Sales Promotion: 25 Examples to Kickstart Your Next Campaign

Jan 15, 2024 - By Camilla Mackeviciute

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Sale! Sale! Sale! You’ve encountered it a billion times before you even started working with promotions. However, by now, you know better that its sole purpose is not only for the company to make a buck. It also does an excellent job of boosting customer satisfaction and shining a light on your brand. Combine this with versatility relevant for any size and niche business, and the secret to sales promotions popularity is revealed!

Heads up! This is a loooong article because we’ll cover sales-everything: types, pros & cons, the best strategies, and 25 sales promotion examples to keep your eureka moments flowing in. Let’s begin.

What is Sales Promotion?

Looking for a sales promotion definition? It’s easier to visit three online stores of your favorite brands, and at least one will have an attention-grabbing “25% off” or “Buy One, Get One!”. That’s a sales promotion – a special, limited-time deal or offer businesses give customers. It gives people a good reason to buy from the store, like a discount or a freebie. And it answers why it’s so mutually appreciated: you drive sales while the shoppers get a more enjoyable and budget-friendly shopping experience.

Sales Promotions Types

Given how long sales have existed on this planet, there are more sales promotion types anyone could count. This means you can find one that best fits your needs, budget, and means. Here are just a few of the most popular types:

  • Competitions and giveaways. Create engaging challenges on social media or get people engaged with your brand for a chance to win a freebie or a massive discount on your products. That’s the gateway to exciting sales!
  • Flash sale or limited-time price reduction. Put a timer on that sale (a few hours or days) and watch your prospects rush to get something great before time runs out;
  • Bundling of products or services. If you have items that are good separately but great together, bundle them up and offer them at an alluring price. It’s like getting more for less, and it’s perfect for people who can’t decide;
  • Free trial or demo. Allow your doubtful prospects to try your products and ensure they’re worth opening their wallets. Just in case, you may also throw in a bonus deal for the purchase;
  • Limited-time free shipping. Funnily enough, some people are willing to pay more for the item rather than paying more for the shipping. This is your chance to show your good try and offer delivery without extra fees;
  • Limited-time freebies. Pampering your customers is always a good idea. Give them a free add-on when they buy something, and make them feel special (without hurting your budget);
  • First purchase coupon. Make your new prospects feel welcomed – give them a special discount to get themselves something cool or learn about the place;
  • BOGO (Buy One, Get One Free). Give two for the price of one! Chances are that you’ll make twice as many people happy (given that your customer is willing to share);
  • Coupon or voucher code. Discounts are nice, but entering a promo code and seeing the cart’s price drop is nicer. Give your prospects to try a hand at it;
  • Upsell. At one point, your customers might need something more awesome than they already had. Give them a reason to level up;
  • Recurring sale. Turn buying with you into a tradition. Choose a date and keep on delivering great offers each year. Soon, your customers will know when it’s time to be excited to shop;
  • Portion of purchase for a charitable cause. Make shopping with you meaningful and give a way to help others with each purchase. After all, who doesn’t like to better the world while getting something they love?

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The Pros and Cons of Sales Promotions

Like there would be no day without a night, sales promotions have advantages and disadvantages you should take into consideration:

Pros of sales promotions:

  • Sales promotions often lead to a boost in sales, as customers are motivated to purchase;
  • They can draw in new customers with the deals and offers, expanding your customer base;
  • Promotions help you clear out excess inventory or seasonal items, preventing overstock and potential losses;
  • Deals and offers create buzz and attract attention to your brand, especially if the deals are attractive and well-marketed;
  • Providing special deals can enhance customer satisfaction, making them more likely to return;
  • Free trials or demos encourage customers to try new products or services, potentially leading to long-term adoption.

Cons of sales promotions:

  • Promotions can lower profit margins due to discounted prices or additional costs associated with the advertising itself;
  • Overreliance on sales promotions can condition customers to wait for deals, affecting regular pricing and profitability;
  • Constant promotions might dilute your brand’s value, making customers associate your products with discounted prices rather than quality;
  • If a promotion is highly successful, it can lead to stockouts, disappointing customers who miss out, or overwhelming operations during a sudden demand spike;
  • Frequent promotions lead customers to perceive the actual value of products as lower than their regular price, reducing their willingness to pay total price;
  • If multiple promotions are running at once, they might compete with each other over potential sales;
  • Designing and implementing promotions involve marketing, advertising, logistics, and additional resources costs.

25 Sales Promotion Examples to Increase Sales

If you’re a visual learner like us, by now, you should be tapping on the table and waiting to see real-life sales promotions. Fret not, as we’ve collected 25 jealousy-inducing sales promotion examples segmented into different groups of deals:

Sales promotions: Pricing and Discounts Type

These are the most popular types of sales promotions you can see on every corner:

Discount Codes

Image source: Ritual

Discount codes are near and dear to sales promotions due to their 101 ways to be delivered: via website, social media, print materials, word-of-mouth, you name it.

