90+ August newsletter ideas

Content marketing is an integral part of almost all of the company’s promotional activities for many companies.

Jul 31, 2020 - By Skirmantas Venckus


Content marketing is an integral part of almost all of the company’s promotional activities for many companies.

While this can be good for a company, helping to create long-term consumer relationships, it requires a steady flow of exciting content ideas.

Content marketing correlates directly with email marketing. You need to create, publish, and distribute content in both those fields— like articles, videos, and to draw attention, engage, and maintain customers.

August has a high potential for exciting and even bizarre holidays or practices.

Content menu:

Let’s look at what the month of August has for the newsletter creators.

  • Parents are preparing for school time.
  • Families are considering last-minute trips.
  • Businesses may be getting ready for Autumn.
  • Retailers are planning for Christmas.

8 tips for best August newsletter template

Before we start with August month newsletter ideas, let’s start with the newsletter template, what is the most essential steps creating an email.

  1. Plan your newsletter’s goal. Before you start writing a single word, be fully aware of the email campaign’s purpose and how it fits your whole content strategy.
  2. Target your audience. To send relevant content for your subscribers, you have to find out who your audience actually is. Where are they from, how old are they, what they like and dislike, and what problems can you solve? Only when you find out who your audience is, you can craft your email.
  3. Pick your content. Depending on how quickly you set your email’s goal and how frequently you plan to send your company’s newsletter, you could actively or passively search content
  4. Design your template. You should have an idea of how you want your newsletter to look. Only then you’ll know how much space exactly you have to promote content.
  5. Add in personalization tokens. The best emails are those that feel are written personally for you. Use your subscribers’ name and the data you know about them. 
  6. Choose an engaging subject line and sender name. Having a sender name from a real person grows openings and click-throughs. Also, if the subject line is not interesting, then your email will not be open.
  7. Analyze and repeat. Did your newsletter reach your goal? See which parts of your newsletter got the most clicks, and which sections of the email contributed most to your aim.

August newsletter topic ideas

Meet your target audience where they are. If it seems that everybody is kicking back – share fun things in the same energy. There are a lot of ideas to pick from.

Don’t just take a vacation from email marketing during August because of your lack of engagement for an extended period will harm your mailing list.

Here are some August holidays you can talk about in your emails:

AUG 1:
World Wide Web Day
National Disc Golf Day
Sandcastle Day
National Spider-Man Day
National Girlfriend Day

AUG 2:
Friendship Day
National Doll Day
National Coloring Book Day
National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
National Sister Day

AUG 3:
National Watermelon Day

AUG 4:
National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

AUG 5:
International Traffic Light Day

AUG 6:
National Root Beer Float Day
Bolivia Independence Day
Jamaica Independence Day

AUG 7:
National Lighthouse Day

AUG 8:
National Bowling Day
National Dollar Day
International Cat Day

AUG 9:
Book Lovers Day

AUG 10:
National S’mores Day
World Lion Day
Ecuador Independence Day
National Lazy Day

AUG 11:
Play in the Sand Day

AUG 12:
International Youth Day
World Elephant Day

AUG 13:
International Left-Handers Day

AUG 14:
National Wiffle Ball Day
World Lizard Day
Pakistan Independence Day

AUG 15:
National Honey Bee Day
I Love Cowboys and Cowgirls Day
National Relaxation Day
India Independence Day
Korea Independence Day
National Relaxation Day

AUG 16:
National Roller Coaster Day
National Tell a Joke Day

AUG 17:
National #2 Pencil Day
National Nonprofit Day

AUG 18:
Helium Discovery Day

AUG 19:
National Aviation Day
World Photo Day
Afghanistan Independence Day
World Photography Day
World Humanitarian

AUG 20:
National Lemonade Day
National Radio Day

AUG 21:
Senior Citizens Day

AUG 22:
National Eat A Peach Day

AUG 23:
Ride the Wind Day

AUG 24:
National Waffle Day
Ukraine Independence Day

AUG 25:
National Park Service Founders Day

AUG 26:
Willing-To-Lend-A-Hand Wednesday
National Dog Day
Womens Equality Day

AUG 27:
Thoughtful Thursday
National Banana Lovers Day
Tarzan Day

AUG 28:
International Read Comics In
Public Day
Bow Tie Day

AUG 29:
Speak Kind Words Saturday

AUG 30:
National Beach Day
National Slinky Day

AUG 31:
Eat Outside Day
National Trail Mix Day

Family Fun Month
National Golf Month
National Crayon Collection Month
National Sandwich Month
International Peace Month
National Back to School Month
National Parks Month

International Clown Week (August 1-7)
Be Kind to Humankind Week (August 25-31)

If you still struggle to think of what to add to your email, you should ask yourself several questions.

2 Questions to Ask Yourself When Trying To Improve Your August Newsletter

Do you have any traditions, events, or activities that happen in August?

If the answer is yes, consider sharing it with your subscribers in your email. Also, one of the common themes for August is summer and heat that can be almost unbearable.

Countless retailers use August to clean their summer inventory and make a summer sale. Think about what exclusive deals of summer sales you can advertise through your newsletter for your consumers.

What kind of events or activities do you or your community participate in?

Many communities and organizations plan “back to school” charity collecting school supplies for Social Services. If your business is participating in such an act, then share it with your readers.

Look inside your niche or industry to find out what’s relevant to your subscribers during August. Many businesses take advantage of this time to remind consumers that it’s time to get back into the swing of work.

August preschool newsletter

During this end of summertime, many parents with school-age children are planning for back to school season. There are many back to school events and activities. August newsletter for daycare is also a great idea to inform parents about your organization, rules, and what inspires kids.

Early in August, publish helpful and informative back-to-school articles for shoppers to make good quality product choices. Here are a few samples of back-to-school newsletters to inspire your back-to-school content.

  • “Back-to-school Essentials Your Teacher Will Forget to Tell You”
  • “Are Old Backpacks Hurting Kids’ Backs?”
  • “The College Dorm Life Guide”

Travel and Leisure Suggestions

August is the last month for summer vacations or the last chance to travel to a nearby destination.

The end of summer is the end of lazy days at the beach or in nature. Some people still try to take a vacation before children head back-to-school and routines are back.

So it is a good time to publish travel and leisure activity suggestions.

August employee newsletter ideas

In August, many people are looking for a new job or their first job because some students take vacations after graduation. The employee newsletter would be perfect for this time of the year. 

These points will help you grab your new employee attention:

  • Get personal with pronouns, like I, We
  • Describe in plain terms what’s happening
  • Cut out unnecessary words
  • Write one-line paragraphs
  • A conversational tone is more natural to read than a formal one. Start sentences with: and, but and because.

Wrap up

To sum up, August brings the nostalgia of the end of Summer and reminds us that Autumn is coming.

Always listen to your readers what they are feeling and what their vibe is. If they are looking for a last-minute trip or they already plan for school or maybe they are just chilling before work.

Think what kind of products or services you can offer according to their needs.

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