10+ Cold Email Templates That Get Responses

Cold emails are cold mailing and cold calling or our age. Only now, we can reach way more people than ever before.

Feb 25, 2021 - By Frank Hamilton


Cold emails are cold mailing and cold calling or our age. Only now, we can reach way more people than ever before.

A smart, friendly, and laconic cold email can actually get many responses and potential leads.

There’s a stereotype that people don’t open emails from strangers and companies anymore. It’s wrong; nobody opens a boring, aggressively selling letter.

There’s another stereotype that nobody is using emails nowadays. In reality, more people are creating emails for work and regular communication every year.

What is a cold email? It’s a letter to a person you’ve never contacted before, talking about a favor, offer, business pitch, etc. Cold prospecting can be used for anything. Sponsorship, internship, scholarship, job, cooperation offer can all be presented with the tactic.

In this article, we proudly present to you proven sales email templates and other kinds of cold outreach. Stick around till the last template. We add a tip or explanation to each on the list, so there are many tips and tricks hidden in this article!

10 Best Cold Email Templates for All Situations

Let’s call our antagonist Mary. She’s a copywriter and gets a lot of cold emails promoting software, asking for job openings, and offering help. We’ll peek into some of the best emails she gets (and sends).

1. Email Template Before Cold Call

The basic cold email template needs a catchy subject line, which is the first or second thing the recipient sees (the first may be the sender’s name). Include the essence of your email there: an offer (Let’s talk about…; Let me tell you…), a question (Have you heard about…; A quick question about…), etc.

Subject line for email before cold call:
A quick question about your job goals

Hello, Mary!

My name is David. I hope you’re having a very productive day. Not going around the topic, what are your job goals? Are you interested in working faster without losses in quality?
I have a great offer for you from Company. The App can bring your expertise to a new level by:

● Organizing tasks;
● Helping with writing suggestions;
● Automating proofreading;
● Making more time and money.

Automating small actions can save more time than you think.
If you’re interested, please, just reply to this email and I’ll give you all the information, no secrets!

All the best,

2. Cold Sales Email Template

Tying your email to a recent event is one of the best-working strategies of cold emails. It catches attention, and a friendly, non-official tone helps start a conversation.

Subject line for cold sales email:
Your latest article was 100% my situation a while ago…

Hi, Mary!

I’m David from Company. Your recent article about the struggles of copywriting got a lot of attention. It resonated with me 100%, and I think my company has a solution just for you.

The App by Company brings automation to your day-to-day tasks at work. The benefits include:

● File organization;
● Automatic grammar check;
● Potential improvements for different writing styles;
● Fast work;
● Eye-pleasing design.

If you’re interested in working faster without losses in quality and getting your eyes all tired, check it out.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


3. Cold Email Follow-Up Template

If your email gets a response, include more marketing tactics from now on, like offering a free trial (if promoting a service or an app), showing reviews, etc.

In case the email got no response, you can send cold email follow up with something like this:

Subject line: Busy people need more automation, right?

Hey, Mary!

I guess you’re a very busy person. Typically, when my partners don’t reply to me in [a number] of days, I know that they either have no free minute or are not interested.

The App is still ready to help you automate many tasks and make more free time!

I have an offer:
● Reply “Yes” if you want to learn more about the App but are busy;
● Reply “No” if you’re OK with your current pace and don’t need new tactics.


Looking forward to hearing from you.

Have an amazing day!

Don’t hesitate to send such emails several times with breaks of a day to a week. Follow-ups are a great tactic. According to the study by Iko System, the first cold email has an 18% response rate, while the 6th follow-up (sixth!) saw a surge to 27%.

Here’s a visualization of how often you should send follow-ups:

4. Cold Email Template for B2B

B2B emails go a long way, whether you want to have a mutual advertisement or write a guest post promoting your company. Many projects are looking for a creative influx from other businesses. It’s a contribution for them and great practice for you!

Subject line: Mutual benefits by means of good-old guest posting. Any ideas?

Hello, Mary.

