50+ Holiday Email Subject Lines For Every Situation

To make your email more effective, marketing experts now tend to apply various methods and tricks to grab people’s attention.

Apr 30, 2021 - By Stacey Wonder


To make your email more effective, marketing experts now tend to apply various methods and tricks to grab people’s attention.

Needless to say, you have to use all the creativity and extraordinary mindset to create your best holiday email subject lines and stand on the top among the competitors as well. Additionally, along with being original, you have to keep your subject lines short, simple, and catching. 

No worries, we have plenty of ideas on how to make your email subject line just perfect for any mailing purposes!

Let’s get it started right now.

The Best Subject Lines by Holiday

So, if you want to make the mailing regarding a certain holiday – the best method to get the audience’s attention is to use the specific holiday keywords. This way, you can make the emails more personalized and specific rather than using the standard phrases for your emails.

Christmas Email Subject Lines  

According to eMarketer, almost 22% of people start their holiday spending in October. And, since the pandemic hit, more and more people start choosing online shopping as a great and safe alternative to the traditional model: you’ll get everything you need, that is delivered right to the door. 

Here are some great examples for the Christmas email subject lines that will help you easily convince potential clients to read your email:

  1. Christmas Greetings from… 🌟
  2. Give the Perfect Christmas Gifts This Year! 🎁
  3. Christmas Deals Hot Enough To Warm Up Jack Frost! 🔥
  4. Shop Where Santa Shops 🎅
  5. Our Christmas Giftorium Is Open 🎁

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Thanksgiving Email Subject Lines

A pandemic-ridden Cyber 5 hit with a 21.5% increase in eCommerce sales on Thanksgiving Day, according to data from Adobe Analytics. These numbers help us to realize that profitable online shopping exists beyond the Christmas holidays.

Let’s discover the top 5 holiday email subject lines for a Thanksgiving day:

  1. So Much To Be Thankful for
  2. Let the Countdown To Thanksgiving Begin! ⏳
  3. Stressed About Thanksgiving Prep?
  4. By the Way: Happy Thanksgiving 🥳
  5. We Are Thankful for You, Our Customers…

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4th of July Email Subject Lines

Such a strong holiday for email marketing certainly can’t be omitted. It’s still a great holiday period when people want to spend money and is highly associated with the summer, friends, family, vacations, and exciting memories. 

So, why not try to engage more audiences with your emails? Here are some ideas to try for the holiday email subjects on July 4th.

  1. Enjoy Your Freedom.
  2. Go Fourth in Red, White, & Shoes
  3. Happy Birthday To the USA 🎉
  4. We Salute You … for Saving Money With This 4th of July Sales
  5. America’s Pastime on the 4th of July

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Holiday Party Email Subject Lines

Nothing can bring us more joy, happy memories, and nostalgia than a great party! This you can turn any holiday into exciting times, full of dancing and celebration, no matter what holiday are you going to celebrate here. 

New Year, B-day, Wedding party – all these greetings are highly appreciated by the audience. And, that’s a great opportunity to start introducing your special offers these days!

We have got the most original and interesting holiday email subject lines for you listed here:

  1. Happy Holidays from all of us at … 🎉
  2. It’s the Happiest of all Holidays 🥳
  3. Spread Happiness This Holiday Season
  4. Enjoy Your Happy Holidays! ❤️
  5. Get in the Festive Mood With Our Holiday Sale 🛍️

Valentine’s Day Email Subject Lines

This well-known and easy holiday for all the marketers can really get you on the top among competitors. Make it not too simple and trivial to get people interested with the content hidden beyond the email subject lines. 

Fortunately, we’re here to help you with this:

  1. You Forgot It Was Valentine’s Day. Now What?
  2. Sweetheart Deal for You! 💌
  3. Don’t. Forget. Valentine’s Day! 🔥
  4. Will You Be Our Valentine? 💕
  5. Better Than Roses: … 💘

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The Most Catching Subject Lines by Emotion for Holiday Email

Nothing can better attract people’s attention than the emotional message you’ve put into your email subject lines. We have discovered the funniest, most exciting, inspiring, satisfactory, and surprising emails that perfectly fit just for you.

Let’s cover them right now.

Funny Subject Lines

To make people remember you – tell them a joke! By reminding them of some nostalgic moments from their favorite films or old books, you can really make them memorize you and get interested in the mailing content.

Here are some you certainly should consider for your holiday email subject lines:

  1. We Like Being Used 😜
  2. Look what you did, you little jerk…
  3. Licking your phone never tasted so good
  4. Deals That Make Us Proud (Unlike Our Nephew, Steve)
  5. As You Wish

Excitement Subject Lines

You will definitely remember those stunning emails you were really charmed with because of their specific traits: fonts, design, concept, and suggestions.

You can boost the power of such subject lines with custom email design that you can order on platforms such as 99designs. A catching subject line and unique design is what you need to build a loyal relationship with your customers.

The exciting greetings you can use as the email subject lines are as follows:

  1. It’s Arrived
  2. Shhh… Don’t Tell Anyone 🤐
  3. You Can’t Come in
  4. You’ve Never Seen a Suit This Color… ✨
  5. They Said It Couldn’t Be Don

Inspiration Subject Lines

Impressed with the email once, you will remember it forever. Still, the inspiration email subject line needs to cover not only the specific traits but also some value hidden beyond the lines. 

Here are some really estate email subject lines you can inspire your consumers with:

  1. You’ll Be Amazed at All the Features 😵
  2. Unlock Even More Benefits
  3. Top Suggestions for Papa
  4. A Project Your Family Won’t Forget 👪
  5. The New … Smart. Sleek. Personalized.

Satisfaction Subject Lines  

If you’re asking about the client’s feedback, get ready for a serious struggle for their time and resources. Not everyone is willing to spend some time sharing their feedback on a certain product or service, that’s why it becomes critical for you to show all the respect to the clients of yours. 

Besides, we can also assist you by providing these satisfaction subject lines for you:

  1. Be Honest – What Do You Think of Your New [Product]?
  2. Help Improve [Business Name]
  3. Want To Share Your Point of View?
  4. Let’s Keep Our Conversation Going
  5. HI [Recipient Name], Can We Talk?

Surprise Subject Lines 

Another trick that can make people remember your email is to surprise them with your email subject lines. By providing your audience with the intrigue, or else covering something specific in the emails, you certainly increase the chances of the emails being opened!

Here are the perfect ideas for creating your next surprise subject lines:

  • Everyone in the Media Industry Should Know What We Know… 🔑
  • Did You Hear the Story About…
  • This Week’s Most Popular [Products] Are… 🔥
  • What a Cat Can Teach You About Achieving the [Occupation] Life
  • Can You Deal With These?

Why Should You Write Specific Email Subject Lines?

All in all, more than 47% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line, that is why the implementation of a good one to your email marketing strategy is now a necessity. Along with that, the personalized subject lines increase the chances of being opened up to 22%, which is pretty high for increasing the audience engagement via emails. 

By creating specific personalized email subject lines, you can get a great chance to stand out among the competitors, show all your uniqueness and get the most of your marketing campaign.

Now that you know all you need for making your email subject line for holidays, what else is needed?

Try this trick right now and enjoy the amazing results of the mailing efficiency today!

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