19 Cyber Monday Email Examples for Your Upcoming Campaign

Oct 11, 2023 - By Camilla Mackeviciute

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Cyber Monday is a goldmine for online sales. People are still buzzing from Black Friday and ready to drop more holiday cash. Last year, they spent a whopping $11.3 billion online, almost 6% up from the year before, making it one of the biggest shopping holidays of the year.  

So, you don’t want to sit this one out. In this blog, we’ll show you the best examples to take your Cyber Monday email campaign design up a notch. Ready to dive in? Let’s go.

Why Cyber Monday Matters? 

Cyber Monday isn’t just Black Friday’s little sibling—it’s got its own magic. Think of it as a second wave of shopping frenzy with an online twist. Folks who skipped or missed Black Friday are all geared up for online deals. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love a last-minute bargain? Here’s why you should care for the Cyber Monday sale: 

  • Spillover from Black Friday. People are already in a shopping mood thanks to Black Friday. Cyber Monday rides on this wave, targeting those who prefer online shopping or missed out earlier; 
  • Online-first approach. Unlike Black Friday, Cyber Monday focuses on online deals. This means you can reach a broader, even global, audience without the constraints of a physical location; 
  • Last-minute deals. Many consumers wait for Cyber Monday to snag those last-minute deals. If you’re offering something special, this is your chance to grab those procrastinators; 
  • High conversion rates. Cyber Monday recorded the highest conversion rates among all holidays in the US in 2022. With the right strategies, like flash Cyber Monday sales or countdown timers, you can enjoy higher conversion rates than other campaigns; 
  • Sets the tone for the holiday season. A successful Cyber Monday builds momentum for the entire holiday shopping season, giving you insights into consumer behavior and preferences and boosting holiday sales. 

What to Include in a Cyber Monday Email? 

Cyber Monday emails shouldn’t be complicated or long. You just need to rope in attention and ensure you have a lucrative offer. Here’s what should be added to your Cyber Monday email: 

  • Compelling subject line. Your subject line is your first impression. Write to grab attention and show urgency, like “Last Chance: Cyber Monday Deals Inside!” to entice clicks; 
  • Clear CTA. Tell them what you want them to do. Whether “Shop Now” or “Grab Deal Now”, make your call to action clear and impossible to miss.
  • Show off the best deals. Put your top offers right up front. Don’t make people dig. A compelling offer, beautiful images, and on-point copy should do the trick; 
  • Urgency markers. Use phrases like “Limited Time” or “While Supplies Last” to create a sense of urgency. You can even add a countdown timer for the extra push; 
  • Easy navigation. Add quick links to guide folks to different sections like men’s, women’s, or tech. Make their shopping journey a walk in the park.

The point is to catch their eye, offer a killer deal, and make clicking “buy” a no-brainer action. 

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Cyber Monday Email Examples & Tips For Best Results 

Thinking of charming your subscribers and roping in their curiosity with an eye-catching email campaign for the Cyber Monday sale? Here are some of the best Cyber Monday email campaigns for inspiration: 

Teaser Email for the Upcoming Cyber Monday Sale – Oakley 

Giving a sneak peek into the best Cyber Monday deals can set the right tone for campaign success. Oakley has used a countdown timer in its Cyber Monday teaser email to make subscribers curious. 

Subject line: Cyber Monday I Don’t Lose Focus 🎯

Image source: Oakley 

Oakley nails it with a subject line that’s both catchy and relevant. It’s a call to arms, telling subscribers to stay alert for the deals just around the corner.

The countdown timer at the top? Genius. It screams “limited time,” making folks sit up and take notice. The ticking clock creates a sense of urgency, urging subscribers to mark their calendars.

And let’s talk about the layout. Oakley breaks it down into different product sections. It’s like a virtual window-shopping experience, offering a preview of what’s to come and sparking ideas on what to grab when the sale goes live.