My name is Carol, I’m the Chief Blogger for Company. Reading your articles, I was surprised by how you keep people interested till the end! Therefore, I’m delighted to offer you a mutual guest-posting deal.

Would be great to have a piece of writing like this on our blog. Plus, it’s free promotion for your company!

What do you think?

If it’s something you’d like to do, let me send you samples of our guest posts. Also, I’m open to topic and mutual goal discussion.

Thanks in advance!

A quick compliment and a short, beneficial offer will do the job.

5. Cold Email for Job Openings Template

Make an emphasis on your skills and motivation to bring benefit to the company. Consider adding samples to speed up the process.

Subject line: Job opening for an enthusiastic copywriter

Dear Mary,

Hello! My name is Leo and I’m seeking a job opportunity that will find a place for my passion – copywriting. I’m motivated to get valuable experience and bring creativity and innovation to your team.

I’ve been working with Company and Company before, and while I’m eternally grateful for the training they have given me, it’s time to move forward. The Company should be the best place to proceed, and I’m eager to become the best candidate for the job.

Please, let me know if there are any job openings I could apply for.

Attached are 2 samples of my writing.

Have a wonderful day!

6. Cold Recruiting Email Template

Looking for candidates for a job also involves sending cold emails. One of the best strategies is linking the email to a recent event.

Subject line: Heard the news from Company?

Hi Leo!

Have you heard about the latest Event by Company? Such progress is astonishing!

But it’s clear Company will need more qualified professionals to handle this new stage.

That’s why I’m writing to you! If you’re interested in a position at Company,

I’ll gladly help you. Let’s schedule a Zoom call!

Let me know if you’re interested in the offer.

7. LinkedIn Cold Email Template

Find a connection with the person you’re writing to. Maybe you went to the same college or used to work together.

Subject line: Saw you on LinkedIn, fellow alumni!

Mary, hello!

It’s Lauren, fellow College alumni.

Browsing through your LinkedIn account, I saw you were looking for a PR manager. Company, which is my business, helps connect HR with potential candidates for various positions, including PR.

I can help you find a perfect prospect with any kind of experience you specify.

Let’s arrange a call, anytime you’re free!

Great day to you.

8. Cold Email Template for Digital Marketing

The best way to approach this type is to show a problem and offer a solution.

Subject line: Double Company’s sales with our custom strategy

Hi Mary,

Did you know that the majority of sales teams spend more time on miscellaneous tasks than actual selling?

Our Company’s innovative strategy makes sure 80%-90% of the time every member of the team actually makes profit. Using automation software and 10-year experience, we can double your sales in the shortest time!

Let us know if you’re interested.

Digital Company Team

9. Consulting Cold Email Template

In this case, you should make the person believe they have a problem only you can resolve. Define your superpowers (fees, results, narrow topic work, etc.) and shoot with them.

Subject line: Let’s continue the conversation we had at Event

Hey, Mary!

I’m Sarah. We met at Event, talked a bit about troubleshooting improvement at Company. How about developing our conversation into cooperation?

I’m a professional consultant working with large businesses like Company and Company.

My services help people to:
● A list of problems and solutions.

If this is something you’re looking for, let’s arrange a call as a free demo consultation! Let me know what time is OK for you.


10. Business Pitch Email Sample

“Concise”, “powerful”, and “informational” should be the three priorities for a cold pitch.

Subject line: Does the idea of 5x more profit in a year interest you, Mary?

Hello, Mary.

My name is Steven and I’m a Position with Company (City). I browsed through your company’s website yesterday and decided to reach out to help you with Problem.

I specialize in bringing business owners to a new level by means of Skills. One of the latest results was Result.

If you’re interested in conquering new heights with Company team, let’s schedule a Zoom call. Attached is the link to my calendar, but I’m ready to discuss and convenient timing.

Looking forward to your reply,

Not Sure Cold Emails Are Relevant Nowadays?

If you’re not sure such an “ancient” way of reaching out and getting a response is working, consider reading this blog post by Larry Kim for Inc.com. It’s one of the most long-lasting practices that still produces results.

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