Best Upselling Techniques (6 Tips with Examples)

Mar 18, 2020 - By Skirmantas Venckus

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You can build better relationships with your clients and get new leads if you learn how to upsell your products online.

There are some techniques and strategies you can take to be more effective at upselling in online marketing.

These techniques works in every industry (restaurants, retail, hotels, call centers, eCommerce and others). Just choose the tips that may work best for you.

Upselling demands to be visible

It’s much easier to upsell online than in store because you can display virtually unlimited products or services. Use your hosting platform to its maximum potential with different features to showcase items that are relevant to what the client is looking at.

For example, on Amazon, product pages show the customer other items that are similar or related in some way to the product currently being viewed. Adopt the same methods on your website by linking products or services that work well together, like connecting social media with online reputation, you can put a link to each and upsell the other product on each page.

These should always be presented to the viewer as a recommendation, without being too pushy or hard selling – clients tend to be disengaged by these methods.

Where I can increase my brand awareness?

  • Questions/Answers sites, like Quora.com, Reddit.com.
  • Social media platforms (closed groups, fan pages, video sites).
  • Forums (forum topics related to your product).
  • Blogs (buy advertising only in the post, where comes mostly potential customers).
  • Influencers.
  • Email marketing.

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upselling demands to be visible

Combining your products in a bundle

Similarly to the previous point, combining your products in a bundle is an incredibly easy way to upsell your products. You can combine two or three services and products in a bundle and offer a discount if they’re purchased in a package.

For example, if selling a laptop, combine it in a bundle with a mouse and a carrying case at a reduced price to encourage your clients to purchase all three. Use your creativity to maximize your product combinations and naming of bundles to appeal to the consumer.

Predictive Analysis and Tracking

When you have a client that you know wants to buy your services and has potential to be a long-lasting client, it’s likely that customer will want to buy more. Predictive analysis, also known as the propensity model, gives these clients more targeted search options. What it does is show offers automatically that are based on the behavior of that client.

Tools like Google Analytics allows businesses to find out which products are most interesting to their customers. Create different groups of customers and keep track of what they’re looking at and what they’re purchasing, as well as the way they browse through your site.

This gives you an idea of the purchasing trends, meaning which product drew them in first and then led them to another product. This allows you to make offers that are educated and better targeted to future clients while they’re on your site.

It also helps you have more direct campaigns for each service in a way that will reach your potential customers best.

predictive analysis and tracking

Incentives for deals and promotions

Customers love incentives and are constantly on the lookout for good deals, free things, and great promotions. As a business, giving incentives for your clients to buy is an effective way to boost your customers’ loyalty and increase your retention rate by showcasing your gratitude and appreciation for your clients.

Incentives help you manage customers who are unhappy as well by giving them better offers, discounts on new products, or freebies when they order something.

This makes them feel better and might repair the relationship so they become return customers.

Use email marketing to make sure that customers knows about your deals and promotions.

Read more about email automation.

Keep It Simple

It can take a lot of time for your business to upsell products, from deciding which products are relevant to others, and how to come up with the right pricing bundle. For these reasons, the products you up sell should only be those that already sell well.

Look at your sales analytics to find out which one of your products will be worth up selling, and pick those that have consistently good sales or if they’re trending. You should also keep in mind the seasons and pick products that work well with winter or summer, depending on what you’re selling.

Limit Buying Options

You don’t want to give your customers too many options for products because it might mean that they become overwhelmed and decide to wait before buying, or give up completely. Offer only one or two upselling options and see what is most successful with your particular audience.

limit buying options

Beatrix Potter, a professional writer with Academic Writing Service, is involved in business and marketing projects with many companies. She enjoys developing marketing strategies and helping companies excel.

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