80+ July newsletter ideas

Are you struggling with email content ideas for your July newsletter?Looking at your July calendar may seem like the most productive months of the year.

Concerning your growing business, you may be confused with seasonal promotions and sales.

Your clients and readers may also seem busy and hard to reach within July.

Although, resist the temptation to take a “holiday” from your email campaigns.

Instead, use those actions as motivation to connect with readers who can relate to a busy July.

July ideas about your company

Here are some ideas what you can share in July about your company:

  • Highlight an article to help your subscribers get to know your staff. You can set regular questions or use an interview setup.
    Don’t forget to share pictures from your company outing or barbeque.
  • Feature philanthropy: If you or your colleagues volunteer at festivals, shelters, and projects throughout your community, tell your involvement, and offer your subscribers to get involved too.
  • If your company is seasonal or services vary with seasons or celebrations, share a blog post that creates interest relating to products offered for a limited time. 
  • Share a video about updates about the office.
    Did you grow flowers to greet clients when they visit your office this July? Share it.

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Main July newsletter themes

People are always waiting for Summer to come and they miss being outside, in nature with friends and family.

Here are some July topics about which you can talk more:

  • Clean Beaches week.
  • Garden Parties.
  • Tour de France.
  • Wedding Season.
  • Barbeque / Cookouts.
  • July Preschool.

Celebrations and Holidays in July

Events, special days and holidays are a good topic to talk about in your newsletters.

Here are some celebrations happening in July: 

Clean Beaches Week (July 1-7)

JUL 1:
International Joke Day
Canada Day
Starts Clean Beaches Week (July 1-7)

JUL 2:
World UFO Day

JUL 3:
Stay Out of the Sun Day
National Compliment Your Mirror Day

JUL 4:
Hop-A-Park Day
Independence Day (USA)
National Country Music Day

JUL 5:
National Graham Cracker Day
National Bikini Day

JUL 6:
Umbrella Cover Day
International Kissing Day

JUL 7:
National Macaroni Day
World Chocolate Day
Strawberry Sundae Day (USA)

JUL 8:
Math 2.0 Day
Video Games Day

JUL 9:
Fashion Day
Sugar Cookie Day

JUL 10:
Cow Appreciation Day
National Kitten Day

JUL 11:
National Swimming Pool Day
World Population Day

JUL 12:
Barn Day
Different Colored Eyes Day
National Simplicity Day

JUL 13:
National French Fry Day

JUL 14:
Shark Awareness Day
National Nude Day
Bastille Day

JUL 15:
I Love Horses Day
National Gummi Worm Day
National Pet Fire Safety Day

JUL 16:
World Snake Day

JUL 17:
World Emoji Day
National Tattoo Day
National Lottery Day

JUL 18:
World Listening Day
National Sour Candy Day
Nelson Mandela International Day

JUL 19:
National Ice Cream Day
New Friends Day

JUL 20:
National Lollipop Day
Moon Day
International Chess Day
World Jump Day

JUL 21:
National Tug of War Tournament Day
Craft for a Local Shelter Day

JUL 22:
Summer Leisure Day
Hammock Day

JUL 23:
Hot Enough For Ya Day
Hot Dog Day

JUL 24:
Amelia Earhart Day
National Tequila Day

JUL 25:
National Dance Day
Thread the Needle Day
Caviar Day
National Wine and Cheese Day

JUL 26:
Parent’s Day
One Voice Day
National Aunt and Uncle day

JUL 27:
Walk on Stilts Day

JUL 28:
World Nature Conservation Day
National Waterpark Day
Milk Chocolate Day

JUL 29:
International Tiger Day
National Rain Day

JUL 30:
Paperback Book Day
International Day of Friendship

JUL 31:
National Jump for Jelly Beans Day

  • National Ice Cream Month.
  • National Blueberry Month (USA).

How to celebrate holidays in email marketing

You don’t need extreme email campaigns to see the advantages of holiday marketing. Instead of performing complex or aggressive campaigns, you should lightly mention holidays:

  • Use festive colors.
  • Add relevant images.
  • Use seasonal word choices
  • Promote seasonal products/services.

That would subtly trigger memories and evoke emotions from the reader to take action you want them to take.

The content messages aren’t complicated, but they work because they are time-sensitive.

Presenting related content like this helps you better resonate with your target audience.

Don’t pass up the chance to boost traffic, increase conversions, and amuse a few people with a simple celebration email.

Wrap up

Julys is an exciting month for everybody; it is the beginning of the Summer, holidays, picnics, family, and friends reunions, so don’t forget to include essential information about these gatherings in your newsletters.

Don’t forget important celebrations like the Fourth of July, which is a huge celebration in the USA. If you are a company overseas, then trust us if you remember to include this celebration in your emails, then your target audience would appreciate it.

Here are more content to maximize the results of your email campaign: