5 Best Upsell App for Shopify in 2023 (Free & Paid)

May 23, 2023 - By Skirmantas Venckus

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It’s no secret that customer acquisition costs can be unpredictable or on the rise. According to a study, your customer acquisition costs (CAC) could vary on average from $7 for the travel industry all the way to $395 for SaaS startups.

So, getting and converting traffic is seldom a problem. However, getting a positive ROI could be.

Boosting the average order value (AOV) and the average customer lifetime value (CLTV) is the smartest way to stay profitable, and the easiest way to do it is through upselling and cross-selling campaigns aimed at existing customers.

Moreover, if you’re running a Shopify store, you can do this on autopilot using automatic upsell apps. However, because finding the best upsell app for Shopify can be tricky, we put together this guide to compare some of the top Shopify upsell apps to help you make better choices.

Without further ado, let’s get this show on the road.

What are the Different Types of Upsells?

Not all upsells are the same.

  • Upgrade Upsells. Suggest a better, more expensive version. E.g., a higher-end laptop model.
  • Bundle Upsells. Recommend bundles that offer better value. E.g., a complete skincare set includes a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer.
  • Cross Sell Upsells. Recommending products that complement the current or past purchase. E.g., suggesting a phone case for a customer who’s purchased a mobile phone.
  • Volume Upsells. Also called discounted upsells, you offer special discounts for purchasing more quantity of the same product. E.g., recommending subscribers to stock up on their favorite health supplements.
  • Post Purchase Upsell. Refers to any type of upsell that happens after a product has been purchased.

The right upsells at the right times can increase store revenue and encourage repeat purchases, all while improving customer delight.

Why Choose Shopify Upsell Apps?

You cannot control the cost of acquiring a customer. But what you can control is how much you get them to spend.

More interestingly, while the probability of selling to a new customer is 5-20%, that of selling to an existing one is anywhere between 60-70%.

Upsells should be an important part of your ecommerce business marketing strategy because they:

  • Increase the customer average basket value and, therefore, your marketing ROI;
  • Help sell more products without additional acquisition or marketing costs;
  • Improve CSAT (customer satisfaction) by offering personalized recommendations;
  • Encourage repeat purchases by boosting customer loyalty better than any loyalty programs;
  • Provide a ready audience for newer or lesser-known product lines;
  • Increase sales, revenue, and profits.

So, not only is it easy to sell to existing customers, but it’s even easier to automate this for Shopify stores through high-performance plugins.

The ‘best upsell app for Shopify’ title is up for grabs. Let’s have a quick look at the contenders.

5 Best Shopify Upsell App You Must Try

Upsell apps are a dime a dozen, but the ones below are worth checking out. 

Platform NameBrief DescriptionPricing
SenderThe best upsell app for Shopify that’s affordable yet powerfulFree forever plan includes 2,500 subscribers & 15,000 emails/mo + Unlimited popups, forms & email automation;
Paid plans start from $8.33/mo for 2,500 contacts.
Most user-friendly Shopify upsell app

Free tier for development stores + 30-day free trial;
Paid plans start from $4.99/mo + 0.75% of extra revenue generated by the app for up to 49 orders/mo.
One-click downsell & upsell app for Shopify storesFree tier for development stores + 30-day free trial;
Paid plans start from $7.99/mo for up to 100 orders/mo.
Bundles Upsell

AI-Driven, fully automated Shopify upsell appFree tier for up to $500 worth of orders/mo;
Paid plans start from $49.50/mo for $500-$1,000 of revenue generated through the app.
OneClickUpsellsPre & Post sales upsell appNo free tier;
Paid plans start from $35/month + 1% of upsell revenue and valid for up to $1000 in total monthly upsell revenue.

Let’s check out these Shopify upsell apps in detail.

The Best Shopify Upsell App of 2023

The following section curates the top upsell apps for Shopify with respect to their key features, pros and cons, and pricing. Hopefully, this gives you the introduction you need to be able to choose the best upsell app for Shopify stores.

1. Sender — Most Affordable Upsell App for Shopify

Sender is a powerful email and SMS marketing automation platform that helps ecommerce businesses execute high-ROI marketing campaigns with ease and speed.

  • Full-fledged Automation Builder; 
  • Email & SMS Marketing;
  • Smart Segmentation.

In addition to helping you capture leads using high-converting popups and forms, Sender also provides a host of email & SMS marketing features to convert these leads into paying customers.

Using one easy-to-install and setup plugin, you can easily connect your online store to Sender’s backend and automatically exchange customer data, order information, and more. 

Use the library of premade email templates and drag-and-drop email builders to broadcast advertising campaigns quickly and hassle-free. Leverage a simple automation builder to design upsell and downsell automation sequences triggered by customer activity to convey one-time and recurring offers.