They can also be customized and made exclusive. For example, you can make them valid only for a particular time, a specific number of times, or available only for selected accounts.

What we like:

  • The discount code is visible and echoes both the season and discount size;
  • The discount is for new subscribers only communicating their exclusivity and motivating them to become customers;
  • How to use the promo code is explained shortly before the CTA (Call-to-Action).

Early Bird Specials

Image source: Butter

You know the saying… Early bird gets the biggest discount. Create a deadline for your customers to use the best deal and watch them flock in. It’s the nicest way to nudge people into hurrying and rewards proactive customers who plan.

What we like:

  • The deadline for the deal is clearly communicated;
  • The three available products (subscription plans) are listed to help decide;
  • The CTA is actionable and easy to understand at first glance.

Flash Sales

Image source: True Grit Supply

Flash sales offer significant discounts or offers. The catch? The customers have to be quick to take advantage of them.

Consider including flash sales in your marketing strategy to encourage impulse buying, boost sales for a short period, or sell excess inventory.

What we like: 

  • The flash sales got a renaming and are in biggest font, making it stand out not only on the sales promotion example but also on the rest of the sales;
  • Instead of listing all the items the sale applies to, it simply says everything and clarify separate, popular group;
  • The visual is very on-brand, making it immediately clear where the sale is happening.

Seasonal Offers

Image source: 8fit

Some promotions get ripe towards specific times of the year and fall to be picked on holidays, seasons, or special events. These offers benefit from the increased hunger during these periods, motivating the peckish customers to grab discounts, bundles, or exclusive products season-style.

Use seasonal offers to deliver the mood and answer the needs during that time to boost sales and create excitement.

What we like:

  • The season mood is communicated immediately;
  • Bright colors help the promotion to get noticed and look summery;
  • Limited time creates a sense of urgency.

Webinar Discounts

Image source: Vitally

Some smart marketers offer exclusive discounts for webinar participants. After all, who could be better to promote to than interested people who’ve already heard about your product or valuable expert information? The offers can be for anything from products and services to future events related to the webinar’s topic. It’s a great way to stay in touch with the attendees.

What we like:

  • The brand created the webinar for both new and existing customers to attract more potential sales;
  • The participants saw the product in action first, making them feel exclusive and more inclined to get involved;
  • There was already a demo to demonstrate the service’s advantages in action;
  • All the webinar attendees received an exclusive discount to get their hands on the newly upgraded platform.

Webinars are just one of the effective marketing campaign ideas. Check out 25 digital marketing examples from top brands.

Sales Promotions: Service Package 

How to sell a lot? And fast? Well, follow these best sales promotion examples:

Bundled Services

Image source: Apple

The service bundles give customers the convenience and value of combining related services for less. These neat packages enhance the users’ experience and encourage them to choose comprehensive solutions over individual benefits.

What we like:

  • The service bundle has its’ own branded name – Apple One, making it more comprehensive;
  • The users are allowed to try the bundle for free and make sure of its advantages;
  • The services in each bundle, their value, and price points are understandably listed.

BOGO (Buy One Get One)

Image source: Subway

If your sales promotion campaign aims to sell several products at once, BOGO deals might be your best answer. 

These deals can also come in a variety of formats: 

  • The traditional buy one, get one free;
  • The more risky one of buy three and get the 4th for free;
  • And the buy two and get 25% type of deal.

Note that the products participating in the promotion don’t have to be the same. The standard practice is to give the item of the lesser price away for free.

What we like: 

  • The promotion can be understood in a blink of an eye;
  • Subway often regularly offers BOGO deals, ensuring loyal customers and a flow of new bingers;
  • The condition where the orders must be done additionally promotes the brand’s app.

Upsell Offers

Image source: Grammarly

Once you’ve gained trust for your brand and understanding that your products are worth the hype from the customer, consider showing them why upgrading to a higher-priced offer should be their next step with your brand.

What we like:

  • The promotion communicates that the products come with a heftier price tag;
  • Limited time to use the offer creates FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and nudges to use the offer on the spot;
  • The recipient is also clearly explained how it will enrich their life.

Sales Promotions: Loyalty and Referral 

If returning customers makes your heart sing, these sales promotion techniques are worth your time:


Image source: Fortnite

Word of mouth is a powerful tool in skyrocketing your brand awareness. While it usually happens naturally, there’s a way to create it with promotional sales.

We’re talking about the “Refer-a-friend” marketing strategy, where you encourage existing customers to recommend a product to their acquaintance in return for rewards and discounts.

