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Unleash your business potential with group text service

Use group texting service to increase engagement and revenue by delivering effective SMS messages from your computer to your target audience.
Text Blast Service

Use group text service for effective SMS marketing

Sender equips you with a powerful multichannel infrastructure, which enables your business to have greater exposure and amplifies reach with mass text messaging.
Text Blast Service
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Group text service for your exceptional communication

Whether you're sending important announcements, promotions or product updates, Sender ensures effective and easy communication.
Send group

Send group text messages
without a hassle

Use simple mass texting service for sending group text, and reach your target audience.
Multichannel marketing

Leverage multichannel

SMS complementing email marketing will do wonders for your business growth and revenue.
Higher ROI

Increase sales and

Using group text messaging for business will help you drive more sales and achieve a better ROI.

What is a group messaging?

Group messaging, often known as "bulk sms messaging," is a marketing strategy that allows you to send a single text message to many people simultaneously.

of consumers are likely to have a positive reply of a company that offers SMS.
(2022, InfluenceMarketingHub)


of millennials open SMS messages within 90 seconds of receiving them.
(2016, Forbes)


of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes of being received.
(2010, MobileSquared)


Unfold each marketing avenue with group text service

Mass texting is as easy as shelling peas with Sender. A simple and powerful omnichannel platform that merges the email and SMS marketing worlds.
Omnichannel Automation

Adopt omnichannel
marketing automation

Reach out to prospects and customers faster and easier with group text message automation.
  • Simple automation builder
  • Custom email & SMS sequences
  • Drag and drop email builder
Send at the right time

Send group text messages
at the right time

Text messages are opened in 98% of cases (2022, CM). Use group texting to encourage.
  • Purchases
  • Feedback
  • Reservations and much more!
Advanced reporting

Use advanced reporting for
group text

Understanding how people respond to messages is crucial to the success of your group texting strategy.
  • Robust contacts segmentation
  • Ecommerce reports
  • Advance SMS activity reporting

A group text service that improves relationships and drives sales

Unlock the full potential of your marketing campaigns with a powerful group texting service. Perfect for every business that seeks to drive sales and outshine the competition.

Contact collection

It's vital that your group texting service provides options to assist you in enrolling individuals and expanding your list. That is easy with Sender’s popups and forms.

Smart segmentation

Get in touch with the right people by dividing your list into groups with similar characteristics, and don’t forget to add a personal touch to your text messages.

TCPA compliant

While group texting is exciting, it is important not to breach any regulations. Therefore, Sender’s here to help with an easy opt-out for your customers.

Cost-effective group text service within your reach

Complement your marketing strategy with powerful SMS channel. When you have a wonderful and affordable tool to help you, it couldn’t be easier.
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Your SMS & Emails reach the inbox because of advanced delivery infrastructure.
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Omnichannel marketing power
Unleash the powerful combination of email and SMS marketing to boost sales and revenue, drive traffic and generate leads — all on complete autopilot.
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Sender instantly integrates with leading content management systems, CRMs and ecommerce platforms, including Wordpress, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Zapier, and more.

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Group text service: FAQs


How does a group text service work?

A group texting app for business is a software platform that allows you to broadcast one or more SMS texts (group texts) to multiple contacts (possibly tens of thousands of recipients) instantly or on a specified schedule.

A group text app, aka texting services, send messages to a group that is received individually (like a private message), and recipients can reply only to you, not the entire group.


Why use group text message blasts?

A report by MobileSquared found that almost 90% of SMS marketing messages are opened within three minutes. What's even more amazing is that 99% of all SMS marketing messages are opened within 20 minutes.

In many cases, SMS marketing even beats Facebook advertising (even retargeting ads) and emails in terms of open rates, engagements, and conversions.

Given these extremely high open and engagement rates compared to other mass communication methods, SMSes are highly regarded for all forms of marketing and non-marketing communication.


How much does it cost to send text blasts?

SMS charges vary from country to country when using Sender's group texting platform. Our pricing plans are among the most cost-effective ones around so expect to pay as little as $0.015 per text message in the US.

While our lower-end plans need you to purchase SMS credits separately, any package Professional and up includes bundled FREE SMS credits, so depending upon the number of contacts you got or the number of messages you intend to send, you could end up sending a whole lot of SMS messages for FREE!


Why choose Sender?

Choosing the right group text SMS solution for your requirements cannot be easy.

There are just so many different vendors, solutions, and platforms to choose from for your batch messaging needs.

A group messaging system should go beyond freeware and freebies. You do not need cheap SMS blasting programs with unlimited SMS send abilities to spam those who have trusted you with their mobile phone numbers.

What matters more is that the platform, program, or app works as advertised.

With Sender, you not only get a platform that’s easy to use daily but also robust and highly reliable for any mission-critical application.

Also, for us, a customer comes in all sizes. So whether you are a small business or a commercial enterprise, our bulk SMS rates and plans are highly competitive because we believe in making money in the long run through excellent service.


What are the most common uses of group SMS blasts?

SMS blasts cut right through the noise and establish clear communication concisely, be it sharing useful information or convincing prospective customers to buy something.

Its most common use cases include post-sales customer updates, deals, discount alert SMSes, customer surveys, sharing emergency or non-emergency alerts, critical notifications, and more.

When it comes to SMS group text, a group SMS texter service comes in really handy because of the high open and engagement rates.


Is using a group SMS blaster legal?

Commercial group text blasting is perfectly legal. The problem is the approach.

As in the case of cold emails, text blasting subscribers without their permission will invite severe trouble and the hammer of GDPR.

Therefore, you must have all of your prospects opt-in (or subscribe) before sending them business texts. It is equally essential that you provide an option for any disinterested subscribers to opt-out easily in every SMS.

Sender’s platform is fully TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) compliant. Your subscribers can opt out by texting STOP or any other keyword you choose in the settings.


Do text blasts apply to my industry?

Communication using SMSes can be taken advantage of by almost any offline or online niche or industry.

The ability to reach thousands of interested parties in an instant, no matter the device they are using, can be a massive gamechanger.

Retail stores, real estate, ecommerce, coaching & education, government, NGOs, restaurants, schools & universities, private businesses of all sizes, and more are finding it more effective and efficient to communicate via group text services.


Can I send SMS messages to my international subscribers too?

Yes! Sender’s global infrastructure enables fast and reliable delivery of geo-targeted SMS communication to anyone located anywhere.

All plans include the ability and features to send national and international SMSes.

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All the features your business needs to acquire high-quality leads, grow sales, and maximize revenue from campaigns
using one simple dashboard.

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