You can even easily design and deploy Shopify upsell popup forms to share deals, discounts, and irresistible offers.

Deploy smart segmentation and ecommerce personalization features to ensure that your messaging always stays relevant and targeted at all times.

Sender’s Key Features

  • Email & SMS automation;
  • Smart customer segmentation & personalization;
  • High-converting popups & forms;
  • Drag-and-drop email builder & premade email templates;
  • Detailed reporting & analytics.

Sender Pros & Cons

The Sender Shopify plugin is always free to install and, by default, comes with a generous free plan.

User-friendly automation builder tool No landing page builder (yet)
Affordable pricingFree plan carries Sender logo
Unlimited email automation, even with Free plan

Sender Plans & Pricing

Free Forever planStandard plan ($8/mo)Professional plan ($29/mo)
2,500 subscribers2,500 subscribers2,500 subscribers
15,000 emails30,000 emails60,000 emails
Unlimited email automationWhat’s in Free Forever planWhat’s in the Standard plan
Unlimited popups & formsSMS messagingCountdown timers
Contains Sender brandingNo Sender brandingSurvey & feedback blocks, and more!

Sounds like something that’d suit your business? Give the free forever plan a shot, you’ve got nothing to lose!

2. ReConvert — The Most User-Friendly Shopify Upsell App

ReConvert is a specialist app that enables Shopify store owners to design and apply custom post-purchase upsell funnels to increase sales, revenue, and overall marketing ROI.

  • Funnel Builder;
  • Advanced Segmentation;
  • One-click Upsells.

Use the no-code funnel builder with pre-designed high-converting templates and simple drag-and-drop actions to design funnels to deliver memorable experiences to your prospects.

Optimize your customer’s post-purchase journey by adding elegant and highly effective one-click upsells that tempt them to buy related or relevant products easily and instantly without having to re-enter their payment details again.

Say bye to boring thank you pages using ReConvert to personalize them with relevant and targeted marketing: upsells, cross-sells, popups, birthday collectors, product recommendations, customer feedback, survey email, and more.

Additionally, using powerful reporting and analytical capabilities, track the performance of your upsell funnels and optimize them to discover winners.

ReConvert’s Key Features

  • Drag & drop funnel builder;
  • Segmentation & triggers;
  • Checkout editor (Shopify+);
  • Post-purchase upsells;
  • ‘Thank you’ page editor.

ReConvert Pros & Cons

Easy to set upNo free tier (only a limited development plan)
Zero friction, truly one-click upsellIntegration with certain apps can be challenging
Extremely responsive customer supportOccasional glitches and bugs during attribution

ReConvert Plans & Pricing

ReConvert is free if you test it for your development store.

Free tierPaid plans ($5 + 0.75% of revenue)
Checkout editorUp to 49 orders/mo (total store orders)
1 click upsellsAll other development tier features listed above
Post-purchase funnel editor
‘Thank you’ page editor
All other features

3. AfterSell — One-Click Downsell & Upsell App for Shopify Stores

AfterSell is an easy-to-use app that allows you to set up, test, and optimize high-converting post-purchase upsell pages for your Shopify store. 

  • Drag-and-Drop Editor;
  • Single & Multi-product Offers;
  • A/B Testing.

Lift your average order value and checkout conversions by setting up post-purchase offers that customers can accept in one click without re-entering any payment information.

Create an unlimited number of single and multi-product upsell funnels while using simple drag-and-drop actions to include conversion-boosting widgets such as countdown timers, user reviews, or special discounts to drive action.

AfterSell features robust segmentation with 25+ filterS, so you can segment your upsell customers lists as precisely as you want. Next, show them offers based on order parameters, customer data, the customer journey, ad creative, and more. 

AfterSell’s Key Features

  • Unlimited single and multi-product offers;
  • Precise segmentation;
  • One click upsell or downsell flows;
  • Thank you page customization;
  • Branded Shopify checkout page.

AfterSell Pros & Cons

Seamless setup experience and intuitive interfaceDoesn’t support pre-authorization for payments
Fast-loading performanceLimited customization options
Excellent customer serviceNagging technical glitches and bugs

AfterSell Plans & Pricing

AfterSell offers a free tier for development and partner stores.

Free tierPaid plans ($8/mo)
One-click upsell/downsellUp to 100 orders/mo (total store orders)
Post-purchaseAll other development tier features listed above
Mobile optimized
Advanced analytics

4. Bundles Upsell — AI-Driven, Fully Automated Shopify Upsell App

Bundles Upsell (PickyStory) is an all-in-one Shopify app that helps you design and deliver fully automated and AI-driven upsell, bundle, and cross-sell offers to your existing customers, increasing the customer lifetime value and enhancing profitability.

  • Bundle Builder for Custom Offers;
  • Auto-sync Bundle Inventory;
  • Automated Discounting Rules.