What we like:

  • The condition for participating is loud and clear;
  • Some of the best rewards are shown while others are mentioned, inducing the reader’s curiosity;
  • An opportunity to spend time with a friend works as an additional motivation.

Loyalty Programs

Image source: Sephora

Loyalty programs typically operate on the accumulation principle: the more you spend or engage with a brand, the greater the rewards you receive. This means that the benefits may take time for repeat customers, but once they become engaged with your brand, they will likely remain loyal.

What we like:

  • The loyalty program has a branded name, giving it an exclusive club feel;
  • Conditions, rewards, and the program’s value are visually communicated for quick understanding;
  • Earning loyalty points is as simple as spending one dollar.

Exclusive Membership Offers

Image source: Adidas

Hardcore fans aren’t born; they’re made. If you want to rally such crowd, consider establishing a club where your loyal customers are met with open arms. Invite people to join or remain in the club by offering the members jealousy-inducing offers and deals not available for other groups.

What we like:

  • The exclusivity of the members is highlighted for both them and regular site visitors;
  • The discount stands out as the biggest value proposition;
  • Three segmented CTAs manage to enhance visitors’ experience without overwhelming them.

Frequent Buyer Program

Image source: Lancôme

Visit, shop, sleep, repeat. Wouldn’t you like it to be your customers’ motto? Well, it’s possible with a good incentive — rewards, discounts, and exclusive offers that keep them returning for more.

What we like:

  • The value proposition is put straight in the program’s name;
  • New participants immediately get a welcome reward, which earns their trust;
  • The reward system and the rewards are explained in three easy steps. 

Customer Anniversary Offer

Image source: Levi’s

A customer has been with you for a time now? Celebrate this milestone together! Remind them that you appreciate their brand choice and send a surprise gift that guarantees many more anniversaries ahead.

What we like:

  • The main message is concise but effective in communicating a celebratory mood;
  • The valuable offer is worth a separate celebration;
  • The brand’s visual identity seeps through the offer image.

Social Media Engagement Discounts

Image source: Kene.co

Social media has opened a new world of opportunities and offered a new ground to test your sales promotion ideas. But don’t go with the old, boring post “15% off everything” when you can make it fun.

One way is to reward followers who engage most with your brand on social media. For example, leave the first comment, share to most channels, or tag most friends.

What we like:

  • The conditions to enter the contest are simple and engaging;
  • All participants get a discount, making it more enticing to participate;
  • The post also promotes the newest brand’s collection.

Feedback and Review Promotion

Image source: Wooninja

Stop the guesswork and hear from your customers what they have to say about your products or services. Give them incentives or rewards in exchange for their feedback and reviews… Now both sides are happy!

What we like:

  • The deal is communicated loudly and clearly;
  • The offer has no time limit, motivating the customers to leave more than one review;
  • The image is on-brand, helping comprehension.

Loyalty Points Multiplier Days

Image source: Starbucks

Level up your loyalty program game by occasionally organizing a loyalty points multiplier day. On this day, customers can earn extra loyalty points for their purchases (meaning increased sales for you).

What we like:

  • The loyalty program game has a recognizable title;
  • One week is plenty of time for all members to benefit from the deal;
  • Various conditions to get extra points are inclusive for all types of customers;
  • The offer is available for existing and new members, motivating the latter to join.

Sales Promotions: Bonuses and Addons

Sometimes, making the experience with your brand a bit more exciting is all that is needed for sales promotion to be successful:

Limited-Time Bonus

Image source: Sims

You hardly find a person who wouldn’t enjoy a bonus. Add a deadline until it can be received, and you’ve got a sweet way to hook in customers.

Yet, note that bonuses usually enhance a product or service already in use, so this type of sales promotion works best with existing customers.

What we like:

  • Limited time to get the bonus creates a sense of urgency;
  • The offer is aimed at a group of people with specific interests, increasing the chances that it’ll be used;
  • The bonuses are attractively presented urging to purchase.

Gift with Purchase

Image source: Good Pair Days

Highlight your generosity by offering a remarkable gift to your customers. This isn’t just any old item you have lying around – it’s carefully chosen to align with your brand’s products or services. It’s something so appealing that people would be eager to buy it as it is.

What we like:

  • The gift is thoughtful and closely related to the brand’s service – wine subscription;
  • Showing the price of the gift proves how valuable it is;
  • The offer works perfectly to encourage new customers to make their first purchase.

Exclusive Access

Image source: Amazon

We cannot stress this enough – show as much love for your loyal customers as fits in your brand’s heart. One way to do it is exclusive access promotions to products, events, or restricted content reserved for extraordinary people. Talk about ways to make your audience feel exceptional!

What we like:

  • The offer is visible for all types of customers, motivating the nonmembers to join Amazon Prime;
  • It perfectly answers relevant customers’ pain points – holiday shopping;
  • Only two days to shop exclusively nudges the customers to hurry.

