7 Follow Us on Social Media Invite Email Examples & Tips

Oct 11, 2022 - By Camilla Mackeviciute

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Have you created a new social account for your business and wondered how to get people to follow your new social site?

Well, you can use email marketing to grow your social media following. 

Despite the increasing popularity of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc., email marketing remains one of the best ways to engage people and make them interested in your business. 

Sending a ‘follow us on social media’ email or SMS to your subscribers can quickly increase your social media footprint. If you know how to write a persuasive email or SMS for your ‘follow us’ campaign, you’ll be able to increase your social media following quickly. 

All you need to do is write a persuasive email and send it at the best time possible to the right audience! Invite your audience to follow you on social media when they sign up for your newsletter or order something from you.

With Sender, you can set up automated campaigns based on user activity. It takes only a couple of minutes to set up, yet the results are amazing!


In this article, we share some interesting follow-us email examples and useful tips to help you set up a follow us email campaign to increase your social media following. So, let’s get right into it, shall we?

How to Write a Follow Us On Social Media Email?

Inviting your subscribers to follow you on social media isn’t hard. You just need to be friendly and polite. While creating an email to invite your subscribers to follow you, remember: 

  • Use a witty and catchy subject line
  • Reward them for following you on social media — run a contest, give away freebies or a resource they’d appreciate; 
  • Don’t create spammy emails with several links or a big ask. Stick to a single CTA and a friendly tone; 
  • Share what to expect when they follow you on social media upfront; 
  • Add a follow us a banner to your regular email campaigns

Best Social Share Emails To Inspire You

Below are some follow us on social media email examples from various brands. These various examples have significant differences. Thus, it can give different insights into crafting your and converting your email list into subscribers.

Bluebird Linens


Source: Blue Bird Linens

he subject line of this email is super attractive! It will quickly get the audience’s attention and encourage them to open the email. Why? Everyone wants free products.

The email takes after the brand color, which enhances the brand’s recognizability. It’s vital that you stay consistent with your branding in your emails to ingrain your brand in your audience and raise awareness.

The email message requests the reader to follow the brand on various social platforms. It further lets the recipient know that the offer is exclusively for those who do-follow. These social networks are included in the email, making everything easier. Subscribers can follow them right away!

You can get the idea; this email highlights the importance of persuasion. You convince the audience to follow your brand on social media by suggesting the apparent benefits.

Also, don’t forget to include the call to action buttons and link them to your social profile. It would surely speed up the desired process. Of importance, too, is your subject line! Oh yes, subject line! Make it catchy to increase the open rate of your “follow us on social media” email.

And lastly, maintain brand color consistency in your emails and across all your social platforms for quick identification.

Key Takeaways

  • Give your subscribers an incentive to follow you on social media. People love ‘freebies’; 
  • Catch the attention through a straightforward subject line; 
  • Make it easy to follow by adding social buttons as CTA. 

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Source: Cakeworthy

This email shows a smart way to gain the audience’s recognition. It includes a brand logo. By using that, you can enhance your brand identity. People surely will remember who you are.

The email’s creator uses a friendly tone to send invitations to subscribers. It’s a good choice to engage with your audience effectively.

The recipients of this email can instantly understand what they are missing by not being part of the brand’s social media community. It’s ugly, but you can also use the fear of missing out (FOMO) tactic. It will push people to follow your brand’s social shares.

Moreover, this email example has a CTA that directs the readers to click on the social site of their choice. Variety can attract various readers. Lure them closer by giving them a reason to connect with you. It’s an excellent conversion approach! 

The email also has links to new arrivals, rewards, and wish list pages that could be interesting. Although you should emphasize the “join us on social media” message. But don’t hesitate to provide links to other pages that could benefit your brand.

Of course, there are no limits to perfection. Thus, this email’s subject line requires improvement. Nevertheless, it should be attractive enough to increase the open rate.

Key Takeaways

  • Strike a conversation by asking a question; 
  • Use a friendly and warm tone as if it’s an email from a friend; 
  • Introduce the social fandom – branded hashtags, best posts, or something that makes the subscriber check you out on socials. 



Source: Hightly

This email has a super catchy subject line! They invite recipients to become part of the brand’s social society by going straight to the point. When crafting your “connect with us” emails, ensure you have a clear word “go” via your subject line.

The brand uses casual language to reach out to subscribers, and a conversational tone makes it easier to follow what’s written. When you don’t use ‘formal invitations,’ you create a conducive environment for customer engagement.

This email includes various social network icons that enable the reader to explore each brand’s social media pages. The message is clear: the brand aims to connect with its subscribers from any social networks that the reader may choose.

“Hightly” is a health-oriented brand. The cyclers’ photograph in this image undoubtedly reflects their mission which is… You guessed it! By all means, fitness and physical well-being.

