14 Mother’s Day Email Examples to Drive Sales

Apr 10, 2024 - By Thomas Radavicius

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Mother’s Day is a big deal – 84% of consumers observe the holiday and spend an average of $245.76 to celebrate the day. If you’re curious about where customers spend their money, here are some insights: 

  • Greeting cards and flowers are the top choices for expressing feelings on Mother’s Day;
  • 47% of consumers search for a unique, one-of-a-kind gift for their mothers; 
  • 84% of consumers prefer gifting experiences over products; 
  • 78% of mothers have never been disappointed by a Mother’s Day gift. 

No wonder you see brands starting their Mother’s Day campaign as early as April. People keep looking for ways to make their mothers feel special, and sending a thoughtful email with gifting ideas and deals is a great way to boost your sales. 

In this blog, we’re sharing the best examples, useful tips, and guides to help you launch your Mother’s Day email marketing campaign with ease. So, let’s get started. 

14 Happy Mother’s Day Email Examples

If you’ve been searching for an example email about Mother’s Day, you’ve come to the right place. Because we’re sharing not just one but 14 best Mother’s Day emails from global brands to inspire you. 

Let’s look at all the examples that caught our eye, one by one. 

1. Mother’s Day Sale Email — Eden Spa & Resort

Mother’s Day is a special occasion that celebrates the special role that mothers play in our lives. You can use your Mother’s Day marketing to show appreciation, build engagement or even promote your product or service with a special sale. 

Let’s look at this Mother’s Day mailer from Eden’s Resort & Spa to its opted-in email subscribers base. 

Subject line: Treat her to the best

Image source: Eden Spa & Resort

What we loved about this email:

  • Crisp and intriguing subject line;
  • It’s a simple yet remarkably good-looking, attention-catching email design;
  • The 40% OFF offer is laid out clearly in a big-sized font.

What could make it even better:

  • Include a clear call to action button with personalized messaging. E.g., “Gift Mom an Amazing Experience”;
  • Inject some personalization into the subject line to make it appeal to the reader from among a sea of other emails inside a crowded inbox;
  • There is a lack of scarcity and urgency in the offer. Either or both of them can be powerful psychological triggers that cause people to act. E.g., 40% OFF only for the next 10 bookings or 40% OFF only for today. 

2. Mother’s Day Newsletter – OpenTable

Brands adopt all sorts of marketing tactics to lure customers to their stores and offers on Mother’s Day. Some turn more thoughtful by giving their subscribers ideas on how to celebrate their Mother’s Day via their newsletters. Look at this Mother’s Day email campaign by OpenTable for example: 

Subject line: Explore the 100 Most Popular Brunch spots

Image source: OpenTable

What we loved about this email: 

  • Relevant subject line as people are looking for brunch options to celebrate with their mothers; 
  • Direct response headline copy and contextual CTA that piques interest; 
  • Minimal yet effective newsletter layout. 

What could make it even better: 

  • A small list of available options from the list as a teaser to increase engagement; 
  • Addition of reviews or UGC content around Mother’s Day celebration with OpenTable suggestions. 

Don’t let Mother’s Day slip by unnoticed and soar those sales. Use Sender’s drag-and-drop builder to create your promotional emails effortlessly.


3. Email Mother’s Day Gift – Moment

Who wouldn’t want to gift their mother what they truly want? It would bring an instant smile and become a memorable moment for both the child and the mother. 

Moment used the same concept when they planned this email on Mother’s Day. The gifting-themed Mother’s Day email campaign informs subscribers about the most-wanted gifts by mothers. So, it has a curiosity angle to it. Have a look: 

Subject line: Our Favorite Mother’s Day Gifts

Image source: Moment

What we loved about this email: 

  • Clean and minimal design; 
  • Intriguing copy – mention of a poll-driven gift shop for Mother’s Day; 
  • Subtle mention of the deal on Mother’s Day gifts. 

What could make it even better: 

  • Better subject line that generates curiosity (or FOMO); 
  • Adding poll results as an interactive infographic; 
  • Product blocks showing top-demanded products by mothers. 

