Email Lead Generation: Techniques, Examples & Software

Jul 20, 2022 - By Camilla Mackeviciute

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Customers are the reason your business exists. Without them, your company cannot survive (let alone thrive). But everything starts with leads and lead generation.


There are many lead generation strategies in use today. But the most effective way to get the best value for money is email lead generation. The research also shows that email marketing is one of the easiest tactics to implement.


These stats prove how comfortable customers are with email, and the universality of this marketing channel.

That said, we’ll look at what email marketing lead generation is, then go into depth with email lead generation strategies you should use to boost your business’ growth.

What Is Email Marketing Lead Generation?

Email marketing lead generation is a method of collecting leads by using an email opt-in form. It involves collecting information about potential customers such as their name, phone number, and email address.

Like other forms of lead generation, email lead generation happens after you’ve already engaged an audience. 

It’s also a cost-effective and highly-efficient way to engage your audience and move them down the purchase journey by giving relevant information, updates, and offers.

One superb way to get leads to give their information is offering a free gift in exchange. The gift can be an eBook, checklist, downloadable resources, etc.

That said, email lead generation is more than just gathering your potential customers’ information. Nurturing the leads is also part of the process since the ultimate goal of acquiring these leads is to turn them into loyal customers.

Why Is It Essential to Have an Email Lead Generation Strategy?

Most businesses prioritize lead generation because without leads there are no sales. In fact, 53% of marketers spend at least half of their marketing budget on lead generation.


Lead generation is crucial since it asks the all-important question: “What does your potential customer want?”

And when done right, email lead generation can nurture qualified prospects from initial interest all the way to customers and brand ambassadors.

Email Marketing Techniques for Better Lead Generation

Now that you know why having an email marketing strategy for lead generation is essential, let’s look at 10 email lead generation tactics you can use to continue generating leads for your business:

1. Optimize Efforts With Lead Scoring

Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could determine the intent of your leads right off the bat?

An effective way of doing this would be optimizing your efforts with lead scoring. 

Lead scoring is a tactic that marketing teams use to determine which prospects are most valuable to their business in their current sales funnel.

The aspects you use to score your leads can vary depending on your buyer personas and business needs. They can include:

  • Email engagement;
  • Prospect demographics; 
  • Website visits;
  • Social media activity;
  • Company details.

One way of using lead scoring in your marketing efforts is email automation. For example, if a potential customer has already viewed a specific product on your website, you’re more likely to convert them with an email offering them a 30% discount on that product.

If the visitor isn’t on your email list, you can use that as an opportunity to sign them by displaying an exit intent popup as they leave the product page.

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2. Design Clean and Concise Emails

Emails can be easily misunderstood. In fact, 64% of people have sent or received an email that resulted in unintended anger or confusion. And because of such misinterpretation, it’s important to write clear and concise emails.

That said, here are a few best practices to keep in mind when crafting your emails:

  • Keep your message brief to make it easy for your recipients to digest your email content;
  • Use plain fonts to make the email easy to read;
  • Use a clean, simple template design that’s easy to follow.

3. Learn to Grab Attention With Subject Lines

How many times do you delete an email without reading it? We’re guessing pretty often, especially if it has a boring subject line. 

You’re not alone, though — 47% of email recipients open emails based on the subject line. That’s why you should write subject lines that make your readers crave for more.

For example, if you have a celebrity blog site and an email list of engaged readers, you’ll want to focus more on current celebrity news to connect with your audience. To take it a step further, you should leave a hint of curiosity to pique your subscribers’ interest.

Here’s an example of a great subject line for a celebrity blog:

What Drake Said About Rihanna’s Pregnancy is Shocking!

This subject line is almost certain to get opened, as people will be curious of what Drake said, and if the email’s copy is good, people will undoubtedly want to read the story.

That said, here are four ways you can write click-worthy subject lines:

  • Ask the reader a question to challenge them to connect with your content;
  • Use numbers to reassure your readers that your email has a clear beginning and end;
  • Use emojis to spice up your content and keep readers interested;
  • Use your subscribers’ names in the subject line.

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4. Always Use a Strong Call to Action (CTA)

Writing the ideal call to action can make or break your marketing campaign. It’s one of those factors that will directly impact your conversion rates.

