How content can helps to fuel Your Email campaigns?

Content and email marketing seem to be two very different marketing approaches. You can combine them to get the most out of each!

Mar 25, 2019 - By Skirmantas Venckus

how_content can_helps_to_fuel_your_email_campaigns

Content and email marketing seem to be two very different marketing approaches. You can combine them to get the most out of each!

Your content marketing can support your email marketing efforts and vice versa.

How? Simple!

People will get great content right into their inboxes.

Everything Starts with a Content Rich Site

Whether you run a blog or editorial site, you need to make sure you align your content to your target audience. You need to come up with content topics your audience is interested in.

You’ll find this out by researching blogs related to your industry. Browsing through them will give you an idea of what their readers are responding to the most.

“Quality content is engaging, comprehensive, value-driven, and unique.”

Let’s say you have an eCommerce website that sells protective, antibacterial cases for phones and tablets. Your target audience could be tech-savvy moms and dads. If so, your content will speak to them. You will cover topics that interest parents.

Most often, that content comes in the form of blog posts, which isn’t always the best approach. To spice things up, use different content types: infographics, videos, short reports, podcasts, slideshows, and interactive tutorials.

Then, take a look at your data and see what type of content your readers engage with the most.

“Content production is one of the big hurdles many marketers face on a daily basis.”

Every marketer knows it’s important to have a regular content stream, but how often should they post? How long should the content be? How long is too long? How to differentiate yourself from all the other blogs out there?

With the right tools, of course.

“The right tools provide a solution to most problems you’ll stumble upon.”

For research, start with research tools like Buzzsumo and find winning ideas and formats. Apps like Pocket will bookmark interesting pieces of content for future use. Storage solutions like OneDrive will help you access all your drafts, data and research files wherever you are, and share them with your team quickly.

You don‘t have time to create content all the time? No worries! You might not have to. You can also curate content.

Find the best content creators and showcase their content, but remember to follow up with your own commentary. This helps you create a piece of content that adds value, and you also build relationships within your network.

How to Incorporate Content to Email Marketing

Rather than creating a sales driven email marketing campaign, use a content-rich campaign that helps educate your audience first and build trust. Even eCommerce stores can share personal stories to build trust around their products.

If you want to present a product in your emails, forget about the features, list the benefits instead.

The fastest way to sell something is through a positive relationship with a consumer. Why most of the celebrity-related products sell like crazy?

Because they already have a connection with their target audience. People know them, trust them, and expect their products to be of high quality. Their name stands behind the product, after all.

When people know how your products and services work and how they solve their problems, they will be more interested in buying them. This works well for many businesses where competitors are using high-pressure sales tactics.

“Content in your emails adds value to the prospects, helps establish rapport, positions you as an authority, and helps you stand out from others in your industry or marketplace.”

The added benefit of doing this is that you get to promote content that needs views. If you’ve done a great job with your content, your audience will share it on social media and link from their sites.

This gets the ball rolling for your content marketing campaign.

And when your content gets shared, new readers will learn about your site, and with some good incentives on your site, you will expand your emailing list further.

Other Ways to Maximize Content Marketing with Email Marketing

There are many ways to combine content marketing with email marketing. For example, you can try using email content that sells a product while also educating prospects.

A fashion eCommerce site can create a guide on how to mix and match outfits for the Spring. The guide would link to various products that are being sold on the site.

When you have trouble coming up with a newsletter idea, you can use the splintering technique. If you run a blog, pick a few popular articles and use parts of those blogs as emails. Article sections will be the seed content that you can expand on.

That way, the website educates the reader, while directly offering a solution that is, conveniently found in the store. People buy solutions to their problems, and sometimes, we only need to raise awareness of that problem.

Here are some other tactics you can try:

  • Increase your chances of your content getting spread by integrating social media into your emails.
  • Optimize the content attributes of your email just as you would do for your sales emails.
  • Instead of inundating your customers with upselling and cross-sell offers, try adding content in your post-purchase drip campaigns. This can help reduce refunds, increase soft-sell follow up offers, and create stronger customer relationships
  • Create content targeted towards specific segments of your email list. This can lead to higher engagement for your content and can also help your content attract more of the same segment into your email list. This can work particularly well if that specific segment has been found to be valuable.

Test your campaigns to find the right balance over time. You want to make sure that your content gets the engagement while also maximizing your sales conversions.

To sum up, content marketing and email marketing can work well together. It’s all about knowing how to use the two strategies together for optimal results.

Onward & Upward,

Sender.net Team

Contributed by Eric Gordon. He is an independent business development and marketing specialist for SMEs. He loves sharing his insights and experience to assist business owners in growing their revenue. You can find Eric on Twitter @ericdavidgordon

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