“Hightly” uses a simple but smart strategy of marketing your brand through “find us” emails. On the top part of this email, a CTA is provided, giving the recipients a chance to shop. Your follow-up on social media emails can also be an opportunity to ask the audience to purchase from your stores.

Key Takeaways

  • Create a witty subject line to stand out in a crowded inbox; 
  • Make your email copy as personal as possible through jokes, images, or even memes (if they are contextual); 
  • Give your subscribers all the options they can choose from to stay connected to you. 

Ripley’s Believe It or Not!


Source: Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Oh yes, this example has an enticing email subject line. Giveaways are excellent baits to draw your audience’s attention and make them do what you desire.

The brand sends invitations to subscribers and asks them to follow its Facebook and Instagram pages. Email recipients are also supposed to like the relevant post and comment on their favorite books to qualify for the gift.

It further indicates that the more the comments, the more gifts one will win. Soooo, go big or go home. Yes, there is an indirect way to turn subscribers into followers. Take insights from this example and approach your audience by allowing them to win.

The brand also provides a shopping CTA encouraging subscribers to order from the same email. Mmmm, yes, a pretty good choice, you may say.

However, this email lacks easy readability. It’s overcrowded with images and texts. Come on; no one likes that. Also, it could lower the conversion rate as the readers may shy away from scrolling through the long texts!

Key Takeaways

  • Encourage users to engage and leave a comment on your recent post; 
  • Keep it short and straightforward. Avoid stuffing your follow us emails with multiple CTAs. 



Source: InplayLive

The email subject line reveals it all! It promises a persuasive offer to the audience. The recipient will quickly open the email to be informed more about the indicated gift.

The email message describes a mind-blowing offer – a free three-month membership. But subscribers will only qualify for the prize after watching a specific video and following the brand’s Instagram page.

Most importantly, they reverse the approach and indicate that you need to tag a friend in the comments, but the winning comment should have 0 likes. It’s a unique way to change it up and draw the audience’s attention.

Indirectly, “Inplaylive” uses the Instagram post method to make people follow their brand. You can do that too!

Nonetheless, it would yield better results if you could use limited texts and let the reader scan through and pick essential details. After all, life is too short to read through long texts!

Key Takeaways

  • Show the value of following you upfront; 
  • Gamify follow us campaign through a contest; 
  • Create a bulleted list to let readers scan quickly and take action. 



Source: TryTAAT

This example’s “follow us on Twitter” invitation email has a subject line that indicates a limited-time offer. This tactic calls for the recipient to act without delay and be just in time to win a majestic prize.

A helpful tip to take from this email is noticeable previous contest’s winner details. By showing that, they inspire the audience to take the necessary action and be the next lucky winner. Try to include a “follow us on Twitter email signature” in your banner for easy recognizability by the audience.

The email ends with a clear call to action, making it easy for subscribers to follow the brand on social channels and participate in the contest.

When borrowing several tips from this example, keep in mind that your email content should be short and sweet. Ineffective to type Shakespeare’s monolog here.

Key Takeaways

  • Add social proof by mentioning people who benefitted by following you on social media; 
  • Use a single CTA per channel or platform to prevent subscribers from being confused; 
  • Avoid long monologues or complicated details in follow us emails. 

Grabease By Elli & Nooli


Source: Grabease By Elli & Nooli

Finally, the festive subject line! Now, about the email body. This brand takes the image plus a limited text approach. The strategy increases email’s open rate as your audience can pick the key points at just one glance. Try it out!

The loveliest banner focuses on different recipes that are helpful to the recipient during the festive season. Each recipe has a CTA that links the audience to more details. Receivers get the whole package of tasty information.

 While accessing those recipes, you can invite the reader to follow the brand on social channels. “Grabease By Elli & Nooli” includes social share icons at the bottom part of the email and provides a quick way to access even more!

When you share educational content on social channels, you give apparent reason to follow you. Give useful information to the audience and, in return, grow your subscribers’ number. It’s a win-win situation! Don’t forget to let them engage with your brand. Doing that makes them feel like they are part of your business.

This invitation email example also provides a link to the product page. The audience can make purchases and engage with the brand on social platforms. Bravissimo!

Key Takeaways

  • Add a ‘follow us’ banner to your regular email campaigns 
  • Give users a reason to invite their friends and family to follow  you on social media
  • Time your emails around holidays, as people are more likely to have free time to engage.

How to Say Follow Us on Social Media

People in your email list sign up because they like your products and the content you offer. Obvious, right?

But wait, it means that they are willing to take their engagement and curiosity about your brand a notch higher if you give them a chance! So again, don’t forget to use your social platforms as well.

Are you ready to accomplish that? Go ahead and send them “join us on social media” invitations immediately after they appear in your email list. Use their activeness in engagement.

You could automate these emails and reach your new customers at the right moment. With Sender, building a required automated sequence scenario is as easy as shelling peas. The workflow is created and launched within minutes by selecting the required steps. No struggles whatsoever. 

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