Whether you want your prospects to share a blog post on their social channels or complete an opt-in form, it all depends on how you nudge them to do it. Your emails should have a clear and compelling CTA that readers can easily act on.

To do this, use creative and persuasive language that will grab your readers’ attention and encourage them to take action.

For example, check out the CTA below from Netflix.


Image source: Netflix

This CTA’s persuasive text encourages you to take advantage of Netflix’s free trial. 

The text just above the CTA also informs you that the product is highly flexible, and you can cancel at any time. That will boost your confidence and knowledge before you click on the CTA.

Here are a few ideas to help you get more people to click on your CTAs:

  • Start your CTA with a solid command verb;
  • Use words that evoke emotion or excitement;
  • Give your audience a reason they should take your desired action;
  • Take advantage of the fear of missing out (FOMO).

5. Use Gated Content and Content Upgrades

Gated content is online content that you can only access after providing your contact information.

The content could be anything: videos, articles, white papers. The form itself may only ask for your email address, or include other personal info such as your name or phone number in exchange for access.

Here’s an example:

Image source: Shopify

Gated content is effective because it incentivizes lead generation. 

Typically, visitors will find their way to your site via a blog post they found on the internet.

If that blog post convinces them that you’re a credible source, they may want to hear more from you. And you can give yourself another stream of valuable leads by designing an attractive gated content offering.

One example of effective gated content is using content upgrades, which upgrade the content your readers are already viewing. 

Content upgrades are effective since they’re contextual and relevant without being invasive. So the reader’s interest is established, making them more likely to convert.

6. Leverage Social Media Channels

Marketers understand how important it is to incorporate social media into their marketing mix. According to ListenFirst’s 2022 Social Media Marketing Trends Survey, 55% of respondents said their brand’s social media spend increased during the 2020 pandemic. In addition, 50.5% of those surveyed added that their social media spend will increase in 2022.

Your social media channels can be an effective tool for growing your email list. So if you haven’t thought about expanding your social media strategy, you could be missing out on valuable lead generation channels.

Every social media channel has a different demographic group, so you can track various audiences and gain detailed insights into each audience and how to market to them.

For example, 33.1% of Instagram users are between 25 and 34 years while 32.5% of TikTok’s audience is between 10 and 19 years.

You can design a marketing strategy for both platforms to learn how each demographic group prefers to be marketed to and what drives most conversions.

You can also add an opt-in form and a sign-up button to your Facebook page to give users more ways to join your email list. Meaning, you’ll be able to generate leads on autopilot.

To get the best results on social media, try using tools such as Facebook and Twitter marketing.

7. Use Email Automation

Email automation is creating emails that reach the right people at the right time with the right message without doing the work each time.

You can achieve that by using an autoresponder system to schedule emails to be sent based on your audience’s interactions with your company. For instance, when a person subscribes to your newsletter, you can send them an automated welcome email.

The best thing about a modern email marketing software like Sender is that it’s simple to use and gives you some powerful capabilities.

For example, you can segment your audience using email responders based on their interests and behaviors.

Segmentation allows you to personalize automated emails in many ways, so you get both convenience and personalization. Moreover, with Sender, you acquire multichannel capabilities which include Email + SMS channels, all within a single platform. 


Email automation is the most popular type of marketing automation, with 64% of companies using it. And with email marketing having an average ROI of $36 for every $1 spent, this should be enough to convince you to automate your emails.

8. Split Test to Increase Open and Click-Through Rates

The most effective email marketing campaigns incorporate a high level of creativity, but they also rely on data and testing to ensure they succeed.

With split testing, you can eliminate guesswork from your email marketing campaigns. You can do this by testing specific aspects with a small group of recipients (Group A and B), then send the best-performing campaign to the rest of your audience. 

Split testing is also a quick way to maximize your open and click-through rates since you’ll be sending the best-performing emails to your subscribers.

For example, a video game company optimized its conversion rates using split test results. Using heatmaps, they found out that the “buy now” page was not performing well.

They then simplified the whole buying process by reducing the page’s scrolling alignments in the variant. As a result, lead generation rates increased by 12%.

The most defining elements in split testing are:

  • Content;
  • Subject line;
  • Call to action;
  • Time of day and week;
  • Personalization.