Key Takeaways

  • Use a countdown timer for that sense of “better act fast”; 
  • Drop a hint or two about the deals you’ve got up your sleeve; 
  • Add product sections in your teaser emails. 

Flash Sales & Hourly Deals Alert – Urban Outfitters

Are you looking to spike engagement with flash sales and hourly deals this Cyber Monday? Take a cue from Urban Outfitters.


Image source: Urban Outfitters

What makes this email pop? First off, that subject line is smart. It’s urgent, it’s flashy, and those emojis? They’re eye magnets in a crowded inbox.

Let’s talk visuals. The retro-themed design is an attention grabber. When you pair that with a massive 50% off deal, you’ve got a promising recipe for clicks.

And how about those contextual CTAs? They’re not just a ‘Buy Now’ button; they’re category buttons like “Men’s Apparel” or “Home Goods”, guiding you straight to what you’re interested in on the site. It’s like a GPS for your shopping spree.

Key Takeaways

  • Emojis aren’t just for texting; they can add flair to your subject line; 
  • Opt for standout colors that make your email hard to ignore; 
  • Contextual CTAs can lead subscribers straight to the checkout.

Want to see more examples of flash sale newsletters? Check them here: 10 Flash Sale Email Examples & Subject Lines

Cross-Sell Products with Special Offers – Threadless 

Are you thinking about using Cyber Monday not just to sell but also to introduce new products? Take a look at how Threadless nails it.

Subject line: 🎵 Just another CYBER Monday. 🎵

Image source: Threadless

Threadless uses a catchy, pixel-based design, playing up the digital vibe of Cyber Monday. A retro header sets the stage, and right there in bold: a sitewide discount. What a steal! But they don’t stop there.

Those CTAs below the main offer? That’s where the magic happens. They’re not just buttons; they’re like a shopping assistant suggesting, “Hey, if you like our T-shirts, you might also love our Fine Art Prints, Mugs, or Tote Bags”.

Key Takeaways

  • Use links or CTAs that cross-sell related products; 
  • Gift guides can be subtle nudges that help users decide what to buy next;
  • Add sections that showcase other items in your online store, sparking curiosity and encouraging more clicks.

Introducing new products via email marketing is always a good idea, check examples of brands doing that successfully: 8 New Arrivals Email Examples and Templates

Exclusive Offers for Subscribers – Freshly 

Thinking of winning back those customers who drifted away? Freshly shows how Cyber Monday can be more than just a one-day bonanza; it can be a re-engagement magnet.

Subject line: Cyber Monday Exclusive: 10 FREE Meals

Image source: Freshly 

With a subject line like that, you’re bound to click. But Freshly takes it a step further by adding a lively GIF in the email. Visuals? Check. Attention-grabbing offer? Double check.

And they don’t just throw free meals your way. They’ve got a tiered offer system to ensure you’re not just a one-time visitor but a returning customer.

Key Takeaways

  • GIFs or other interactive elements can bring life to your emails; 
  • Your offer must be too good to resist; 
  • Don’t just grab attention, but hold it through an offer that brings customers back to your brand. 

Cart Abandonment Reminder – withings 

Despite your best effort and a no-brainer offer, people ditch carts. Happens all the time. But on Cyber Monday? That’s gold you’re leaving on the table. Take a page from Withings’ playbook and use a cart reminder email.

Subject line: Your VIP Pass runs out today! 

Image source: withings 

This automated email targets the forgetful or distracted shopper. Right out the gate, it hits them with some FOMO to return their attention to a missed chance of getting the product at a steal deal. The section about the cart is attractive, too. 

The use of a section about perks and benefits at the end is an extra push to quash apprehensions about shopping from their website. 

Key Takeaways

  • Automate your cart abandonment emails during the Cyber Monday sale; 
  • Use witty and compelling copy that induces FOMO; 
  • Add extra assurance to address common apprehensions or offers to rope the shopper back into a buying mood; 

Last Chance or Countdown Email – quip

Want to make subscribers feel like the clock’s ticking on Cyber Monday deals? Try last-chance emails. quip nails the ‘last chance’ email, reminding subscribers to snag their deals before the clock strikes twelve.