4. Mother’s Day & Safety — Invisawear

Unlike traditional gifts such as flowers or chocolates, which may have a short lifespan, long-term gifts may have longer utility, continuing to remind your mother of your love long after Mother’s Day has passed.

Invisawear manufactures and sells a variety of safety gadgets and equipment related to women’s safety, such as smart necklaces, keychains, fitness bands, and more.

Check out their email below, where their Mother’s Day email promotes special offers on safety necklaces and keychains.

Subject line: Mother’s Day Sale | Up to 40% OFF

Image source: InvisaWear

What we loved about this email:

  • Beautiful and relevant creative of a mom and her kids;
  • Great headline copy that tries to birth a desire to protect the special women in our lives;
  • A simple, benefit-driven subject line that states the incredible 40% OFF offer.

What could make it even better:

  • Include the recipient’s first name in the email subject line, headline, or email copy could make a better impression on the reader;
  • The use of relevant text on the CTA button could make this email better performing. E.g., in place of “Shop Now”, you could say “More Power to Moms”.

5. Mother’s Day & Yoga Love — The Nue Co

Health supplement manufacturer The Nue Co came up with an innovative Mother’s Day special called “The Skin Edit”, which builds on every mother’s desire to stay young and remain beautiful.

Subject line: ​​Yoga your way to a healthy glow

Image source: The Nue Co

The Nue Co didn’t promote a health supplement directly in this campaign. Rather, they tied this product to two things:

  • The unspoken desire for glowing and healthy skin that most aging women might have;
  • A Yoga Masterclass with Yoga experts.

This benefit-driven, educative, and indirect positioning of the product makes this email an irresistible one to read.

What we loved about this email:

  • Intriguing, benefit-driven subject line;
  • Brief description of the unique mechanisms that make both the Yoga masterclass and the product effective;
  • Great choice of the tagline — “Yoga is for Skin”;

What could make it even better:

  • Personalize the email subject line with the recipient’s first name to make it look appealing;
  • Add stronger relevance — You can barely make out that this is a Mother’s Day email marketing campaign unless you look at the coupon code;
  • Include a more attention-catching hero image.

6. Mother’s Day Email Campaign — Bose Headphones

If you’re a retailer or run an ecommerce business, you might want to take a closer look at Bose’s inspiring ‘Treat your mum to better sound’ campaign.

Subject line: Last chance to save on the perfect gift for Mom

Image source: Bose

This is a last-minute reminder email aimed at triggering the FOMO (fear of missing out) reflex in online shoppers who love their moms who love music.

Using sleek designs and an easy-to-scan template, Bose highlights the benefits of its QC35 headphone, emphasizing its noise-cancellation abilities and unique packaging as a Mother’s Day present.

What we loved about this email:

  • A relevant, attention-grabbing headline;
  • A stunningly apt hero creative of a woman (supposedly a mom) opening the exact same product as a gift;
  • Great sub-headline copy that adds context and reason to why you should honor this day by gifting your mom something special;
  • Transparent pricing, including discount offer.

What could make it even better:

  • A clear call-to-action such as “Shop Now” is nice, but personalizing it for the occasion can make your brand even more loved. For example., “Shop Headphones for Mom”;
  • Including the recipient’s name in the subject line or preview header could make the email compelling to open;
  • Embedding a countdown timer (available as a drag-and-drop option inside your Sender dashboard) would add more credibility to the last-minute offer.

If reading this email didn’t leave you with the feeling that the best Mother’s Day gift could only be a pair of noise-canceling headphones, we’d be very surprised.

7. Mother’s Day Ecommerce Promotions — Everlane

According to nine out of ten customers, free shipping is the number one motivator for them to shop online more often.

Sometimes, the smallest ideas inspire the brightest Mother’s Day email campaign. Everlane’s promotion is entirely driven by paid-for, 2-day shipping.