Once you choose the elements to test, you can use the A/B testing tools in your email marketing software to start doing the test.

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9. Provide Valuable Content

Valuable content always wins when it comes to the marketing mix. In fact, 70% of people would rather learn about a business through articles than advertisements.

However, top-quality content demands a commitment of resources and time.

A small mistake can result in your prospects unsubscribing from your mailing list. Worse, if you’re perceived as too spammy, users may blacklist your email address, resulting in all your emails ending up in spam folders.

That said, here are four important aspects of creating, delivering, and promoting valuable content:

  • Target your audience’s needs;
  • Be authentic;
  • Remain consistent;
  • Incorporate your content into various distribution channels.

10. Incentivize Referrals From Current Subscribers

An ideal way to generate more leads is having your existing subscribers refer customers to you. According to the Edelman 2020 Report, 39% of people build trust in a brand through peer-to-peer conversations.

Offer enticing rewards to incentivize your current customers to refer their family and friends to your email list. You can also offer free products to consumers to share with their loved ones to build brand awareness and loyalty organically.

However, ensure that your offering is worthwhile, and your subscribers will gladly recommend your email list to their family and friends.

4 Lead Generation Email Examples

Here are four lead generation email examples you can refer to while crafting your emails.

1. Social Outreach

Using upcoming blog posts to reach out to prospects can be very effective. 

Sending a cold email with a link to your blog post can be a superb way to share valuable info and get new followers.

Here’s an email template example:

Hi, [name]!

I just wanted you to know that our article on [subject] was published on Monday and I think you’ll enjoy it reading it. You can find the article on our Blog [blog name]. 

I’d love to hear from you if you have feedback or just want to share your thoughts!

[Your name and title]

2. After Events

Any time you capture a lead at an enterprise conference, trade show, or B2B networking event, it’s a good idea to follow up and say, “It was great meeting you at the {event}!” and find out if they’d be interested in any additional information.

Here’s an email template example you can send to them:

Hi, [name]!

It was a pleasure speaking with you earlier today and learning more about you and your company.

I now understand your frustrations with [pain point]. Thank you for sharing it with me. As I had mentioned, here’s a link [link] to more info about how we can help you. We hope it offers more solutions.

Please let me know if you have any further questions about our programs and when you’d like us to chat again. I’ll be thrilled to do so or follow up with an email. 

Best Regards,
[Your name and title]

3. Cost-Benefit Analysis

You can also let your prospects know how they’ll gain from your product financially. Give them data that will entice them to buy.

Here’s an example of a nurturing sales email template:

Hi, [name],

I wanted to provide you with the opportunity to try [product] for free for [duration] so you can fully understand how it will benefit you personally.

Visit [website] and sign up as soon as possible to take advantage of these amazing features.

Please let me know if you have any questions. If not, I’ll reach out once you’ve had some time to work with the model.

Best Regards,
[Your name and title]

4. Reviews and Referrals

Reaching out to your professional network is an excellent way to get recommendations. These are people who already know and like your product and would be more likely to give a superb recommendation.

Here’s an email example you can use to ask for a review or referral:

Hi [name]!

Thank you for choosing [your company]. I wanted to ask you how was your experience personally.

How would you rate your it on a scale of 1 (terrible) to 10 (extremely awesome)?

We’re constantly striving to improve, and feedback is invaluable to us!

Would you be willing to give feedback at this link [link]? It will only take a few minutes. 

Thanks again for bearing with us!
[Your name and title]

How to Create a Lead Generation Email With Sender

Creating a lead generation email with Sender is easy. Sender’s in-built email design service makes it simple to create emails quickly and efficiently with refined drag-and-drop editing. 

If looking for an easier-to-use, more effective, and affordable email marketing option, look no further than Sender. It features a user-friendly yet powerful dashboard that combines the ability to send out both emails and SMS messages. Combine emails and SMSes into a tightly-knit automation sequence to create the perfect high-conversion engine for your business.


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Email Marketing Is Your Key to Lead Generation Success

Email marketing is the most effective technique to move leads efficiently through the sales funnel.

The ten email lead generation strategies listed above have been shown time and again to be effective, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses. 

You can use them in your email marketing campaign and start growing your customer base today.

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