Subject line: Last chance: Cyber Monday promotion ends at midnight 

Image source: quip 

The urgency is real. Open that email, and you’re met with a simple yet powerful message: “Buy before midnight for extra savings.” It’s FOMO 101. While quip sparked curiosity with the subject line, a countdown timer inside the email would’ve actually appealed to the feeling of urgency.  

Key Takeaways

  • Use phrases like “Last Chance” or “Limited Time Deal” to make it clear—time’s running out; 
  • Add a countdown timer to the last chance email; 
  • Be upfront about why your deal is awesome and when it ends.

Last chance emails can be vital to your sales; if you want to squeeze the most out of it, check these examples for inspiration: 12 Last Chance Email Examples and Template

Best Sellers or Top Picks Showcase – Cleancult 

Promoting your bestselling product bundle is a great idea to engage your subscribers. People love to try out different products on sale price. Cleancult promotes its best-seller bundles on Cyber Monday. 

Subject line: Cyber Monday 📣 40% off best-selling bundles!

Image source: Cleancult 

Right off the bat, that subject line grabs you with a solid 40% off deal. Inside, you’ll find a neat layout featuring their top bundles at unbeatable prices. 

What’s clever is the strikethrough on the original prices and the 40% off tag across the product range. This visual cue screams savings. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, they throw in another tempting bundle.

Key Takeaways

  • Highlight your bestsellers at irresistible prices; 
  • Show the full range in your email so subscribers know their options; 
  • Sweeten the deal with another tempting bundle.

Cyber Monday Extended Deals Notification – Jane

Thought Cyber Monday was your last chance to rake in sales? Think again. Jane has nailed the extended deals notification. Their email is like a second chance for eager shoppers.

Subject line: 😱Cyber Monday is EXTENDED! (Not a Glitch!)

Image source: Jane

The email opens with a bold, red header and a pumped-up tone that’s impossible to ignore. What’s genius is how they’ve used the subject line and the copy to stress the extension of their “best deals”. The prominent CTA buttons and product suggestions (with savings) are a great way to lure people into checking out the products. 

Key Takeaways

  • Make it super clear that the deal has been extended right from the subject line; 
  • Throw in a little extra—like a free gift, free shipping, or an additional discount; 
  • Use quality product images and clear CTAs to boost engagement and clicks.

Also read: What is an Email Notification? Definition, Templates & Best Practices

Bonus Deals for Repeat Customers – Child’s Grill & Bar 

Looking for a way to make your loyal customers feel extra special? Rewarding repeat customers with a bonus deal is a great tactic. Take a leaf out of Chili’s Grill & Bar’s book on how to do it right. 

Subject line: Cyber Monday Double Bonus Card Day! 🎁 🎁

Image source: Chili’s Grill & Bar

Chili’s nails it with their double deal right from the subject line! Imagine seeing an email subject with two gift emojis staring right back at you. You would be tempted right away. 

The bright, holiday-themed banner takes it home, making it crystal clear that this is a Cyber Monday sale with an extra kick. The straightforward layout spells out the benefits, so there’s no room for confusion. Topped off with a bold, red CTA button that you can’t miss, this email is a winner for reeling in repeat customers.

Key Takeaways

  • Make your terms and conditions super clear;
  • Signify the ‘double’ benefit or bonus deal in your subject line; 
  • End with a CTA that’s as easy to spot as a holiday decoration in December.

Bundled Deals or Package Offers – WhataStore

Bundled offers are great during Cyber Monday. More so if you’re a novelty or gifting product like Whatastore offers. The brand announced a BOGO deal – it’s a bonus, and who doesn’t love a freebie?

Subject line: Free Whataburger with BRXLZ® purchase for Cyber Monday!