Subject line: Free 2-Day Shipping—For Mom

Image source: Everlane

What we loved about this email:

  • Free 2-day shipping offer laid out clearly and simply;
  • The offer includes both in the subject line as well as the header making it unmissable;
  • Well co-ordinated colors in email design, plus great choices of font;
  • Relevant call-to-action — ‘Shop Gifts for Mom’, that could raise the clickthrough rates;
  • Urgency-driven promotion that urges the prospects to take action today.

What could make it even better:

  • Including a count-down timer could make the deadline seem more realistic and make the reader shop for Mother’s Day gifts with more urgency;
  • Personalizing the subject line with the reader’s first name gives it an emotional touch and could give your brand a distinct advantage when it comes to opens and clicks.

Continuing on with some more cute Mother’s Day email examples to whet your appetite and inspiration further.

8. Mother’s Day Campaigns for Non-Profits — St. Baldrick’s Foundation

What better way to appeal for funds for charitable causes than through a Mother’s Day email?

St. Baldrick’s Foundation is a volunteer and donor-powered charity organization that supports research and cures for cancer in children. Below is a great example of an ask email done right.

Subject line: Need a Mother’s Day gift?

Image source: St. Baldrick’s Foundation

This is a super-innovative campaign in that the organization wants to encourage readers to buy a digital copy of the hand-drawn e-card that was created by a cancer survivor kid. 

Goes to show that while you might be an NGO, non-profit, or not-for-profit with zero marketing budget. But when it comes to Mother’s Day marketing, you’re only limited by your own imagination.

What we loved about this email:

  • Eye-catching, light-themed design with Serif-styled fonts, leading to better readability;
  • Simple copy that clearly conveys how every purchase helps fund some research or cure for cancer in children;
  • Forges a deeper connection by including a real picture of the kid who hand-drew the greeting card.

What could make it even better:

  • Including a count-down timer could make the deadline seem more realistic and make the reader shop for Mother’s Day gifts with more urgency;
  • Instead of “Need a Mother’s Day gift?”, a curiosity-driven subject line such as “Hey, I designed this for you” could add some more spice to the opens.

9. Heartfelt Mother’s Day Campaigns — Tuft & Needle

It’s a fallacy to think that your Mother’s Day emails will only work if you have the deepest discounts or the juiciest offers.

More often than not, if you’re running on thin profit margins or don’t believe in discount-led strategies for your business, simple, heartfelt messages can do the trick.

Take, for instance, the American mattress and bedding brand Tuft & Needle’s email below.

Subject line: Moms deserve it.

Image source: Tuft & Needle

What we loved about this email:

  • Striking creative urging the readers to form a closer bond with their moms by spending time talking to them;
  • A simple and curiosity-laden subject line that makes you think, “What exactly do moms deserve?”;
  • Great copy talking about the significance of Mother’s Day and how you can connect with yours better.

What could make it even better:

  • While we get that this is a simple, good wishes email with no CTA, by including a blog or website link, free, targeted traffic could have been had;
  • Personalization in the email body copy could make it even more relatable than it already is.

10. Mother’s Day Free Shipping Offers — Aesop

Not everyone needs a Mother’s Day gift guide to be able to choose a thoughtful gift for the first woman in their life. But in case you do, luxury and cosmetic wellness brand Aesop’s Mother’s Day email below helps take care of that worry.

Subject line: Complimentary shipping on gifts for beloved mothers

Image source: Aesop

What we loved about this email:

  • The initial paragraph of messaging is great, relevant, and has just the right dose of humor to make the reader smile;
  • Inclusion of free shipping on all orders. After all, who doesn’t like free shipping?;
  • Impressive product creatives that arouse interest and desire to buy.

What could make it even better:

  • The present subject line is not only plain and verbose but also doesn’t add any value to communication coming from a luxury brand. We’d go with something like – “Sarah, show your mom you care [FREE shipping]”;
  • Include a more enthusiastic headline like “That Special Woman in Your Life”;
  • Sharpen the copy and make it more concise. For instance, instead of corporate-speak like “Trained Consultants are available…” say, “We’d be thrilled to help you pick the perfect gift within your budget personally…”;
  • Include multiple CTA buttons (there’s only one presently).

