The Definitive guide of Email AutoResponder (+8 best tools)

May 21, 2020 - By John William

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Many businesses do not realize that as outdated as email marketing seems, it isn’t. It is still one of the most effective marketing techniques that attract a lot of customers every day.

According to Oberlo, it is estimated that the number of active email users will reach $4.3 billion for the year 2020. If you consider these high numbers of active users even today then, it is high time you start valuing email marketing and undertake the right tools required to get profitable results.

One such crucial element required in a successful email marketing procedure is an autoresponder. An autoresponder is basically an automatically generated and triggered email response sent as an answer to a customer’s action or buying gesture. For instance, after going through your website, a customer pre-booked a product that is about to launch and allowed more suggestions. So an automated email would be sent thanking the customer for the booking and being interested in your products. In addition to it, the email would offer suggestions of already launched products to initiate more conversion.

Some of the most common types of auto responders are:

  • Welcome emails.
  • Subscription confirmations.
  • Newsletter confirmations.
  • Competition entry notifications.
  • Membership signups and renewals.
  • Shipping receipts.
  • Feedback and survey emails.
  • Confirmation for unsubscribing.
  • Special event updates.
  • Profile updates.

Here’s 8 Best autoresponder tools for your email campaign:

  1. Sender
  2. Mailchimp
  3. Omnisend
  4. Campaign Monitor
  5. MailerLite
  6. GetResponse
  7. Converkit
  8. Sendinblue

7 reasons why do you need to have an autoresponder

Here, we have listed seven splendid reasons why you should integrate autoresponders in your email marketing procedures and get the most out of the automation with 24/7 availability! 

1. For nurturing your leads 

Autoresponders allow you the opportunity to start building a relationship with your lead the moment they join your list. An autoresponder email can offer them the value of hitting you up right away via an automated process of onboarding, providing relevant information, teaching them more about your brand, and giving insights. Compared to a one-off email broadcast that reaches only the people currently on your email list, an auto-responder ensures a more personalized experience for everyone to engage with the best of your content. 

2. For conversion of leads into customers 

The ultimate goal of every marketing scheme is to turn your potential leads into paying customers. Hence, similarly, every email marketer wants their mail subscribers to not only become paying customers but stay connected for long. And that’s precisely why you should opt for an auto-responder. They allow you to categorize your leads and know their impression of your brand before you can push a sale in their faces.

You can easily create an email autoresponder series to cultivate leads according to how they respond to your initial emails. It is essential to increase customer anticipation and keep them engaged. 

3. Less effort to create for more reward in return 

One cannot possibly miss this great benefit that autoresponders are just really easy to create but promise you enhanced reward in return. You can categorize your email receivers depending on how they responded to your webpage. If a call for an action button worked for them there, it would work for them in the email.

You have to make the email very wordy. A short and concise, to-the-point mail that welcomes them onboard is excited to keep them in the inner circle, possibly even add a discount code or coupon for their first purchase goes a long way than many businesses anticipate. 

4. Higher response rate organically 

Autoresponder emails get a higher open rate as compared to the standard marketing emails. The reason behind this notion is that every customer looks forward to an email after engaging with a call-for-action content.

Either they would have ordered pre-booked, subscribed, or entered a competition and will definitely require some sort of confirmation to make sure that their gesture has been recorded on an active platform.

That is why any email that is sent to fulfill that motive has a higher chance of getting opened, and organic engagement than any email sent purely for promotional purposes. 

5. Time-saving 

Autoresponders are the ultimate time-saving tool for email marketing. It can be very hectic to personally type out emails as per the specific requirements and actions performed.

However, you don’t have to waste time sending a bunch of emails. You can save a lot of time and instead engage in other ways with your customers, like through social media channels that, on the other hand, do require more personal interactions than emails.

Here’s our guide to when is the best time to send an email blast (with specific schedule).

6. Automation 

Automation is the next logical step in every new technology being integrated. Now you don’t have to sit around all day, personally engaging with every notification or email that you receive. There is no need to send out individually typed responses to your leads after they have engaged with your website.

You can easily create an autoresponder series that suit your customer base and the call-for-action clickables and panels that your site has and set up the email accordingly being sent out. Not only does it greatly saves time and allows you to indulge in other marketing channels that do require more individual responses. 

7. A good impression of the brand 

Autoresponder has the benefit of making your brand look good without being too forceful of the marketing. Depending on how swiftly a customer receives an email after a certain action being taken. It creates the impression that the people behind the brand care about their customers and the long-run customer loyalty and not just making money.

In addition to that, autoresponders can even be designed with branded templates giving you more promotional space. From the customer’s perspective, this type of background marketing never feels like the brand is trying too hard. The more subtle it is, the more effective it becomes.

Subliminal marketing is the age way that can make your brand look relevant.

In Conclusion

All in all, autoresponders are crucial to keeping up the engagement with your customers. When a customer makes any actionable gesture of engaging with your content, confirmation, or reply is essential to let them know that whatever they did worked. Or else you will be just leaving your potential customers hanging in frustration as to what happens next, and you don’t want that.

Thus, make use of autoresponders for your advantages and increase your conversions in no time!

Author Bio: John William is currently working as a Digital Marketer at Crowd Writer and Trainer at Dissertation Assistance, an excellent platform that offers services like literature review help. Having studied marketing major in college, he is always up for developing new marketing strategies. You can check out his blog for more expert reading. 

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