50+ Email Newsletter Subject Line Examples

Email is an essential user acquisition channel that surpasses top social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, in terms of effectiveness. 

Sep 1, 2021 - By Yulia Zubova


Email is an essential user acquisition channel that surpasses top social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, in terms of effectiveness. 

Although ad tech has notably evolved, moving from the 90s era of banners to IoT and virtual & augmented reality following 2019, over the last 6 years, email marketing performance metrics have remained almost constant. For example, the average open rate in 2016 for the TOFU channel was 44.22%, while as of 2021, it’s 42.45%. 

Buyers do pay attention to emails. And even though people don’t always proceed with purchases upon offers they receive, emails help maintain customer relationships and build brand awareness.

The only point for marketers here is to break through the wall of news and be heard by their target audience. On average, people send and receive 121 emails every day — this is a huge amount of new information for a person, considering that there are many things to do in addition to sorting out the Inbox. 

Capturing attention is tough. And since newsletter subject lines are the first thing that recipients notice, you really should pay attention to their quality.

Here are the examples that can boost your email marketing game!

Below you can find subject lines for:

+ We added best practices & recommendations.

Best Examples to Create a Newsletter Subject Line

How will the first newsletter subject line influence the email open rate? The answer is — it depends on the primary purpose of the campaign you launch, the words you choose, and the general intonation that you express. 

For example, if there’s a bit of urgency in opening lines, your mails may get up to a 22% higher open rate. At the same time, too promising or pressing phrases can cause email newsletters to seem fraudulent, and it won’t pass through the anti-spam firewalls of mailing systems.

The type of mailing determines the style of its subject line, as well. While a weekly newsletter gives a wide space for experiments, there are common rules when writing follow-ups, confirmation emails, offers, or invoices, right?

The headline will hinge on the lead gen funnel stage too.

Monthly Newsletter Subject Lines

For regular mailings, you should start with determining the appropriate frequency. Too rare or incessant emails may adversely affect your open and click-through rates. In the first case, people will forget your brand, and in the second case, they will be annoyed and willing to unsubscribe. 

A commonly recognized and rather safe happy medium is 2-4 newsletters per month.

With an eye out for low regularity, subject lines for monthly newsletters should promise some value, for example:

  • reveal important updates or news
  • disclose advice from experts on changes in legislation or industry 
  • show a personalized collection of new products or services, etc.
Source: a snapshot of a Snov.io monthly newsletter

A recipient needs to get an all-embracing and comprehensive piece of interesting information. This doesn’t necessarily have to contain a commercial intent. Consider these subject line phrases:

To tell about updates

  1. New in {month}: {product launches/operational statistics/expert opinions/snippets from webinars or conferences, etc.}
  2. {Company name} updates: {product launches/operational statistics/expert opinions/snippets from webinars or conferences, etc.}

To engage users with the website or brand

  1. We have an exciting {new project, opportunity} for our valued members
  2. {Name}: learn about {the pain point} in our {online conference, webinar, video tutorial}

To express that a newsletter contains some added value

  1. Know when/Know how to {pain point}
  2. Discover/Find out {description of a white paper or bulletin}.

Pro tip. To create and send branded newsletters to your clients you need an email marketing tool like Sender.

You can start with already premaded email newsletters and insert your copy.


Also, you can use scheduling, personalization and other top-notch features you need without any restriction.

Seasonal Newsletter Subject Lines

Seasonal mailings are designed to announce sales or new arrivals. These examples of headlines may fit your online store’s next email campaign:

Spring newsletter subject lines

  1. What’s new this spring? / Are you prepared for spring 2021? / What’s trending in spring 2021?
  2. It’s the spring sale! Get an {offer details}
  3. The 1st look at spring 2021: {new arrivals/discounts on selected products/other shopping-related information}

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Summer newsletter subject lines

  1. The only thing you will need this summer!
  2. A guide to summer 2021: {shopping/skincare routine/hairstyle/traveling}
  3. How to {pain point} this summer

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Fall newsletter subject lines

  1. The biggest fall sale ever — Check out today!
  2. The first breath of fall 2021
  3. Fell in love this fall — New {product or service description}

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Winter newsletter subject lines

  1. At home this winter? Take {cut price amount} off!
  2. Ready for Christmas? Check out {bargain description}
  3. Winter meltdown! Christmas shopping continues.

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Catchy Newsletter Subject Lines

As for a captivating style, a good example to refer to is Quora. Its subject lines stand out from the crowd: they seem to be done offhand but, in fact, are created based on previous user’s searches.

Thus, they contain information about what bothers a recipient at a given time in their life — work, relationships, self-development, etc.

Source: a snapshot of Quora’s email subject lines

Quora’s case is interesting because although its headlines attract attention, they don’t include promising or commanding words and are spam-free.