11. Mother’s Day Ecommerce Discounts — Resy

When you find that your business is in a niche that compels you to provide promotional or discounted offers to potential & existing customers, do it in style.

Resy is an online restaurant discovery and reservation service that helps foodies always find what they want quickly and easily. Their editorial digest template is a great example of how a business can create promotional Mother’s Day newsletters.

Subject line: The Resy Digest: James Beard Awards finalists, Mother’s Day recipes, and more.

Image source: Resy

What we loved about this email:

  • The email is styled as a newsletter or magazine and makes for compelling reading;
  • Great choice of easy-on-the-eyes colors and design;
  • Nice choice of creatives, which for one, don’t make you cringe by looking like typical stock images.

What could make it even better:

  • The current subject line is just too long and will likely get clipped off both on mobile and desktop devices;
  • We’d move the Mother’s Day block a little above towards the top as that is the primary occasion;
  • Personalizing the subject line or at least the email body could make it seem so personal and relevant.

12. Mother’s Day Opt-Out Newsletter — Waitrose & Partners

You may have an incredible offer, and your Mother’s Day messages convey the right balance of emotion and urgency to take action.

However, not everyone is ready to buy this Mother’s Day, and that’s something you should be prepared for. Design an opt-out newsletter beforehand and use it to increase engagement and reduce spam complaints and churn.

Like the one from Waitrose & Partners.

Subject line: Prefer not to receive our Mother’s Day emails?

Image source: Waitrose & Partners

What we loved about this email:

  • Straight-forward subject line & headline hyper-focused on conveying only one objective i.e., getting disinterested subscribers to opt out;
  • Simple yet effective email body copy;
  • Shopping buttons smartly included towards the bottom of the email could get you free clicks in case a subscriber changes their mind and decides to explore your site;

What could make it even better:

  • The opt-out button could’ve been more prominently colored;
  • The idea is to try and always get maximum opens for all emails, even opt-out newsletters. With this in mind, a curiosity-driven subject line with some personalization could be a great try. For example. “John, we’re sorry if…”;

13. Mother’s Day Specials — DeBragga

Mother’s Day doesn’t mean you’ve got to go all out on a shopping spree to buy the most expensive gifts in town to show that you care. You can show love by actually ‘doing’ something for her.

DeBragga, one of New York’s more famous online meat vendors, used the occasion of Mother’s Day to promote their stock product with a special offer.

Subject line: Show Her the Love This Mother’s Day! Cook Dinner for Her!

Image source: DeBragga

What we loved about this email:

  • Great choice of font (italicized, red-colored) for the headline. It blends well with the product color;
  • Great headline copy with a little bit of contextual humor thrown in;
  • Realistic creatives showcasing the product being sold;
  • A clear offer that mentions the price and free shipping conditions prominently to elicit trust.

What could make it even better:

  • Adding contextual text on the CTA button could get this email more clicks. For example, instead of “Shop Now”, you could write “I love fantastic deals”;
  • The email subject line is long and risks getting clipped off. Could keep it short and sweet. E..g. “Let’s cook dinner for her”;

Although the deal is a limited-period offer and the creative clearly says as much, a live countdown timer could inject a sense of urgency and have the prospect take action faster.

14. Mother’s Day Email Reminders — J Crew

We live in fast-moving times with overwhelming lives and short memories.

A timely reminder message in the form of a Mother’s Day email can help many of your prospects take action and express their deepest emotions on this special day.

J Crew, one of America’s best women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing brands, shows us one way to do it.

Subject line: We hope you didn’t forget…

Image source: J. Crew

What we loved about this email:

  • Great, eye-catching design;
  • Prominent headline reminding you that D-day’s nearing;
  • Clear and concise copy that hits the right notes for busy professionals.

What could make it even better:

  • The 25% OFF offer and the accompanying coupon code are both less visible on the first go. It would be a great idea to make at least these more prominent in the design;
  • We’d love to see the call-to-action text made more attention-catching so the subscriber knows what to do next. Replacing the hyperlinked text with a simple and personalized CTA button could be a great idea;
  • Introduce urgency by making this a limited-time offer and displaying this intently using a countdown timer right inside the email.