Contests and Giveaways

Image source: Chillhouse

It’s hard to scroll through a giveaway. Somebody’s giving free stuff? Well, count me in! So, if you’re looking to create a buzz around your brand, ultimately boosting sales, start searching for your creativity hat.

Just a few things to have in mind before launching a contest or giveaway:

  • Make the participation easy;
  • Have a reward that’s related to your brand;
  • Give people enough time to participate and spread the word about your contest;
  • Think about how you can comfort those who didn’t win.

What we like:

  • The header is catchy as it promises a great reward;
  • Showing the price of the prize communicates its value;
  • The reward is very on-brand, so is the copy.

Promotional Offers and Deals

We think that all marketers agree – having more choices than fewer is better. That said, let’s look at 5 more original sales promotions:

Affiliate Promotions

Image source: eBay

No company is an island. If you really want to grow, partner with brand advocates – with individuals or organizations (affiliates) that let you reach their audience and boost sales through shared incentives. How? Ask them to promote your brand for a reward: commission on sales, favors, or services.

What we like:

  • A whole affiliate program with a memorable name ensures that the partnerships are long-lasting;
  • Irresistible benefits of the affiliate promotions are given before signing up;
  • The company uses its brand name to ensure user trust.

Guaranteed Results

Image source: Blume

It’s a long-known advertising rule – tell how your customers’ lives will improve after getting your product, and they’ll buy. Show accurate results the buyers can expect to ensure that their money won’t just go out of the window. 

However, avoid being unrealistic and unachievable at all costs. Losing credibility and customer satisfaction has a much heftier price tag than a lost sale.

What we like:

  • Showing the result as before and after pictures promotes it better than any copy could;
  • Customer testimony adds to the credibility;
  • The CTA is placed immediately after the results so the readers would act while still impressed.

Trade-In Offers

Image source: Samsung

We don’t like trade-in offers. We love it! Allowing your customers to return old products for a discount toward purchasing a new item is a win-win for both of you. While they save money and upgrade, you keep loyal customers and reduce waste!

What we like:

  • Any brand device can be traded in, meaning that Samsung lures away new customers;
  • Customers can get the latest smartphone for a great price without worrying about where to put the old one;
  • It’s an ongoing promotion, gaining customers’ loyalty.

Family and Friends Promotion

Image source: Milly

Spread the joy and benefits widely! Extend your promotions to customers, family, and friends, creating a solid community and powerful word-of-mouth.

What we like:

  • The visual is eye-catching and communicates a festive mood;
  • Giving a promo code makes it easier to share with others;
  • The discount is shown in big letters and can be seen immediately.

Eco-Friendly or Green Purchase Discounts

Image source: EarthHero

The lovers of the Earth, rejoice! These special offers won’t hurt your pocket and the planet!

With such a double-value sales promotion message, you can be sure people will be coming to you; leave after making eco-conscious choices, support sustainability, and come back for more environmentally friendly purchasing decisions!

What we like:

  • The brand is helping the planet in two significant ways: by helping to choose sustainability and by clearing their stock;
  • The discounts apply to the most popular items, making them look more valuable;
  • The visual supports the concept of eco-friendly and green purchases.

Effective Sales Promotion Strategies

If you’ve reached this part, you must be beaming with enthusiasm to create your sales promotion. Let’s make sure it’s also effective! Grab these tips and best practices:

  • Offer real value. Would you be motivated enough by the weight of a product or service to buy? If not, return to the drawing board;
  • Include free shipping. Getting the items delivered free of charge is one of the straightest ways to your customers’ hearts;
  • Define a goal and follow it. Sales promotion is only successful with a well-considered purpose. Whether you want to get new customers, increase brand loyalty, or boost sales, there’s a different strategy;
  • Find the most effective way to promote your sale. Test where it gets the most attention: popups, on-site notifications, emails, social media, or other marketing channels.

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Key Takeaways

Ready to embark on your sales promotions journey? Before bidding you farewell, we share a summary of things we’ve covered:

  • As most, if not all, of your customers have sales promotions, originality is your best option;
  • Pros of sales promotions include increased sales, attracting new customers, clearing out excess inventory, creating buzz around the brand, enhancing customer satisfaction, and encouraging product adoption;
  • Cons of sales promotions include potential profit margin reduction, conditioning customers to wait for deals, diluting brand value, stockouts, perception of lower product value, competition among promotions, and resource costs;
  • To create a compelling sales promotion, you must offer real value, include free shipping, define clear goals and test which marketing channels work the best for you.

And if your hunger for knowledge isn’t fulfilled yet, here are some more great articles:

Author bio

Vesta Oldenburg is a content writer specializing in email marketing strategies. In her daily work, creativity intertwines with a strategic mindset to create content that captivates its readers.

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