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Advanced text blast service for messaging

Did you know that over 90% of prospects read your SMS within 3 minutes? In just a few clicks, send an SMS text blast to a mass audience that cares!
Text Blast Service

Upgrade your SMS marketing with a robust text blast service

Looking for ways to connect with prospects that are as effective as they are cost-effective? With Sender’s text blast service, you can now unleash the true power of text messaging in impactful ways! You can send your first SMS text blast campaign in minutes!
Text Blast Service
Send Your First Business Text

Hassle-free. Texting In Minutes.

Send Your First Business Text

Hassle-free. Texting In Minutes.

Power up your results with a text blast

SMS Communication

Communicate with
prospects in seconds

Use SMS messaging to share news instantly with your contact list in form of an easy-to-compose text blast.
SMS Engagement

Drive exceptional

Prospects worldwide love reading & responding to SMSes. Leverage this to
your business advantage.
Higher ROI

Achieve higher ROI

Use the text blast service all by itself OR combine it with emails to
generate even better results!

How important is text blasting for business?

Using a tool like Sender, a text blast will be a cost-effective way to engage with your customers and grow sales without spending much time and effort.

of prospects want to receive offers via SMS
(2022, G2).


of customers prefer text messages
over direct phone calls
(2022, TechJury).


of coupon redemption will happen on mobile phones
(2022, TechJury).


Sender's text service — a revolution for text blasting

Sender’s platform offers you simple and easy-to-use text blast services that enable you to build personal relationships with tens of thousands of global customers and prospects.
Save Time

Save time with automated
text blaster

Running a business is hard work and Sender understands this. Leverage the power of automated text blast messages to allow your business to respond to customers without wasting time.
  • Email & SMS automation
  • Refined automation system
  • Complete customization

Create campaigns with text blasts

A crucial part of managing the performance of an SMS campaign is being able to track who’s clicking your links and who isn’t, and then segmenting users accordingly.
  • Robust segmentation
  • Ecommerce reports
  • Advanced SMS activity reporting
Highly Effective Tools

Starting from zero?
No problemo!

Sender goes beyond just another text blast service by providing you with simple yet highly effective tools to attract, opt-in, and grow your SMS subscribers base.
  • Opt-in SMS consent forms
  • Advanced popup builder
  • Free popup templates library

Efficiently grow your business with a text blast

With Sender, you can maximize your revenue and engagement. Experience the power of text blasting and unlock new growth opportunities for your business.

Perfect timing

Whether conducting flash sales or text-to-win sweepstakes, prescheduling a text blast campaign to fire on schedule always keeps you in control.

Targeted sms

Personalize your text blast using custom fields such as first name and location to make every subscriber feel like they’re the only one you’re texting.
Accelerate Sales

Hasten sales

A secret to high-converting campaigns is to segment your subscribers and send them targeted text blasts smartly.

Finally, an effective text blast service!

Imagine transforming your business sales using the power of SMS marketing to reach out to your entire base of current and potential customers in seconds at extremely affordable costs.
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Get started in seconds
It's as simple as clicking the big button on this page and buying your first bunch of SMS credits.
User-friendly interface
Sender is intuitively designed for you to find it dead-easy to find and configure features in minutes.
Affordable pricing
Because we believe not everything Premium needs to cost an arm and a leg to operate!
Enterprise-grade deliverability
Superior delivery infrastructure ensures that your SMSes always get delivered in seconds, without missing the mark!

Text blast use cases you can apply with Sender’s app

Even if you already use other marketing channels for communication, a text blast remains one of the most effective and efficient methods to reach out to thousands of users simultaneously, within seconds.
Event reminders

Event reminders

Ensure high attendance and engagement by quickly scheduling and reminding interested parties about upcoming interviews, webinars, and LIVE events.

Marketing texts

Marketing texts

An SMS blast is a great way to attract new customers and sell to existing ones. Go crazy using it for brand marketing, flash Sales, product launches, and more.

Emergency alerts

Emergency alerts

Save lives and coordinate already scarce resources in emergency situations by delivering mission-critical info to the masses.

Feedback request

Feedback request

Collect valuable insights from your customers. With Sender's text blast service, you can request feedback in seconds — without a hassle.

Giveaway blasts

Giveaway blasts

Ignite excitement and boost engagement by sending giveaway notifications. Reach your audience instantly and effortlessly.

