract the expected traffic and conversion, it signals a revamp.

Giving it a new look with a new design is seen to convert visitors into customers. You, as an expert, can help the prospects reach. Use the email proposal template prepared for you below. Watch out for the response.

Subject line: Want to know what’s going wrong?

Hi [Client’s name],

I chanced upon your website the other day and found it to be offering some great services. However, the design is lagging.

Why is it important?

A visitor forms an opinion about your website within 50 milliseconds. And design plays a key role in arresting attention.

Why do we think your website needs a new design?

In my short stint on your website, I found out some grave problems:
1. Design is outdated: No. 1 reason you should consider redesigning for.
2. Your brand message is unclear.
3. Your CMS seems non-SEO friendly.
4. It isn’t responsive.

The Negative Impact
1. You are losing your prized customer base to your competition.
2. You are perceived as untrustworthy.
3. Bad user experience (just like me).

For these significant reasons, you should consider re-designing and re-developing your website. I have worked on a similar website (case study) and overhauled its brand identity with a new and improved website.

Does that sound good to you? If yes, do let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Kind Regards
[Your name]
[Contact details]

It is vital to convey all the reasons to prompt your prospect customer to consider re-designing and re-developing. Pinpoint the right reasons. The email above lists just a few common reasons for the several problems that need to be considered.

5. Email Offer to Add Capacity to an Existing Team

There are instances you feel meeting deadlines is impossible with the existing team.

Conveying this to your client with a simple email.

Fill the required fields with specifications in the email template.

Subject line: Want to know what’s going wrong?

Hi [Client’s name]

Thank you for trusting me with your job. 

I am writing this mail to inform you about the need to add more capacity to the team. This will expedite the work at hand.

Here is a time estimate charted out with the current capacity and an enhanced capacity.

Existing team – 20 days | (past 6 days of the deadline)
Existing team + 1 [ ] + 2 [ ] + 2 [ ] | 14 days (within deadline)

Kindly send me your feedback on the proposed enhancement.

We can then work out an arrangement win-win for both of us.

Warm regards,
[Your name]
[Contact details]

You may or may not choose to add the cost to the proposal. Send it in the follow-up email. Besides, do not forget to add the team members with their roles. Doing so presents a clearer picture of the need.

Tips to Write a Good Business Proposal Email

Sending proposal emails isn’t difficult if you have a good proposal email template ready. Make it stand out by including all the following tips.

Tip #1. A great introduction.
Tip #2. Add a cover letter.
Tip #3. Add CTA.
Tip #4. Proof of your good work (such as a link to the case study or the website).
Tip #5. Use stats and relevant facts.

Our 5 email proposals for web development should help you nail your email marketing goals. These are curated, keeping essential problems of the clients in mind. However, once you decide your potential, evaluate their necessities and add to the template accordingly.

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