Image source: WhataStore

The subject line alone is enough to get Whataburger fans clicking. What makes this email even more interesting is how WhataStore uses it to channel more traffic to their collectibles. The offer is super tempting, and you can bet they’ve targeted this to an audience that loves collectibles.

Key Takeaways

  • Use bundled offers to introduce customers to different products you offer; 
  • Segment your audience and send contextual offers; 
  • Use multiple images and categories in your email to give users plenty of enticing options.

Gift Card or Bonus Offer Promo – Ruth’s Chris 

Launching an offer on your gift cards or offering a bonus on gift card purchases is a way to nudge users to buy for upcoming Holidays (and save more). It works great for brands that are into specific niches or categories, like Rush’s Chris Steak House. 

Subject line: Today Only! Cyber Monday Gift Card Offer

Image source: Ruth’s Chris

With a subject line like that, urgency is built in. The email layout is clean and straightforward, directing users to the ‘Purchase Now’ CTA without fuss. Though they could’ve made the savings pop with a bold font, the overall impact remains strong.

Key Takeaways

  • If you’ve got any terms or special conditions, make it clear in the email footer; 
  • Make the CTA button stand out with contrasting colors; 
  • Create urgency right in your subject line to spur action.

Customer Testimonials & Product Reviews Spotlight – Tooletries

Adding product reviews, ratings, or UGC to your emails is a great idea to show love for your products. Mingling it with your Cyber Monday promotions is a hack that can increase conversion rates. Here’s an example of an email by Tooletries:

Subject: Exclusive! Spend $75 and get a Free Koby Bag.

Image source: Tooletries

The subject line is a quick eye-catcher, a gift is hard to resist. Featuring customer testimonials throughout the email reinforces the product’s value and quality. 

Wrapping up with key benefits quashes apprehensions, gives a final nudge, and tells potential buyers why they should choose this product. 


An email like this grabs attention and enhances the likelihood of conversions.

Key Takeaways

  • Add reviews and testimonials with product images; 
  • Use icons to emphasize why customers love your product; 
  • Top everything up with an exciting offer to boost conversions. 

Thank You Cyber Monday Email Campaign – Moo

Showing gratitude to shoppers who bought from you during Cyber Monday is an excellent approach to show you value them. Brands use many ways to thank subscribers and shoppers. But that doesn’t mean you need to be fancy to stand out. A simple thank you email works well, too, like Moo sends to its loyal supporters. 

Subject line: A really, really big thank you

Image source: Moo

The email feels like a personal greeting card with a single agenda – to show that the brand values the user’s engagement. No matter if they bought, shared, subscribed, or opened their email. They thanked everyone. The use of a monitor graphic decked out with holiday items makes it a standout thank-you email for Cyber Monday.

Key Takeaways

  • Keep it simple and genuine; 
  • Don’t push or plug in an offer unless you have something of real value – like an extra discount or a freebie to claim; 
  • Re-emphasise how much you value their contribution or order. 

Post-Purchase Follow-Up Email – Bellroy 

A successful sale on Cyber Monday isn’t the finish line; it’s just the beginning of continued customer engagement. Bellroy nails this with a post-purchase follow-up email. 

Subject line: Settled in Yet? 

Image source: Bellroy 

The headline “Settled in yet?” perfectly sets the tone for a check-in email. The copy is clean, to the point, and ideal for a follow-up. It invites the customer to share their thoughts through a feedback survey, gauging their satisfaction.

Key Takeaways

  • Automate post-purchase emails after a few days of delivery; 
  • Be direct in your post-purchase intentions; 
  • Ask for feedback or reviews based on their experience. 

Personalized Product Recommendations – Ann Taylor

Handpicked recommendations beat generic product lists any day, and Ann Taylor knows it. They blend this into their Cyber Monday email. 

Subject: Have You Shopped Cyber Monday Yet?

Image source: Ann Taylor

The beautiful header, followed by personalized recommendations, is a winning layout. Shoppers are on the hunt for deals, and serving them curated options gets them clicking. A headline nudging them about discounts and free shipping is another smart draw.