Have a look at other catchy yet safe examples:

  1. Manage your {growth/day/work performance/time/business development} during challenging times
  2. What {marketers/lawyers/sales reps/accountants} need to know today?
  3. Win {higher revenues, more sales, more customers} with this guide
  4. Expert opinion: {name of a reputable expert} speaks about {the subject}
  5. {Recipient’s name}: Learn about strategies on how to {pain point}

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B2B Newsletter Subject Lines

Here, the tone should be rather discreet. Don’t offer a “blue sky,” and if you mention numbers or percentages, make them look feasible. For example, use decimals or incomplete tens. Another worthy thing is to address leads’ with their names.

  1. 2.5 times higher {ROI/CTR/conversions} — learn how
  2. {Recipient’s name}: build a conversion funnel that will triple your profits
  3. No more manual {prospecting/calculations/targeting} — this is how you can automate
  4. Increase {the indicator} by 23% 
  5. {Recipient’s name}: See latest {product/service/market/niche} updates.

Newsletter Subject Lines by Industry

A good way to customize headlines is to incorporate industry-related words. Below are several ideas.

Real estate newsletter subject lines

  1. What you need to know about the {city name} housing market
  2. Is this the most insane house in {city name}?
  3. The thing that boosts your home’s value by 30%

Nonprofit newsletter subject lines

It’s important not to go too far with begging. If you insist on money contributions (“I ask,” “Donate now,” “Make a donation of”), the email can trigger spam filters. So, it’s better to use an “educated me” writing style:

  1. Contribute your skills to save the environment
  2. Are you willing to change the world today? / How can you help?
  3. Did you know {the fact}? / How can you help with {the matter}?

For preschool

  1. How to entertain kids during summertime? A smartphone-free guide
  2. If you have a preschooler, you have to try this
  3. X things your kids will {like/want to taste/not forget}

For healthcare

  1. How to stay {healthy/fit/reproductive}
  2. You are X steps away from {a health benefit}
  3. Learn these tips for better {digestion/kidney function/brain work}

For events

  1. The webinar starts in a week! Add a reminder in your calendar
  2. All major {niche} influencers will talk at {event}
  3. Hi {name}, have some questions about {pain point}? Join {event} and ask {expert’s name}!

Holiday Newsletter Subject Lines

A festival, an independence day, a religious holiday — these are good reasons to casually remind recipients about your brand. The newsletter may be designed upon a newsbreak, say a Christmas sale, or it may simply contain a beautiful greeting card.

Thanksgiving newsletter subject lines

  1. So many people to be thankful to / Time to give thanks to your beloved ones!
  2. Give thanks to your dearest ones — {discount amount} on everything!
  3. It’s X weeks away from Thanksgiving! Have you already prepared gifts?

Halloween newsletter subject lines

  1. Happy Halloween! We treat wizards and witches with a 31% discount
  2. A “Trick and Treat” day is coming! Stock up on sweets in our store 
  3. A Terrific Halloween Offer! One-time $31 off on chart over {money sum}.

New Year newsletter

  1. {New Year’s/ End of the Year/Year End} Sale
  2. New Year is coming in 3 weeks! End-of-year clearance at {the website}
  3. New Year with bigger & better deals at {the website}

Christmas newsletter

  1. You will like these 20+ Christmas {decorations/designs/presents/cards}
  2. {Recipient’s name}, don’t forget to pick a present for yourself
  3. All HE wants for Christmas is… 10 gift ideas under {the sum}.

Valentine’s day newsletter

  1. Perfect Valentine — Gifts with a 14% discount
  2. We love you! 20% Off this week
  3. Happy Valentine’s Day! A present from {your company} is here for you.

Internal Newsletter Subject Lines

Although internal open rates are high (around 68%), that’s not an excuse to send an email with  an empty subject line or a boring “FYI.” If the company’s corporate culture is fairly democratic, you can use comic headlines or add funny emojis. If not, just be laconic yet specific:

  1. Yesterday we won the tender. The next steps
  2. Morning stand-up’s summary
  3. At 3 pm we discuss {the project}. Skim through agenda beforehand (attached)
  4. [URGENT] Your action required: {the matter}
  5. January update on sales — key numbers.

Newsletter Subject Line Best Practices

We would like to sum up this post with a universal formula of a great email subject line, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t exist. The only way to write it is to understand the audience and follow some common recommendations:

  • keep it short: up to 60 characters
  • don’t get too carried away with emojis or all caps
  • avoid spam words
  • personalize, where relevant
  • include numbers
  • use vertical separators (“|”) and capital letters to emphasize key messages.

For cold emails and bulk drip email campaigns, some good subject line generator service may do just fine. It’s better to write subject lines yourself and make them more human-like.


“You can generate cold email subject lines by mentioning keywords and a few more specifications using Reply.io”

Mailing is a powerful marketing tool, but only if emails are designed correctly. You can only see what’s working if you try it out. So before scaling up, take time to conduct an A/B test — to be sure the hypotheses that you put forward will work out as planned.

Yulia Zubova – Outreach Specialist from Snov.io

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