Anniversary messages

Anniversary messages

Build lasting connections and nurture your subscribers with personalized anniversary messages that evoke positive emotions.

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Omnichannel sales machine!
Enhance your marketing efforts with omnichannel capabilities that combine two incredibly successful mechanisms. Sender offers you the best of both worlds — emails and SMS!
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Maximize your business growth with the best text blast software

Equipped with a rich integration library, Sender works robustly with top content management systems, CRMs, and ecommerce platforms, including but not limited to Wordpress, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, and Zapier.

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Text blast service FAQs


How does a text message blast work?

Text blasts are messages sent to many recipients via an automated texting service in a short amount of time. A single message can be sent to tens, hundreds, or thousands of recipients with the click of a button.

While sent out to a group, recipients receive it individually and can reply back only to you, not the group.


Why use SMS text blasts?

Almost 90% of SMS marketing text messages are opened within 3 minutes, according to a MobileSquared report. Even more amazing is the fact that 99% of SMS marketing messages are opened within 20 minutes.

In addition, mobile device traffic accounts for 52.2% of Worldwide Online Traffic (Statista).

In many cases, SMS marketing even beats Facebook advertising (even retargeting ads) and emails in terms of open rates, engagements, and conversions.

All in all, using text message blasts is one of the most effective ways for a business to get in touch with each customer or prospect and encourage them to take action.


What are the most common uses of mass SMS blasts?
How can my business use text blasts?

SMS blasts cut right through every communication requirement of the business. As a matter of fact, it is not even exclusive to sales or marketing.

Its most common use cases include post-sales customer updates, deals, discount alert, customer surveys, sharing emergency or non-emergency alerts, sms notifications, and more.


Do text blasts apply to my industry?

Like SMS marketing, text blasts can be taken advantage of by almost any offline or online niche or industry.

Retail, real estate, ecommerce, coaching & education, government, NGOs, restaurants, schools & universities, private businesses of all sizes, and more; you’d be hard-pressed to think of a business that does not want to communicate with its own prospects at the speed of light and do with minimum strain on their time and maximum impact on their ROI.


Is text blasting legal? Is Cold SMS illegal?

Commercial text blasting is as legal as working a regular 9 to 5 job or running for President.

The problem is the approach business adopt toward it. With the wrong one, cold SMSes or text blasting subscribers without their permission will land you in as much trouble as will cold emails & the hammer of GDPR.

It is crucial that you have all of your prospects opt-in (or subscribe) before you send them business texts. It is equally important that you provide an option for any disinterested subscribers to opt out easily in every SMS.

Sender is fully TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) compliant. Your subscribers are able to opt out by texting STOP or any other keyword you choose in your settings.


How long can my text blast SMS be?

While the character limit for a single SMS message is technically 160 characters, Sender allows you to send longer messages with up to 306 characters.

We even automatically shorten your links to save on characters!


Can I send international SMS messages too?

Deliver geo-targeted SMS communication to anyone located anywhere in the world quickly and reliably using a simple dashboard.

All plans include international SMSes.


How much does it cost to send text blasts?

SMS marketing charges vary from country to country. However, all said and done, a text blast still remains one of the cost-effective channels for communicating with prospects instantly, given the job it does. Expect to pay as little as $0.015 per text message in the US.

Additionally, when subscribed to our Professional plans and up, you have FREE SMS messages bundled into the plan, so depending upon the number of contacts you might have or the number of SMS messages you want to send, you may spend very little on this medium.

Our vision is to make SMS marketing accessible to everyone ranging from small businesses to enterprises.


What number do I use to send a text blast?

While you get a complimentary toll-free mobile number with each plan, you can also choose a short, branded SENDER ID that helps you talk to your prospects as the brand they know and love.


Why choose Sender over others?

We admit there are a lot of different vendors and solutions to choose from for your bulk messaging needs. While some offer cheap pricing, others may go as far as giving everything in an unlimited package.

Any company that chooses to buy Sender for their broadcast needs, will do that when they’re looking for something beyond than just freeware. Because they are concerned about looking for something that works as promised and consistently assists their business in improving its ROI than in just saving a few dollars here and there.


Get started with a text blast application

With our Free Forever plan you can send emails to up to 2,500 of your subscribers.

  • Access to all features, including automation
  • Up to 15 000 emails per month to 2 500 subscribers
  • No credit card required
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