Bundles Upsell helps you combine products into a personalized and irresistible bundle, upsell and cross-sell deals and offers easily using premade, no-code, high-converting deal templates. 

Leverage the AI engine to offer automated, smart product recommendations or manually group several products together as one that your customers can purchase with just a single click. Take this a step further by letting your customers build their own mix-and-match custom bundles using the Bundle Builder feature.

Auto-sync your inventory automatically in real-time on a per-variant (SKU) basis, saving time and manual effort.

Lastly, fully automate discounting, and pricing rules, including percentage-based discounts, BOGO, fixed amount, or target price.

Bundles Upsell’s Key Features

  • Pre-built deal templates;
  • Bundle builder;
  • Automated discounting & pricing engine;
  • Inventory auto-sync;
  • AI-automated product recommendations.

Bundles Upsell Pros & Cons

Allows customers to build their own custom bundles with fully automated discounts and pricing rulesMultiple users have reported poor UX (user experience) because of bugs
No coding knowledge needed to install, customize and run offersCustomer support is below par with respect to communication and responsiveness
Visually attractive deals & offer presentatiosExpensive pricing plans

Bundles Upsell Plans & Pricing

Bundles Upsell (PickyStory) is one of the rare Shopify upsell apps that offer a truly free tier plan.

Free planPaid plans ($50/mo)
​​Free to install and useFor $500-$1,000 of revenue generated through the app
$500 of revenue generated through the appAll other free tier features listed above
Unlimited bundles, combos, BOGO, kits, lookbook, builders, gifts
AI-driven cart upsell
Integrations with other tools;
Chat/email support

5. OneClickUpsell — Pre and Post-Sales Upsell App

Developed exclusively for Shopify, One Click Upsell (OCU) is an app that allows ecommerce store owners to add both pre and post-purchase upsell options to your store visitor’s buying journey.

  • Pre and Post Sales Upsells;
  • Responsive, Pre-made, Offer Page Templates;
  • A/B Split Testing.

Unline the standard Shopify upsell at checkout, pre-sales upsells are those which are displayed to the prospect before they purchase.

Boost sales and increase revenue with fully conversion-optimized pre-purchase, in-cart, and post-purchase upsells efficiently and effectively. Offer true one-click purchases where the customer can simply tap a single button to complete the purchase without re-entering or reconfirming their payment info.

One Click Upsell does not charge you based on how many customers actually see your upsell offers. With unlimited upsells you’re only charged based on the number of people buying through the app.

Use unlimited split tests to determine your best-performing upsells by testing products, discounts, creatives, and more to discover winning funnels that increase profits and ROI.

OneClickUpsell’s Key Features

  • Pre & Post purchase upsell;
  • Upsell sales funnel builder;
  • High-converting offer page templates;
  • Unlimited upsells;
  • A/B split testing.

OneClickUpsell Pros & Cons

Super easy to set up and customizeNo free tier accounts, only a 30-day trial
Unlimited funnels, offers, and split testingRelatively expensive pricing compared to other solutions in the market
Customer support is nimble and helpfulOccasional system glitches and technical bugs

OneClickUpsell Plans & Pricing

OneClickUpsell does not offer free tiers, only a 30-day free trial.

  • Paid plans start from $35/month + 1% of upsell revenue;
    • Valid for up to $1000 in total monthly upsell revenue;
    • Unlimited pre & post-purchase upsells;
    • Split testing;
    • Analytics;
    • Mobile optimized;
    • Live Chat Support.

At first look, OneClickUpsell by Zipify may look like a costly upsell app. But considering that it also offers you pre-purchase upsells, among other tested features, including a no-code simple interface, this no-code solution becomes a must-try for Shopify store owners looking for proven and tested upsell solutions.

Free to Paid: The Best Upsell Apps for Shopify

Like you’d probably agree by now, your best weapon for profitable ecommerce marketing is likely a bold upsell strategy.

Also, Shopify upsell apps are a dime a dozen. But you don’t need them all, just one—the right one.

In the quest to uncover the right upsell app for your Shopify store, we zeroed in on the following capable contenders:

  • Sender. High-performance email & SMS automation for upselling and more;
  • ReConvert. Conversion-optimized, no-code upsell funnels;
  • AfterSell. Top downsell & upsell app for Shopify stores;
  • Bundles Upsell. AI-driven fully-automated upsells & cross-sells; 
  • OneClickUpsell. Shopify app with both Pre & Post sales upsells. 

Now that you’ve had a quick and brief look at them (including the best upsell apps after checkout and those before), looking for the best upsell apps for Shopify may no longer seem like going down a never-ending rabbit hole. 

Pick the one that resonates the most with your business requirements and take it from there; you can’t go wrong that way.

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