A Beginner’s Guide to Ecommerce Email Marketing Strategy  

E-commerce email marketing is critically important to building your e-commerce business. You have to account for the fact that most visitors will leave your site within 10 to 20 seconds if you don’t have a great value proposition, according to 
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ABC of email (SPAM) filters. Dos and Don’ts


If you are casually sending emails, there is a probability that you will run into issues with spam filters. And that’s okay – according to a recent study by Returnpath, called 2018 Deliverability Benchmark, 14 percent of emails sent went straight into the SPAM section of the inbox. Read more…


Email Automation – a Blessing or a Curse

Marketing automation has often been hailed as the new paradigm for digital marketing. The idea behind it is simple enough – digital marketing often involves a number of tedious, time-consuming tasks that marketing experts are not keen on doing, so it makes sense to leave this sort of work to automated systems specially designed for this purpose. Read more…


Simple E-Commerce Email Marketing Tips to Boost Your Sales

Email marketing has been around for quite some time, but the passage of time takes nothing from its power to bring business around. It is still one of the most effective e-commerce marketing channels, second only to search. Both established and new brands rely on it to drive leads and sales and increase consumer lifetime value. Read more…


How to Automate Your Social Media Marketing

Businesses across the globe have embraced social media as a formidable marketing tool. Some are even more forward-thinking and opt-in to automate social media marketing in order to fortify their presence on the web. Read more…


Improve your email marketing

If you are one of those people that chose email marketing as part of your holistic marketing strategy, you’re already on a good path. According to Statista, there were 3.7 billion global e-mail users in 2017  and the number is expected to increase to 4.1 billion by 2021.


So it’s completely reasonable to invest in an audience of this size. However, creating an effective email marketing base and choosing the right provider is often quite a puzzle to solve. Read more…


How to Improve Your Email Marketing For E-commerce?


If you have been reading up on marketing lately, you will see a lot of emphasis being placed on mobile marketing.This is an interesting fact for marketers, because it opens up a whole new range of campaign possibilities.

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Top20 email marketing software

Sender.net is among world’s TOP20 Most Popular Email Marketing Providers

In the contemporary, intensive industry of email marketing, every instance of recognition counts. To be listed among World’s TOP20 Email Marketing Providers is a pretty decent recognition, we would say. That is why we are EXTREMELY excited to announce to our dear readers, that we have appeared in the ranks of the very best 20 email marketing providers out there.

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8 Tips On How To Improve Your Conversion Rates

Thanks to the proliferation of the internet and its accessibility to almost all people across all continents, businesses can reach a wider audience and get more customers. Why not just take advantage of the ever shrinking increasingly connected global village for the growth of your business, huh? Read more…


10 Ways to Write High Impact Reminder Emails for E-commerce

Starting an E-commerce business needs a lot of hard work, patience and marketing due to the tremendous competition that exists nowadays.

It is a given that you absolutely have to make continuous effort to ensure that your customers complete their purchases, then return for more and continue to shop. Read more…