10 Holiday Email Marketing Tips to Drive Maximum Conversions

The holiday season is a great opportunity for large and small businesses to boost sales and drive new customers.

Sep 1, 2020 - By Kevin George


The holiday season is a great opportunity for large and small businesses to boost sales and drive new customers.

Shoppers spend significantly during this time of the year, and brands can use this to their advantage.

However, with all the competition and clutter of the holiday season, it is not easy for marketers to make their voice heard and gain potential customers. It is, therefore, necessary to invest in modern marketing tactics to get the most out of their online marketing activities. 

For email marketers, constructing lucrative and engaging email campaigns for the holiday season can get too overwhelming.

If you are new to email marketing and not sure how to beat the competition to gauge your customers’ attention and drive maximum conversions this holiday season, here are a few tips and best practices for you to consider.

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1. Segment your list

The key to making an impact with your emails is to send it to the right audience. Inboxes are already too overcrowded during the holidays, and hence there is no point in sending your email to those who are not interested in hearing from your brand.

Segmenting your email lists will help you send more targeted and relevant emails to users who are truly interested in knowing what you have to offer.

Create various segments based on the subscribers’ geographies, demographics, shopping behavior, interests, etc. and send them appropriate offers and deals.

Email segmentation helps in improving lead generation and eventually boosts sales.

2. Create holiday-themed emails

Changing the colors and themes of your email campaigns as per various holidays is a great way to grab the attention of users. If your emails look the same throughout the year, your subscribers will soon get bored.

Experiment with various themes, not just for your emails but also for your website, social media platforms and all other promotional campaigns.

To begin with, you can download free HTML email templates for various holidays and customize them as per your brand’s offerings and goals.

Check out this Halloween themed email from DesignModo. The brand has included emojis and highlighted the offer in the subject line, which would encourage the users to open the email.

Subject line: 👾 🎃 👻 Happy Halloween! Get 30% off Designmodo Shop and Market

Source: Really Good Emails

3. Launch exclusive holiday sales

Offering a sneak-peek of the products that you are going to list on sale is a great way to encourage your subscribers to buy from you.

Let your subscribers know about the new products that are going to launch and the holiday offers on various products to promote your sale.

Don’t forget to promote your exclusive offers on your blog. This will increase the awareness of your discount to your target audience.

PRO tip.

Also, provide free shipping and early-bird offers to drive more orders.

4. Give discounts and offers

The holiday season is a great chance to wow your subscribers with campaigns that contain tempting offers.

Keep your subscribers engaged throughout the holiday season using exciting deals.

Giving your regular customers early access to your sale or offering exclusive discounts to them can persuade them to buy and drive more sales.

You can also give new subscribers incentives or discounts for their first order to boost conversions. 

The Black Friday email from Great Simple Studio highlights their holiday offer throughout the email to drive conversions.

They have mentioned 60% off in the subject line, email design and the copy.

Take a look!

Subject Line: ⚫ Black Friday! 60% off on all products


Source: Really Good Emails

5. Use urgency or scarcity marketing strategies

Phrases such as ‘Last chance’, ‘Only few left’ or ‘Limited stocks’ make the online shoppers’ heart pound.

Using scarcity or creating urgency triggers the customers’ fear of missing out on exciting deals and exclusive products. It is, therefore, a great tactic to boost sales.

Include elements such as countdown timers or add trigger words to the subject lines of your emails to create urgency and get your subscribers to place the order.

6. Create theme-based catchy subject lines

Your email subject lines need to be eye-catchy and enticing enough for your subscribers to open the emails.

The subject lines should tap into the holiday feel and grab attention.

Emojis in subject lines play a huge role in piquing user interest and boosting email open rates.

Add seasonal emojis such as a Jack-O-Lantern, a turkey, a snowman, or a Christmas tree to grab some eye-balls.

7. Optimize for mobile

According to our study, over 53% of all emails are opened on mobile devices.

Moreover, people prefer shopping online majorly on their mobile phones.

That’s why it is important to make your holiday emails mobile-friendly.

Use responsive email template designs and optimized images to render important information properly across various devices and screen sizes.

8. Use social media to drive traffic

People search on multiple platforms for good deals and products while shopping or planning to shop for the holidays.

So, if you are running special sales or showcasing new products for the holiday season, promote them on your social media accounts also, and inter-link them to drive traffic from one platform to another.

This way, you can keep your customers hooked to your brand.

9. Test your emails well

In order to figure out which campaigns, products or services will work the best and drive the most conversions, you can run a test campaign for Christmas in July.

This will give you a rough idea about what your subscribers are looking for and which products have great selling potential.

Also, perform split testing or A/B testing to track possible glitches before you shoot the emails.

Based on the test campaign, get analytics and reports to find out what works best and make the necessary changes when you launch the campaigns during the main holidays.

10. Most important – plan in advance

Prepare your holiday email campaigns at least a couple of months before with proper planning to execute it well. Most business owners and email marketers start at the eleventh hour and often lose a lot of traction.

Remember, there is a huge competition out there, and to be seen in the clutter, you need to have a well-planned campaign. Hire email template developers to get started.

Final thoughts

To run successful holiday email campaigns, you need to know your customers and subscribers well and take your time out to create appealing offers that they are looking for.

When done right, holiday emails can boost your conversions and sales to a great extent.

To get started, you can either customize free HTML email templates yourself or hire the right email template developers.

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