What Is Double Opt-In in Email Marketing?

Generally, a double email opt-in occurs when a user signs up for an email list, and then an email consisting of a link is sent to him/her on which the user is supposed to click to confirm his/her subscription.  

May 3, 2021 - By Eldo Roshi


Generally, a double email opt-in occurs when a user signs up for an email list, and then an email consisting of a link is sent to him/her on which the user is supposed to click to confirm his/her subscription.  

After the user has clicked on the link, he/she is officially added to the email marketing list. Additionally, another term for double opt-in is confirmed opt-in.

Moreover, by using the double opt-in confirmation approach, the chances of the email being transferred to the spam box are greatly reduced. 

This is the most probable reason why marketers prefer the double opt-in mail method to acquire valuable information from their audience.

Also, this improves the collection of valuable data because if in case any bot tries to confirm sign up, it won’t probably make it into the list because of the confirmation link in the email. 

This method also protects your sender’s reputation!

So, if you are going to start a blog and you think to collect emails, it is highly recommendable to use the double opt-in method. 

Now that you know about the viability of the double-opt-in email method, let’s further explore what more does it have to offer.

Comprehensive Details Of The Double Opt-In Email List

Here we’re going to dive a bit more into the details of the email double opt-in methodology.

You may have encountered a scenario where you’re asked to confirm your email by clicking on the link. Once you do, you’re redirected to whatever you were doing, which can include accessing a web page, changing your password, etc. 

What is basically happening here is that once you click on the link, you send an email to the mailing list management software. The person who subscribes to any services or offer must confirm their request twice.

The first time a user is registering for an email newsletter or blogs, the user is required to submit their information via a web-based form. 

This form takes the user’s name, email address, and phone number (optional), and after hitting the submit button, then lets the user join or subscribe to the newsletter or blog by confirming his/her email.

Once the software has received the request from the user, this special software sends a confirmation email to the user, which consists of a link on which the user is advised to click in order to confirm the subscription.  

This is the second opt-in. The link within the email, once clicked by the recipient, they’ve “double opted-in.” 

In a nutshell, marketers tend to provide people with a subscription form that they use to acquire the information of the visitor. After acquiring the info, they send a confirmation email consisting of a link. Once the user clicks the link, they’ve double opted-in hence the name “Double Opt-In.”

Why Is Double Opt-In Crucial?

There are factually numerous reasons I could list here to prove the importance of double opt-in; however, I’ll be writing down the most important ones to help you understand why this method is mandatory and feasible.

First of all, the user who opts for the double opt-in method proves that he or she is really interested in joining your business either for newsletters, blogs, or subscriptions. 

Second of all, the person entering his/her email could get away with signing in or subscribing through any email regardless of the email account owner knowing about this. Hence, this method secures the user’s information. 

One great example of the above-mentioned scenario can be that; imagine if someone is upset with you and he/she decides to enter your email address into hundreds of insecure websites. 

You would eventually end up getting your email account hacked, or you’ll be forced to cancel the subscription manually, which would cost you a significant time.

Additionally, from the email list owner’s perspective, it is imperative to get the emails of people who are truly interested in what you’re offering. 

If the single opt-in method is used, you will end up having thousands of emails that are irrelevant. These could be the people who just randomly used the newsletter sign-up form because maybe your email was engaging. 

These email addresses acquired through a single opt-in would not respond to what you’re offering; hence, your opt-out email marketing efforts could go in vain. This is why I consider the double opt-in method one of the mail opt-in best practices.

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In Search Of An Effective Email List?

The whole idea of a double opt-in email is to get the emails of the people who are really interested in your offerings. You can get these emails by offering some type of valuable content like a webinar, checklist, online course, or any other content upgrade. 

And this can only be justified if the users whose email you’ve acquired have opted for the double opt-in method to prove their loyalty. This method signifies that your email list is elite. 

In the fewest possible words, the double opt-in email method helps you retain quality emails.

Furthermore, consider that you’re selling ad space in your newsletter. You could tell the advertiser that you’ve got 15,000 email addresses, and they’re all single opt-in. 

These contacts that you’ve got would probably be the people who either never signed up for your email, pseudo emails, or invalid emails. 

Therefore, even if the advertiser buys space in your email, he/she would never buy again because of poor results. 

In contrast, imagine a list containing not more than 1000 double opt-in emails. Now, these are some elite emails. Since they opted for the double confirmation method, they’re the audience who’s really interested in what you’re offering. 

Therefore, the advertiser that buys space in your blog or newsletter would get amazing marketing results. This is because your elite email addresses responded to the ad in the email, and this made the advertiser’s day. By the end of the journey, you have a happy advertiser who’s going to buy from you again and again.

Decreased SPAM Complaints

There’s one thing that haunts the dreams of even the most experienced email marketers, and that is when the recipient of the emails unsubscribes and spam complaints. Honestly, come to think of it, this is an integral part of email marketing. 

People just hate unwanted or irrelevant emails, and why shouldn’t they – I mean, it clutters their inbox, fills their space, and it takes time for them to find an email that actually mattered to them. 

So, even if you’re telling your receivers how they can unsubscribe to your newsletter, they’ll still hit that complaint link to get rid of you.

By using the double-opt-in method, you’ll attract only the audience that Is really interested in your email; this will significantly reduce the chance of your email getting spammed.

My recommendation would be to never opt for the single opt-in method because although you’ll get more emails, those emails may result in more spam complaints. The worst-case scenario? This spamming could cause potential banning of your domain name by major ISPs, and trust me, once you’re on an email blacklist, it is super-hard to get yourself off.

Definition of Double Opt-In

That’s all for now, folks! 

Now that you know everything about the double-opt-in email method, I hope you’ll strategize your email marketing strategy by including the double opt-in method in it.

Moreover, another imperative aspect that you should look out for is the spam bot. This bot is programmed to add email addresses to your list. For example, you are getting a steady growth in your subscriber’s list (10 or 15 daily). 

One day you woke up to find that over 100 email addresses have been submitted, all very similar but clearly not human. This is what a spam bot does so, watch out for them. 

Just attract more elite audience/subscribers via the double-opt-in method, increase your user-base, get advertisers to place their ads within your email, and enjoy your marketing efforts by earning good money.

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