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Ideas for Mother’s Day Email Marketing

People want to give their mothers meaningful gifts on Mother’s Day. This gives you a massive opportunity to reach out and remind your subscribers to order something for their mothers. If you’re short on Mother’s Day email ideas, here are some for your Mother’s Day email campaign.

1. Send a Mother’s Day Card

Get into a festive mood and celebrate Mother’s Day by sending greetings via email card which would brighten the day of your subscribers.

Make them feel important and valuable.

You can also consider sending your customers a free Mother’s Day card, which could be personalized and adjusted.

Provide some meaningful and funny messages which can be added, leave the signature line open so the sender can write their name, and send the card to the mom, sister, or friend to honor and celebrate their motherhood.


2. Countdown Timers to Encourage Urgency

Everyone starts to hurry once they see the deadline approaching. Consider adding a countdown timer to your email to create a sense of urgency so your customers will want to get the deals you are offering before it runs out.

With Mother’s Day, no one wants to leave their mums without the present, so creating a sense of necessity might increase your revenue as the number of last-minute buyers will rise.

Image source: Thorntons

3. Recommend the Most Relevant Products

Besides adding ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ wishes and reminders about the upcoming special day, give your subscribers some guidance to ease their headache when searching for gifts.

Your newsletter could contain special selections for Mother’s Day to present your gift options and enable your customers to purchase presents based on the theme rather than go through your entire website to find out the right fit.

Image source: H. Samuel

4. Use Social Proof

Close to 93% of potential shoppers read online reviews before deciding to purchase. 

Social proof provides direct evidence that other users have used your product or service satisfactorily and hence helps build trust and credibility in your business and its offerings.

When included in your Mother’s Day email, it can persuade subscribers to take action, such as purchasing. 

In your Mother’s Day email campaigns, use genuine testimonials from users, photos or videos of real customers using your product, endorsements by popular celebrities or influencers, or even social media follower counts.

For instance, look at the email from KEYPER, a women’s lifestyle store.

Towards the end, it includes social proof as a testimonial from another user.

Image source: Keyper

Remember, in an era of online transactions where trust is scarce, you can never include too much social proof.

5. Personalize. Personalize. Personalize.

A staggering 71% of shoppers are frustrated when their shopping experience is impersonal.

Personalization in emails allows you to connect with Mother’s Day shoppers at a deeper emotional level, which in turn can lead to higher engagement, trust, and sales.

You can implement personalization for your Mother’s Day email campaigns through:

  • Personalizing the email subject line or body content with the recipient’s first name;
  • Personalizing the email content to the recipient’s interests or behavior,  e.g., past purchases or browsing history;
  • Sending an exclusive offer to specific segments only. E.g., a Mother’s Day special offer to those subscribers who bought from you on last year’s Mother’s Day;
  • Personalizing the call-to-action (CTA) to reflect the occasion. E.g., instead of saying “Shop Now”, your CTA text says “Shop for Mom”.

Personalization adds relevance and hence captures interest. Use it to build stronger relationships that lead to long-term, profitable outcomes.

If this sounds a bit confusing, take a look at Email Personalization Explained: Complete guide & examples.

6. Use Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are a great way to incentivize online shoppers to take action fast. 

Coupons could offer discounts on specific products or product categories, a free gift with every purchase, or even free shipping.

Also, you can offer a specific percentage off the purchase price (e.g., 30% OFF), or it could be a fixed dollar amount (e.g., Get $20 back for every $100 you spend today).

You can use simple psychological triggers to make your coupons more valuable than your competitor’s offers. For example, promote a limited-time offer where the coupon code expires after some time or announce that only the first 100 online shoppers are eligible for the coupon discount.

Note: When using coupon codes in your Mother’s Day emails, include specific and clear instructions on how to use and redeem the coupon code while mentioning any terms and conditions that apply to this specific offer.