Key Takeaways

  • Tempt the subscriber to check out handpicked products; 
  • Offer exclusive insider deals or offers like free shipping; 
  • Use a conversational subject line.  

Early Bird Specials Notification – Travello

Travello kicks off its Cyber Monday buzz with an email that spills the beans on-sale dates, discounts, and what’s up for grabs. They label their subscribers as VIPs for that extra sprinkle of special. 

Subject line: Something big is coming…

Image source: Travello

The subject line is intriguing and gives enough fuel to attract a click. They’ve used the header space brilliantly to share everything one needs to know. They’ve used a conversational tone in email copy, warming it all up. However, they could have personalized the subject line or email copy for a deeper connection. 

Key Takeaways

  • Use a warm and personal tone in email copy; 
  • Keep your subject line short; 
  • Tease subscribers with a sneak peek into discounts, categories, or products. 

Sneak Peek or Preview Email – Spanx 

Attracting shoppers via a sneak peek into your Cyber Monday deals is a great tactic. Here’s how Spanx shares early access to discounts on best sellers: 

Subject line: FIRST LOOK 👀 Cyber Monday

Image source: Spanx

Spanx has prominently displayed its offer -20% off + free shipping. It included its best-seller range to the emailer and other products to give shoppers ideas to buy when the sale goes live. Though a standard format, it gives options to subscribers, which improves clickthrough rates. 

Key Takeaways

  • Use excitement-inducing words in your email copy; 
  • Tease subscribers with an appealing subject line; 
  • Add product recommendations and category links. 

Crafting Effective Cyber Monday Emails

Crafting a killer Cyber Monday email template isn’t rocket science, but it does require some savvy moves. Want to know how to grab attention, drive clicks, and ultimately ring up sales? Here are a few actionable tips:

  • Start early. Don’t wait for the holiday to roll around. Tease your audience with previews throughout Cyber week to build buzz well before Cyber Monday starts; 
  • Create a snappy subject line. Get clicked, not skipped. Create subject lines that spark interest. Make it urgent, funny, or intriguing; 
  • Personalize. Use the recipient’s name and suggest products based on their browsing history or past purchases. Personal touches can make a big difference; 
  • Highlight exclusive deals. Offer something they can’t resist and can’t find elsewhere. Put those deals front and center; 
  • Add countdown timers. Nothing says “act fast” like a ticking clock. Embed a countdown timer to add a sense of urgency and say, “Hurry, before the good stuff’s gone!” without being pushy; 
  • Add clear and bold CTAs. Your call to action should be the star of the show. Make it big, make it bold, and make it easy to find; 
  • Use a responsive design. Many subscribers will read your email on their phone. Don’t disappoint; make sure your Cyber Monday email design looks and works great on mobile.
  • Make it shareable. Add social buttons so your deals get around. More shares mean more eyes on your offers; 
  • Know your audience. Not all customers are created equal. Segment your email list and tailor your messages to different groups for targeted impact; 
  • Say, thank you. A follow-up thanks keeps the convo going. Throw in extended offers or suggestions based on what they browsed or bought.

Key Takeaways: Cyber Monday Email Examples

Cyber Monday is your shot to make some noise in your subscribers’ inboxes. Keep these key points for Cyber Monday email marketing in mind:

  • Go for the wow factor in your subject lines. Whether it’s surprise, urgency, or FOMO, make them want to click; 
  • Float and promote irresistible deals that should be too good to pass up; 
  • Don’t just send one email and call it a day. Tease, launch, and extend through a Cyber Monday email series. Keep ’em engaged at every stage of the game;
  • Spice up your emails with interactive features. Use countdown timers and product blocks to take your email game up a notch. 

So there you have it. Stick to these pointers, and you’re on your way to a standout Cyber Monday campaign during the biggest shopping holiday season. 

If you are hyped for the holiday season already, find inspiration for your new email campaigns in these articles: 

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