Image source: Cozy Earth

How to Create an Effective Mother’s Day Email Campaign

If you’re excited looking at all of the above examples, we’ve got a step-by-step guide for you to create the perfect Mother’s Day marketing email. Here’s how to create a winning campaign for Mother’s Day marketing strategy:

1. Highlight Your Goals 

Before you begin your campaign, think about the one achievement that would make the stress and hassle of creating a Mother’s Day newsletter worth the investment.

Do you want to attract engagement? Compel fleeing customers to change their minds? Reach a jaded audience? Or make your product the talk of your industry?

Whatever your goal(s), highlight it before kick-starting your campaign.

2. Define Your Target Audience 

In email marketing, there is what we call an email blast. Email blast means sending the same email to hundreds or thousands of subscribers – a common practice in today’s email marketing world.

However, while an email blast is cost-effective and time-saving, the success of such email campaigns depends mainly on how well you understand your target audience.

To ensure your Mother’s Day newsletter reaches the right people at the right time, we recommend you define your target audience – the exact women, fathers, or children you’d like to reach with your marketing message – before engaging in the email creation process. 

3. Choose a Campaign Type 

It’s time to choose your Mother’s Day email campaign type. For example, do you want to run a sales/discount campaign, a thank-you campaign, free delivery or giveaway campaign, etc.? Now is the time to decide.

The type of campaign you intend to run will determine the template you’ll need. Before deciding on a Mother’s Day email campaign, consider the needs and desires of the mothers on your list.

Look for ways to solve their most pressing issues at low or discounted rates, or if possible, put a smile on their faces by tending to their needs at zero cost.

4. Set Timing 

In every email marketing campaign, timing decides true north. If your emails don’t get to their target audience at the right time, it’s as good as useless.

For example, imagine sending your Mother’s Day newsletter a day or two after the event. Mothers would already be exhausted from the long list of emails they’ve had to sort through the past week; no one would blink an eye.

If you want your Mother’s Day email campaign to succeed, be sure to get your timing right.

5. Segment Your List 

Identifying your audience entails making a broad list of all the mothers, fathers, or children in your network. Segmenting your list means highlighting individual pain points and proffering solutions based on a persona.

For example, let’s say you sell fiction and non-fiction books to mothers. You’re dealing with two categories of women – those who love fiction and those who don’t. Your Mother’s Day newsletter needs to address both categories of women. 

Identifying your audience helps you create a concrete list of all the mothers you can reach with your newsletter. Segmenting your audience helps you create emails based on distinct needs, pain points, and desires.

6. Design Your Email

It’s time to effectively design your email with detailed knowledge of the mothers at the receiving end of your email newsletter

Choose a template in line with your email offer. For example, if you plan to send a Mother’s Day newsletter filled with discount codes, look for an interactive discount code template with a design that suits you. Don’t forget to put plenty of blank space in your email.

But if you are lacking that precious time, use the ready-to-use template made by Sender.


Use this simple email marketing service for your email campaigns to send out visually stunning newsletters that are not only easy to design using a simple drag-and-drop email builder but also something that won’t cost an arm and a leg to keep using, you’re in the right place!


If you don’t have a template for your newsletter or an ESP to simplify the sending process, kindly explore Sender. The catalog contains multiple email newsletter templates you can easily customize to a medley of styles. 

When you use an email marketing tool like Sender, doing it is even easier than you think. Sender’s in-built email design tool makes it a breeze to build emails quickly and efficiently using simple drag-and-drop editing. Also included are responsive and high-converting pre-designed email newsletter templates that make it extremely easy for you to send emails.

Key Takeaways: Mother’s Day Email Templates

When planning a Mother’s Day campaign, you must focus on the motherly bond and target last-minute shoppers. Remember, Mother’s Day is all about treating moms and pampering them. So, it’s wise to add gift ideas and lots of offers to increase your revenue. 

  • Create attractive emails with catchy subject lines; 
  • Use deals, giveaways, and UGC contest ideas to increase engagement; 
  • Use countdown timers to evoke urgency and entice subscribers to buy something for mother figures in their lives; 
  • Schedule or automate your campaign with a marketing automation tool like Sender. 

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